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Demonic Fox locked the door once she went into the cubicle.

" Sigh … It's hard to act like an elegant lady…"

She then used her fair and elegant hand to loosen the belt on her waist. She could finally let out a sigh of relieve after putting up an act for the whole day.


Suddenly, the locked door was being opened from the outside.

"Who goes there?!"

Taken aback, Demonic Fox did not call out for help like what ordinary girl would do. Instead, she raised her fists and prepared to attack the person.

"d.a.m.n! It seems like your cultivation has improved a lot!"

Immediately, Chen Xiaobei pushed his way into the cubicle. In an instant, he held on to Demonic Fox's fist with one of his hands. He then used the other hand to lock the door.

"Why are you here?!"

The moment Demonic Fox saw Chen Xiaobei's face, she was shaken to her core. To her surprise, she had never thought that she would meet her worst nightmare here.

That's right! Her worst nightmare was not an exaggeration! That was how she saw Chen Xiaobei! She was forced to do something dirty twice during her previous encounters with Chen Xiaobei. After that, she witnessed Chen Xiaobei kill a dozen j.a.panese samurais and break one of the most powerful katanas in j.a.pan—Time Rain! In the end, he used his sword to kill Shangben w.a.n.gba! One of the most powerful samurais in j.a.pan! The 'worst nightmare' was the only way she could describe Chen Xiaobei.

"Little Fox. We have not met for a very time. I'm surprised that you still can recognize me. I bet you have been missing me a lot!"

With a smile, Chen Xiaobei moved his body forward and pressed Demonic Fox on the wall.

"Let me go… Let me…"

No matter how hard she tried, she realized that she could not use her strength to free herself from Chen Xiaobei.

"How is this even possible? My cultivation and combat power have improved a lot! How is it possible that I can't free myself from you?!" said Demonic Fox in a baffled manner.


[Cultivation: Pinnacle phase of Qi refining stage. Health: 20,000. Combat power: 20,000 (+7,000)!]

Taken aback, Chen Xiaobei could not help but ask.

"Did you encounter some magical incidents? I can see that your cultivation has improved a lot as compared to the last time I saw you! This is truly unbelievable!"

"What a hypocrite! You are the one that stopped me from moving around! Why are you telling me that my cultivation has improved a lot? Are you trying to praise yourself for being more powerful than me?! d.a.m.n it!"

Looking at Chen Xiaobei furiously with her beautiful eyes, Demonic Fox wanted to rip Chen Xiaobei apart with her teeth.

"Haha… Of course I'm more powerful than you! After all, I'm a number one genius in this universe! My talented mind allows me to do everything easily! So don't get jealous over me!" said Chen Xiaobei with a smirk.

"Psst… I'm not going to get jealous over you! As long as I can purchase the ten-thousand-year-old Ambergris, I will be able to achieve True Nirvana Stage! By that time, I will definitely give you a good beating!"

"d.a.m.n! Since when you are rich enough to buy the ten-thousand-year-old Ambergris? It seems like you have gotten really lucky recently. What have you encountered? Tell me now!"

"It's none of your business! Let me go! I will scream for help if you still refuse to let me go!"

"Are you trying to threaten me?

"Go ahead and scream for help! Please scream as loud as possible! When your lover boy comes to me, I will tell me him all the dirty stuff that we did together!"

"How dare you?!"

With her body shaking uncontrollably, Demonic Fox's face started to redden.

The thing that she did to Chen Xiaobei was just too s.e.xually explicit to be mentioned. The phrase 'open your mouth' was a terrifying nightmare that haunted her every single night. Until now, she could still remember it clearly. As frustrated as she was, Demonic Fox still could not figure out why would she said yes to Chen Xiaobei's ridiculous demand. Also, she did it twice!

"Don't challenge me! I will tell them everything if you dare to shout for help!"

"Don't threaten me!"

"This is what you do to me just now. I'm just doing what you did to me!"

"What do you want from me?!"

With her lips pursed, Demonic Fox had given up on fighting Chen Xioabei.

"I want to touch your body first since I have not met you for such a long time. I want to see if your figure is more voluptuous as compared to the last time I touched your body…"

Chen Xiaobei then extended his hands and started to ravage her body - with a layer of kimono that was made of soft fabric between them.

The sensitivity of her body caused her to shake lightly.

"If Hikawa Okazaka knows what you did to me, he will definitely kill you!"

"I would rather choose to be killed if I get to enjoy a masterpiece like you! Back to some serious questions, I'm surprised that your body is still so sensitive! That means you are still a virgin! Since that Hikawa Okazaka is willing to kill for you, why did he refrain from having s.e.x with you? Could he be a eunuch as well? How can the l.u.s.t not take over him when facing a masterpiece like you?!"

"Hmph! He is my fiancé! Of course, he will kill for me! Manners is everything in j.a.pan! He will not do anything that is outside of the boundary! We have not even held hands!"

"d.a.m.n! This is really interesting!"

"I thought j.a.pan is a kingdom of p.o.r.nography! Since when you guys care about this thing? This is definitely new to me!"


Demonic Fox was so angry that she almost coughed out a mouthful of blood. She was rendered speechless after Chen Xiaobei mentioned the p.o.r.nography in j.a.pan.

"To me, I think he doesn't even care about manners. He is afraid of the person behind you! There must be someone powerful taking care of you! If not, he would not hesitate to have s.e.x with you hundreds of times!"

"Why are you so rude?"

Demonic Fox wanted to vent her anger but her body was slowly losing all the strength because of the way Chen Xiaobei was fondling her.

"You are like a drug to me. The kind of drug that can trigger my l.u.s.t! I just want to have s.e.x with you whenever I see you! Can you feel my l.u.s.t burning?!" said Chen Xiaobei in a husky tone. His mouth was parched and his tongue was scorched.

"You a.s.shole!"

Demonic Fox began to moan as her delicate skin was slowly turning red. With Chen Xiaobei's body sticking close to her, she could feel that his private part was aroused.


Chen Xiaobei winked at Demonic Fox.


"You know exactly what I want right now…"

"Go and kill yourself! I will not say yes to you this time!"

"Alright. Well, I'm pretty free right now. I think I should tell your fiancé about the love stories between us!"

Chen Xiaobei was ready to leave the cubicle.

"a.s.shole! Come back here! This will be the last time I do this for you! There will be no next time! If you make such request again when I achieve True Nirvana Stage, I will definitely kill you!"

"Alright! This will be the last time!"

Clearly, Chen Xioabei would want more of it in the future.

Demonic Fox then lowered her body and started to do what she did to Chen Xiaobei last time. The euphoria that Chen Xiaobei experienced was so good that he lost himself in it. 

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