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'Two billion? USD?'

'That's equivalent to almost thirteen billion RMB!'

Taken aback, everyone stared at Chen Xiaobei with their eyes wide open. Most of them found it really hard to believe what he just said. The thing that shocked them the most was he mentioned that he wanted to bet all of it in one single round!

'Are you sure you are not kidding?"

Bici did not know Chen Xiaobei that well. That was why he still had doubts in his mind.

He pointed at the gambling table and said, "You can have a seat first. Transfer your money to Paradise Island's account! After that, you will be able to exchange for electronic chips!"

Slowly, Chen Xiaobei looked for a seat and sat down.


Immediately, the table vibrated and a hidden compartment was revealed - a laptop was then presented in front of Chen Xiaobei. After checking it out briefly, Chen Xiaobei keyed in his information and transfer the money to the designated account. Initially, he had three billion and nine hundred million in his account. Not too long after that, s.h.i.+ Haoxiang transferred another one billion into his account. Hence, after buying two billion USD worth of chips - Chen Xiaobei still had some money left in his account.


[You have successfully bought two billion USD worth of chips! You can now start to gamble!]

After pressing on the b.u.t.ton, Chen Xiaobei managed to drop two hundred billion worth of chips in one single bet! It was as if money had no meaning to Chen Xiaobei. To him, it was just a bunch of numbers.


[You have successfully placed your bet! Please follow up or give up!]

"What's your name again? Come! Don't waste my time!"

Chen Xiaobei picked up the small chest with die inside and use his finger to taunt Pikaka. At that moment, the crowd finally knew that Chen Xiaobei was being very serious about this gambling round. Not only was he extremely rich but he also did not place much value on money! Using such an astronomical amount of money to bet with Pikaka was simply insane!

None of them could figure out what Chen Xiaobei was thinking. Knowing that Pikaka was known as the G.o.d of Dice, gambling with him was no different from asking for troubles. At the same time, almost everyone around him shared the same thought.

'If this kid is not a genius. He must be a big idiot!'

"Alright! I will make sure to take all your money since you are in a rus.h.!.+ I can help you to save some of your valuable time!"

It appeared that Pikaka was confident that he could win all of Chen Xiaobei's money in this single round! No one had ever taunted Pikaka the way Chen Xiaobei did.

"Betting on dice is actually not too hard nor easy! Things that you have to pay attention are the way you shake your dice and how good your hearing is! Once you can master these two things, you can easily dominate this game! Make sure to open up your eyes wide! I'm going to show you the way a legendary player plays in this game! Soon, you will be impressed by my amazing skill!"

Upon picking up the dice chest, Pikaka shook it as hard as possible to make sure he looked like a legendary gambler. Winning in this game would be the best way to slap Chen Xiaobei in the face.


Pikaka shook the chest at lightning speed then three die were taken into the chest!



The force Pikaka put in swinging the chest was so powerful that the die would not fall out from it even though there was no cover on top of the chest. The way he shook it was even more elegant and skillful than the G.o.d of Gambling in the movie 1 !



While shaking, the sound inside the chest of die changed! It was as if three die had fused into one! The sound of each dice colliding with each other sounded completely different now. It was as if there was a brush moving vigorously inside the dice chest.

"d.a.m.n! He is good! He is definitely worthy of the t.i.tle, G.o.d of Dice! With the way he shakes the die, there is no one in this world can guess the correct numbers by just listening to it! This is too good! Too d.a.m.n impressive!"

Upon hearing that, Cao Zhenyang and the rest of them started to feel really worried. Considering that all of them were Jianghu elites, their listening skills were far better than most regular folk. However, none of them could hear those die moving inside the die chest while Pikaka was shaking it. Let alone guessing the numbers on the dice! In short, Pikaka did not lie to them about his skill!


Pikaka placed the die chest on the table and tapped on two different bets on his screen.

The first bet was worth two billion!

The second bet was worth one billion!

"Guess if it's big or small! If you guess it right, you can have my two billion! And if you can guess the exact numbers on the die, you can get another one billion from me! Of course, if you guess it wrongly - all your money will go to me! Hehehe!"

Feeling confident, Pikaka could not help but put on an evil grin on his face.

"s.h.i.+t! This is going to turn sour! There is no way that he can spell out the exact number on the chest! He could only make a wild guess on the big or small value of the combination of the die!" said Fang Yuqiong in a worried manner.

"What if he guesses it wrong? He just placed two billion bet on that game!" said Cao Zhenyang.

"Two billion! I would kill myself if I lose in this game!" said Fang Kangyin and Feng Xubin while their bodies trembled.

"Hmph! He has no one to blame but himself if he loses in this game! I have asked him to apologize to Mr. Pikaka! However, he insisted on acting tough! He should bear all the consequences if he loses all his money!" said Yan Congming in a strange tone.

"One! One! The sum of the numbers on the die is two! Hence, I bet on small!"

"What? Two? Hahaha… Is there something wrong with your brain? Three die but you said the sum is two? What the h.e.l.l! You are giving away all your money to me!"

"Ughhh… This kid is hired by monkeys to make us laugh! I have told you guys that it is impossible for him to beat Pikaka!"

"He… He must be joking…"

Cao Zhenyang the rest of them feared for Chen Xiaobei. They thought it was almost impossible for Chen Xiaobei to win in this game. Given a choice to guess the value of the die or big and small, Chen Xiaobei surprised everyone by picking the most difficult option!

Three die in the chest! And Chen Xiaobei said that the sum was only two! Now, Chen Xiaobei was going to lose all his money - just as everyone expected!

"Just reveal the answer!" said Chen Xiaobei calmly.

Meanwhile, Pikaka did not look too well. With his hand shaking non-stop, he lifted up the die chest. Everyone froze instantly! The first number on the first dice was one! And the other two die were stacked on top of each other with the number, one being shown on the top dice! The bottom dice was covered by dice on top of it. So, it was not counted! According to the rule, the sum of the die was two!

Immediately, the system judged that Chen Xiaobei was the winner of this round!


[The sum is two! Small!]

After the notification was shown to them, all five billion in the system had gone to Chen Xiaobei's bank account.

"Mr. Pikaka… Lost… The G.o.d of Dice just lost… What the h.e.l.l is going on?" asked Bici woefully.

With baffled expressions on their faces, they could not figure out how Chen Xiaobei managed to guess the correct number!

"Shut up! I still have five billion with me! I'm not losing!"

Glaring at Chen Xiaobei, Pikaka said, "Next! You shake the dice chest! I will guess the number!"

"No problem! Five billion! Show hand!"

Chen Xiaobei shrugged and bet all the money that he just won into the second round.

Likely a reference to the G.o.d of Gamblers movie

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