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A few days later, Fang Xingjian stood on a stretch of plains in South Africa. He looked at the military camp in the distance and asked, "That's them?"

Beside him, Priest Longmai answered, "This is the military camp for N Country's 1st Group Army. The ruler of this small independent country is called—"

"You don't have to tell me in such details." Fang Xingjian waved his hand and stopped Priest Longmai from continuing.

Regarding the ident.i.ty of this small independent country's ruler, whether they were a dictator, their reasons for not handing over the Book of Wisdom's pages, if there was anyone scheming in the background, or what influences were adding fuel to the flames and testing his att.i.tude... Fang Xingjian was completely uninterested in all these.

He merely clenched his fist and raised it into the sky.

In an instant, the atmosphere and white clouds started to condense together above the military camp, turning into a huge fist that was several kilometers wide. After that, as Fang Xingjian's fist pressed down, his strength caused the sky to seethe and strong gales came gus.h.i.+ng forth. Many warriors screamed as they looked up, watching as the entire sky came pressing down explosively on them.

There were the sounds of people screaming, crying, praying, as well as the sounds of all sorts of bullets and missiles shooting out into the sky. Countless sounds were mixed together like clamor from h.e.l.l.

In the end, all the din turned into stifled collision sounds, and everything returned to silence.

All the cities within a range of several thousand kilometers could feel the intense tremors. A great number of houses within a range of 500 kilometers collapsed, and many animals cried out agonizingly as they plunged into the gaps that opened up in the earth. Numerous mountains fell, and the earth shattered.

The entire military camp also disappeared from the face of the earth. All it left behind was a huge crack that was over 100 kilometers long and several tens of kilometers wide. It was like an extremely hideous scar that stood as a testament for the prowess of that earlier attack.

"Let's go." After completing these, Fang Xingjian turned and then disappeared. It was as if he had only gently flicked off a bug that had landed on his body.

Priest Longmai looked at this scene in a daze, unable to calm down the astonishment in his heart. He felt even greater admiration for Fang Xingjian's cultivation.

The news of Fang Xingjian's attack spread rapidly. His vicious means soon shocked all the ambitious people, and various major organizations handed over the pages from the Book of Wisdom that they had. Fang Xingjian quickly got his hands on 2,303 pages of the Book of Wisdom, including the single pages that were not within the known array and had been secretly kept away.

After obtaining so many pages of the Book of Wisdom, Fang Xingjian could not wait and quickly dived into decrypting them. Concurrently, his main body continued to stay within the Sun, using the Thunder-Inducing Technique to keep on strengthening his martial will.

Time pa.s.sed by day after day. Approximately half a year later, there were still endless conflicts on Earth due to the division of the armies as well as the White Army's inactiveness.

Countless kilometers away from Earth, the sixth planet in the solar system welcomed a group of uninvited guests.

Seven streams of different-colored lights merged into one, turning into a seven-colored disc that descended slowly.

Strong gales that moved at 500 meters per second on the average on Saturn's surface welcomed the disc. There was also the extremely low temperature of negative 170 degrees Celsius.

Hydrogen and helium were the two main gases in the atmosphere. A large quant.i.ty of ammonia crystals that was floating around formed dense yellow cloud layers, making it seem like there were many strips of golden-yellow ribbons on the surface of Saturn.

Strong gales that moved at supersonic speed blew against the round disc. It was as if there were countless sharp swords, but they were still unable to do anything to the seven-colored disc.

It was because this disc was created by the joined forces of the seven Commanders with their rings' energies. They constantly sustained it with their wills and their rings' energies, and this also helped them travel the distance in s.p.a.ce and arrive on Saturn. It could be said to be the embodiment of the seven Commanders' powers.

Within the round disc, Edward and the other six Commanders stood together. All of them had fatigued expressions on their faces.

They were almost at their limits after crossing over one billion kilometers without bringing along any resources and only moving with their rings' energies.

After all, even though the rings' energies could be recovered every day, the individual's will was limited.

Looking at the great tempest on Saturn, the King of Trepidation sighed. There was a hint of an indescribable sense of anxiety in his eyes. "I never expected that the day would come when I would return to this place again while I'm still alive."

Everyone fell silent. None of them had expected that they would return to this place to release those two monsters.

Edward did not say a word. There was a flash of golden light, and a golden screen materialized. A tremendous amount of data and maps flashed on it continuously.

"Let's go. I hope that their positions haven't changed too much."

At the next moment, the seven-colored disc sank slightly, cutting through the strong gales and flying toward the depths of Saturn. In the blink of an eye, it pa.s.sed through a distance of 1,000 kilometers, breaking through the atmospheric layer and cras.h.i.+ng into the sea formed from liquid hydrogen and helium.

There were no signs of life at all in the ice-cold sea water. In this sea that had been in solitude for several billion years, it was a rare sight for it to welcome a batch of intelligent life forms.

As Edward and the others kept on getting closer to their destination, the temperature of the seawater continued to plunge. Occasionally, there would be pieces of floating icebergs colliding against the disc. The icebergs would shatter into countless fragments, scattering into the vast ocean.

As the temperature got increasingly lower, the volume of the icebergs got increasingly greater. Gradually, there were pieces of icebergs with a length of over 100 meters cras.h.i.+ng against the seven-colored disc. However, they were all shattered into tiny fragments.

As the temperature continued to plunge in the depths of this ice-cold and lonely ocean, a battlefield sealed in ice gradually came within sight. This was an enormous battlefield that had an area of several ten thousand square kilometers. It was also an extremely vast ice plain.

Over 100 warriors were scattered across the battlefield. However, they had all been turned into ice sculptures, standing quietly within this ice-cold ocean of hydrogen and helium.

They were either punching, dodging, or defending. Their actions were very lively-looking and had an imposing disposition. It was as if they were still in the battle and could move at any moment.

From the sight of these warriors, it was clear there were two groups fighting each other. They were the Silver and Cyan Armies that had engaged in a great war in the past.

The great battle could sink the entire land and destroy life cycles. The Cyan Army had not cared about this, but the other armies had found it hard to accept. Therefore, they had joined forces to lure the Cyan Army to Saturn.

However, the truth was that other than the Cyan Army, the Silver Army was also everyone's target to be sealed up.

"Amitabha." Reverend Fahui revealed a sorrowful expression as he looked at the many warriors of the Silver Army who had been frozen.

These warriors had been strong enough. However, having been sealed by ice for so many years, both their physical bodies and wills had died. The Cyan Army's warriors had been but a bunch of lunatics, and their deaths did not matter.

However, every member of the Silver Army held great senses of justice in their hearts. They had fought for the country and the people, and they could be called heroes. Although Reverend Fahui held different ideologies from them, he still felt extremely sorry over their deaths.

The seven of them flew toward the center of the battlefield, pa.s.sing through the ice-cold land.

The seven-colored disc landed slowly on the ice plains. At the next moment, it suddenly shattered and dissipated. Then Edward and the other six people appeared.

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