Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms Chapter 821: The Box That Nobody Wants

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"Ms… Ms. Lin… You've got to be joking right?"

Taken aback, the auctioneer had never seen something like this before after working in this line of work for more than a year.

"Joking? Do you really think you are worthy enough for me to joke around with you?"


Immediately, the auctioneer took in a deep breath. Seemingly, the t.i.tle given to her in Jianghu matched her perfectly. Her domineering character made her looked less like a woman. However, this was actually completely understandable. As the leader of an ancient faction with Celestial cultivation, it was no wonder that she had such a domineering personality.

"Do what I ask you to do or are you trying to ask me to do it myself?"

Her glare turned cold as she exuded a domineering aura - causing the people around her to be terror-stricken.

"N-n-no! I will do it now!"

With sweat dripping down his forehead, he would never dare to anger an elite with Celestial cultivation. After the white jade Ganoderma was packed, it was sent over to Chen Xiaobei by a s.e.xy bunny girl. At the same time, the other s.e.xy bunny girl brought a tablet to Lin Caoyin to complete the transaction.

"Faction Leader Lin!" Chen Xiaobei exclaimed with a smile.

"I'm here!"

Instinctively, Lin Caoyin stood up and turned around to look at the back row. The all-powerful domineering aura that she emanated earlier was replaced with gentleness. Instantly, her t.i.tle changed from Spinsterminator to Lady Mellow.

"From today onward, we are friends! Please let me know if you have any needs. Or if you are in trouble, you can come and look for me as well! My friends are more than willing to help you as well!"

"Great! This is so great! Thank you Mr. Chen! Thank you so much!"

Feeling excited, Lin Caoyin could not help but keep on expressing her grat.i.tude to Chen Xiaobei. Others might not know the benefit that Lin Caoyin gained from becoming Chen Xiaobei friend. However, she knew clearly the statement that Chen Xiaobei just made was going to benefit her until the end of her life.

In other words, Lin Caoyin could now contact with Hades and Focker personally and ask for help from them. This was one thing that Lin Caoyin had dreamed of for a very long time. Not too long ago, she was still trying to build a connection with Hades through pleasing the Hades' G.o.dson. Through becoming friends with Chen Xiaobei, Hades and Focker were now her allies. In other words, Lin Caoyin would stand out in this dog-eat-dog world.

With that being said, the amount of money that Lin Caoyin just paid could be considered as a long-term investment. Soon, she would be able to earn back all the money that she spent today since Focker was now her ally. So, this was actually not a bad deal at all. That was why the domineering Lin Caoyin was more than willing to bow down at Chen Xiaobei and thank him wholeheartedly. Upon seeing that, everyone was stunned by it. They just could not imagine the infamous Spinsterminator would act so gentle toward Chen Xiaobei. None of them would believe in it if they did not see it with their own eyes.

"My… My brother… Am I dreaming? I believe I've just witnessed the white jade Ganoderma being delivered right into your hands! Also, you did not even spend a single cent to acquire it!"

Zhang Xiaoshen looked stunned, as the logic he was familiar with was shattered when he saw that the box that contained the thousand-year-old white jade Ganoderma was given to Chen Xiaobei. The moment he thought about he just received the white jade Ganoderma for free, he was elated. However, he could never tell anyone about the reason behind this crazy encounter.

In the first row.

Hikari Okazaka's face was extremely red. Feeling embarra.s.sed, he knew that he just experienced an epic fail moment. That was why he was rendered speechless. On the other hand, Demonic Fox was looking calm from the outside. Deep inside her heart, she was actually feeling really shocked. Though she knew that Chen Xiaobei was no ordinary person, she still underestimated him somehow. With only a single sentence, she managed to make Lin Caoyin give him the white jade Ganoderma.

Demonic Fox came to a conclusion that the people that supported Chen Xiaobei's back must be extremely terrifying!

On the other hand, Damien had noticed that Chen Xiaobei was not as simple as he thought.

"Something is not right! I think that kid is trying to cover up his real ident.i.ty! He is not who we thought he is supposed to be!"

"What should we do now? Should we change the plan?" asked the follower in a nervous manner.

"Our plan is perfect! Even an elite with Celestial cultivation will not survive from our plan! Just stick with it!"


The follower nodded his head and stepped back in a calm manner. It was as if the of them were extremely confident that the plan would turn out to be successful no matter what!

"Ladies and gentlemen! Next! We shall take a look at our second item!"

Immediately, two s.e.xy bunny girls pushed out a cart with a metal box on it that was one meter in length and width. There were intricate pyramids and sphinxes engraved on all sides of the box. A cart was used to fetch the box because it weighed at least 500 pounds!

"Regarding the second item, I believe that we had made a detailed introduction earlier as well! So, this is the box that a pharaoh brought with him when he died! I'm not going to repeat all the other information about this box. The starting bid on this item is one billion dollars! Every bid that you make must not be less than one million! You can begin to bid for it now!"

Upon hearing that, the entire auction hall was deadly silent. The reaction from the crowd was completely different from when the auctioneer presented the white jade Ganoderma. One minute had pa.s.sed and no one made a single bid.

"It seems like this treasure chest is going to be left aside!"

"Sounds right to me! Firstly, no one knows what's inside it! Secondly, there's no one can open the box! Using one billion dollars to purchase an antique does not make any sense at all! Unless there is something wrong with the person's brain, I don't think there will be anyone stupid enough to bid for this item!"

"That's right! The owner of this treasure chest is trying to look for someone dumb to purchase it! I wonder who will be stupid enough to buy it!"

With all kind of comments going on around the auction hall, most of them treated this metal box as only a piece of antique. To them, only a fool would spend one billion dollars to purchase it.

"Just announce that no one is going to buy this stupid box! Stop wasting our time! Bring out the thousand-year-old Ambergris that we've been waiting for!" Hikari Okazaka urged.

Upon hearing that, everyone started to do the same as well.

"Hold on! Mr. Focker would be embarra.s.sed if no one places a bid on this box. Let me the first one that bid for it!"

Out of instinct, the auctioneer a.s.sumed that no one was going to bid for it anymore.

"1.01 billion! Going once! Going twice! Going thrice!"

Suddenly, a loud voice could be heard from the back row.

"Two billion!"

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