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Chapter 1426: Sacredfeathered Tiger Emperors

His soul rapidly grew once more, undergoing a drastic metamorphosis. Two specks of light had appeared in his soul as it strengthened. These were seeds, the sources of life and death he had obtained after comprehending their true essence. One represented death, the other represented life.

The illusion ended. The planet beneath the white tiger vanished and the cosmos shattered. When he saw the landscape around him, he discovered that he had returned to the Beast G.o.d Hall.

This floor was extremely different from the ninety-eighth floor. A statue of a white tiger with two wings stood in the center of the room. Its wings were completely unfurled. They seemed to be able to blot out the sky and rip through worlds.

A hundred-meter-tall platform stood at the end of the floor. The platform only possessed a single throne. There was nothing else on the floor aside from the statue, platform, and throne.

"The second Sacredfeathered Tiger Emperor, you have finally come. I have waited for this day for a very long time." At this moment, a voice filled with vigor rang out. Beside the white tiger, a man in white clothes hovered a meter from the ground. He shone with a gentle, white light, obscuring his appearance.

The white tiger let out a deep growl as he observed the man in interest. However, he sensed an extremely close presence radiating from the man.

"Correct, I am that Winged Tiger G.o.d that appeared in ancient times. However, the Winged Tiger G.o.d is only a name given to us by others. Our true ident.i.ties are Sacredfeathered Tiger Emperors, also known as White Tiger Emperors."

"Sacredfeathered Tiger Emperors are given birth to by the world. Our lives are bestowed to us by the world, but unlike natural spirits, we are born from the various organisms in the world. Sacredfeathered Tiger Emperors are true rulers. We possess the greatest bloodlines in the world, and it's rare for even a single one to appear in ten million years. We possess potential that has been bestowed om us by the world, directly comparable to the ancestral dragons. We are existences that can become Grand Exalts.

"I was the first Sacredfeathered Tiger Emperor to be born in the past eight million years. My home is not here but an extremely distant place. I love my home very much, but I had to leave my beloved home in the end…

"Back when I had come to this world for the first time, my soul fused with the world and resonated with it during one of my comprehensions. I witnessed the source of the world for the first time, which forecasted that a second Sacredfeathered Tiger Emperor would be born here within a million years. I left my legacy here to provide a.s.sistance to the future clansmen.

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