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Chapter 1430: Ten-thousand-year Icesouls (Two)

After traveling another fifteen meters, the terrifying coldness from the mist immediately increased by several fold. Even the swords, low quality immortal artifacts, were unable to withstand it. The ice began to rapidly thicken on the swords, instantly turning them into two poles. Their light was completely suppressed and the swords themselves were no longer visible.

This was no ordinary ice. It was terrifyingly tough, able to suppress the Azulet swords, prevent them from gaining an advantage.

Jian Chen stood sternly outside the mist. He could sense that his connection to the two swords was rapidly weakening. Without any hesitation, he immediately changed his hand seal and recalled the swords.

When the two swords emerged from the mist, the ice on them had already reached a thickness of half a meter. The swords had lost the speed they had once possessed, so they slowly flew out.

After leaving the mist, the tunnel carved by the swords slowly began to close up, filled up by the mist in the surroundings.

Jian Chen stared at the thick 'popsicles' and powerful sword Qi began to condense from the surroundings. It condensed around his right hand in a single moment, making it s.h.i.+ne with an extremely dazzling light. He then slammed his hand toward the two swords.

The attack only managed to cause a tiny crack to form on the thick ice. The moment his hand came in contact with the ice, a terrifying coldness invaded his body through his palm, rapidly extending up his arm. Jian Chen's arm immediately became covered with a layer of white frost. Not only had his entire arm been frozen, but even his blood had stopped flowing.

A gleam of light flashed through Jian Chen's eyes as a large quant.i.ty of Chaotic Force immediately surged to his right arm from his chaotic neidan. Only after he did that did he manage to stop the spread of the coldness. He circulated the Chaotic Force in his right arm and ate away the terrifying coldness that remained within him, gradually regaining use of his arm.

"I never thought that this coldness would be so terrifying," Jian Chen thought. This was just a single strand of coldness from the Azulet swords. If he had entered the layer of mist before him, he would have received the direct attacks of the coldness. He probably would not have been able to last for a few seconds before being frozen into a statue.

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