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Chapter 1425: Legacy of the Beast G.o.d (Four)

At that moment, Jian Chen could not help but recall the Spiritking. If he compared the Spiritking to the glow of death, the outcome would have shocked Jian Chen because the Spiritking would not have been able to endure it at all. He would have been completely annihilated by the light in the end.

"The war G.o.d Aergyns once said that the Winged Tiger G.o.d had surpa.s.sed the limitations of a lifespan and is able to live as long as the world exists. That's a representation of G.o.dhood. Is he at G.o.dhood?" Jian Chen asked himself. He was greatly astounded by the terrifying light.

He finally believed that the ancient records did not exaggerate anything at all. As soon as something that was not another Winged Tiger G.o.d had activated the formation, they would have been annihilated, even if they had reached the apex of the world in this world.

This apex was not referring to peak Saint Emperor but the Origin realm.

Cangqiong and Nubis also revealed drastically different expressions as well. They could obviously sense how terrifying the killing formation was. Just tiniest bit of presence that had managed to leak out made them s.h.i.+ver inside. If they had to take the full brunt of the formation…

They could no longer imagine the final outcome.

Rum Guinness suffered even more than them. She stumbled back several dozen steps and became utterly pale. Shock and fear filled her face.

"The Way of Slaughter. This Winged Tiger G.o.d has actually comprehended the Way of Slaughter to such a profound level. He's not of this world. Just who is he? Does he come from…" At the same time, the sword spirits softly murmured to themselves as well. They were very stern.

The terrifying glow of death descended from the sky and only swept through the area enclosed by the formation. It seemed like it was destroying everything in the formation, but when it landed on the white tiger, its body harness pa.s.sed through. In the end, the glow of death completely vanished after it reached the edge of the formation.

At the same time, the teleportation formation had completely charged up. It sent the white tiger away. A few cracks followed as the huge teleportation formation on the ground shattered.

The white tiger discovered that it had actually arrived in a sea of stars after leaving the ninety-eighth floor of the Beast G.o.d Hall. The stars covered the area as far as it could see, countless galaxies s.h.i.+ned down. Huge meteors would swoop by from time to time at unbelievable speeds in the vast s.p.a.ce, either disappearing into the distance or colliding into huge planets in the end.

"Slaughter rules over life. It reigns supreme above all life forms and moves through the fates of all life…"

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