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"Director Chen, what are you doing here?" many of the managers of the pharmaceutical companies knew this big boss, so they immediately rushed up to ask him.

"How can I not come? The people over at the Health Department have attached a huge amount of importance to this Master Lin's situation."

The reporters also rushed over. "Greetings, may I ask why the Health Department has come over to the Chinese Medical Academy?"

Director Chen saw that it was a reporter and he could not help gently sighing before saying, "Dear reporters, the situation is like this. The Health Department views Master Lin's research this time around as very important. The organization has sent me here today to check on the progress of his research."

The reporter asked, "According to what you have said, if Master Lin really were to develop a prescription for Leukemia successfully, will he have to hand it over to the Health Department?"

Director Chen nodded. "That is what the organization has decided on during our meeting."

The reporter said, "In that case, if Master Lin hands the prescription over to the Health Department, then what will Master Lin gain?"

Director Chen smiled. "This has already all been thought out by the organization. Also, giving the prescription to the Health Department is also for the good of the people. We will transfer it to the pharmaceutical factories for production and then to the hospitals. Doing so prevents anything bad from happening if the prescription were to be leaked out into the wrong hands."

"Think about it, having just one producer will prevent the prices from being artificially inflated. There is no downside to this at all."

The reporters all nodded. They felt like what he said made sense. However, they still continued to ask him, "Then what will Master Lin gain from this?"

These reporters had a very good relations.h.i.+p with Lin Fan. They wanted to know what Master Lin would gain from this. They felt that since the prescription was developed by Master Lin, he could not just give it up without gaining anything at all.

Director Chen was starting to get a little pis*ed off. He did not understand why these reporters had no common sense at all. However, he still maintained a smile and said, "Everyone, please believe me, we definitely will not treat Master Lin unfairly. Also, I feel that Master Lin will also be very happy with regards to this arrangement as it is for the good of everyone…"

He was saying all sorts of words to pile the pressure on Master Lin. He was making it so that if Master Lin did not hand the prescription over to them, it would seem that Master Lin did not care about the

The reporters definitely knew the intention of him saying all these kind of things and they were not very happy about it. They did not appreciate him playing Master Lin like that.

Director Chen did not wish to say much more so he waved them off and said, "My dear reporters, that's enough questions for now. I've come over here today to wait until the prescription is complete. After all this is over, we will be having a press conference so if you guys have any further questions, you guys are invited to come down and ask them."

The next day!

The news appeared on the Internet.

'The Health Department appears at the scene, announcing that they will take control of the prescription.'

'The Health Department says that Master Lin handing the prescription over to them is for the good of the people.'

'Having the department handle the prescription is the best way to handle the distribution of it.'

'Will Master Lin hand over the prescription that he has poured his heart out for?'

'Should Master Lin produce and distribute it himself or let the hospitals handle it? What do you guys think?'

The moment the netizens caught a glimpse of the headlines, they erupted.

"F*ck, it looks like he has to hand it over to them."

"D*mn, Master Lin is getting cheated. To work so hard to develop a prescription and then have to give it up? That is so unfair."

"What's wrong with handing it over? It's for our good. Having one body manage it and price it seems like the sensible way to go."

"^ I really want to say, f*ck your mother. You are a r.e.t.a.r.d."

"Anyway, I don't support Master Lin handing it over."

"Ah, there's no use in use discussing it over here. We can only just sit back and wait to see how things unfold."

"We don't even know how much this prescription to cure Leukemia will cost. If it's too expensive then I won't be able to take it."

"Relax. No one in their right mind would hand it over. Master Lin will definitely hold on tight to the prescription and not give it to anyone else. After all, this is a huge treasure."

"That's right. That makes sense. We just have to hope that Master Lin doesn't price it at a high price."

In the research lab.

"Haha, Ming Qing, we have finally done it," Lin Fan excitedly said. After a lot of blood, toil, tears, and sweat, they had finally developed the prescription.

Zhao Ming Qing was almost jumping in excitement. "Teacher, we did it…"

The past few days of hard work had not gone to waste. When Lin Fan had found the correct ingredients and was brewing the medicine, he just stood there quietly waiting.

When Lin Fan let out a smile, Zhao Ming Qing did not know what to say. Some feelings were simply indescribable.

It was the sort of feeling that you had to experience for yourself to understand.

Zhao Ming Qing said, "Teacher, right now, the prescription we have developed requires three courses of treatment. The time that will be required to complete the three courses of treatment is roughly one month, so that should be how long it takes to cure Leukemia. Is that right?"

"Yes, the three courses of treatment are split into the body, the earth, and the heavens. The bodily phase has to be used for 2 weeks, the earth phase for a week and the heaven phase for a week as well. After all of that, the Leukemia should be wiped out from the body," Lin Fan said.

He had been in the research lab for so many days that his whole body stunk. However, it had all been worth it.

He had never thought they he was this awesome. At this point, he felt like there was no disease that could not be cured. The only question was whether or not he had the time to cure all of them.

However, given his medical prowess, eradicating all these diseases should not be much of a problem.

Of course, these were just thoughts in his mind.

"Teacher, now that the prescription has been developed, how do you plan to handle it?" Zhao Ming Qing asked.

"I'm going to make it public," Lin Fan said.

"What?" Zhao Ming Qing was stunned. He did not understand it.

Lin Fan explained, "You see, I've already calculated it. For these 3 courses of treatment, the total cost of the Chinese medicine ingredients will be roughly 2000 dollars. Thus, so long as you can buy the ingredients, you can prepare it at home."

"Teacher, yesterday I heard that the people from the Health Department have come. It looks like they are after the prescription," Zhao Ming Qing said.

Lin Fan was surprised. "What have they come here for? Are they trying to take charge of the managing of the prescription?"

Zhao Ming Qing nodded. "Yeah, it seems that way."

"Haha," Lin Fan laughed, "there's no need to manage it. When I was developing this prescription, I had already decided. As long as I was able to develop it, I would immediately make it public. Everyone in the world knows how to brew medicine so why would I need anyone to handle the distribution of it? That just causes all sorts of headaches. Of course, don't think that I don't know that this whole medicine business can potentially reap a crazy amount of sudden profit."

"The price of making it is already two thousand dollars. Once I let people bid for it and then it goes into hospitals, won't that price rise to a few hundred thousand?"

Zhao Ming Qing nodded. His teacher was right. He had been involved in Chinese medicine for so long so he knew how the business worked.

With a small amount of production cost, they could let people bid for the prescription and after many medical professions gave their valuation of the prescription, the prices that it would rise to were quite scary.

"Okay, the reporters have been waiting for a long time already. You can go out first. I'm going to post this on Weibo."

Zhao Ming Qing nodded. "Okay then, Teacher. I'm going to go out first."

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