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Sea monster!

Others might not believe the monster tale but Chen Xiaobei definitely believed it. Judging from the look of the captain, one could see that this matter was still not proven to be true. Before witnessing what had actually happened, no one dared to make any a.s.sumptions.

"You should drive slower. Make sure there's no danger before approaching it!"

Chen Xiaobei tapped on the captain's shoulder - standing with him in the control to observe the surroundings. Soon, the two yachts that went missing earlier were presented in front of them. It seemed like there was nothing wrong with the yachts since their surroundings were calm and peaceful. Upon seeing Chen Xiaobei nodded his head, the captain slowly maneuvered the yacht to the one in front of them.

The Korean, Park Chan-ho came out from the yacht and ordered, "Few of you, go and check out the yacht!"

Immediately, his bodyguards did what he told them to do. With their Half Step True Nirvana Cultivation, they managed to leap to the missing yachts easily. Following that, pa.s.sengers from two missing yachts were being moved to the deck. Clearly, all of them were unconscious. There were an American businessman, three bodyguards, one captain, and two waitresses on one of the yachts. On the other yacht, an Arabian young man with torn clothes and a captain were found.

"Mr. Park! All of them are unconscious! The cause is unknown!"

After seeing the unconscious American businessman, Park Chan-ho shouted, "Any doctor here? Mr. Donald is lying on the deck unconscious!"

"Which Donald?"

"Who else?! The filthy rich businessman from Wall Street!"

"It's him? d.a.m.n! This is getting interesting! Let's go and take a look!"

Every pa.s.senger from the yacht went and checked on him out of curiosity.

"Let me have a look."

Niya's arrogant voice could be heard from far. Immediately, all those ultrrich individuals made way for her to walk to the front.

"It's Mr. Donald! He is a well-reputable and influential individual of Wall Street! Quick! Bring him over here!"

After listening to Niya's order, the bodyguards from two yachts started to move those unconscious individuals to the yacht Niya was in.

"I just want you to move Mr. Donald over here! I don't care about the others!" Niya raised her voice, her tone filled with disgust. It was as if Mr. Donald's life was the only life that was worthy to be saved! Left with no choice, the bodyguards had to ignore the others and moved Donald to Niya.

"That woman is so disgusting! Does she really think she is some kind of G.o.d?!"

"Xiaobei, let's go and check the others out! With your medicinal skill, we do not have to beg for her help!"

"Sister, I thought you asked me to lay low earlier?"

"Lay low my a.s.s! When it comes to matters like this, we do not have to lay low anymore! I really don't like her arrogant look!"

"Great minds think alike!"

"Park, go and take a look at him!" said Niya.


Park Chan-ho was startled. Suddenly, a short and small-sized Asian stepped out with a briefcase in his hand. Among eight Niya's bodyguards, he was the least noticeable one. No one could recognize him because he was wearing shades all this while.

"You are Mr. Park Il-seung 1 ?! Oh my G.o.d! Korea number one miracle doctor is with Ms. Niya!"

Nodding, Park Il-seung could not care less about Park Chan-ho. It was as if the CEO of Samsung Electronics was just another ordinary human being to him.

"Boss Park, how good is his medicinal skill? Is he really that good? You are a well-respected individual in Korea! How dare he disrespect you?" said Duke Gustav.

"His medicinal skill is something that you cannot imagine! His healing has attained the acme of perfection! Not even the president of Korea can force him to treat his illness if he doesn't want to!"

"Well, it seems like he is really good at what he does! I have to look for an opportunity to make friends with him!"

Narrowing his eyes, it was as if Gustav just discovered a piece of treasure.

"Let's go over there!"

Luo Puti hastened Chen Xiaobei.

"There's no need to rush. Let me take a look at the patient first. Also, I want to see how good this so-called miracle doctor is!"

Immediately, Chen Xiaobei used his Qi observation skill to check on Donald's illness. On the other hand, Park Il-seung picked up Donald's wrist and started to check on his pulse. Following that, he took out a bag of silver needles to get ready to apply acupuncture treatment on him.

"Let's go. This is pointless."

Chen Xiaobei shook his head and called Luo Puti to check on other patients. Unfortunately, Niya spotted his head shake. Earlier, this arrogant woman was not too happy about Chen Xiaobei's presence. She was actually looking for an opportunity to mess with him.

Immediately, she shouted, "b.a.s.t.a.r.d! Why are you shaking your head? Don't pretend that you are good at healing others!"

"I'm pretending? Yes! You are absolutely right! I'm pretending! I shall not stop you guys to play around with a man's life!"

"Playing with a man's life? Dr. Park is the best doctor in this world! How dare you accuse him of playing with a man's life?! You are being insulting! In a way, you are insulting me as well!" said Niya.

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d! Stop acting like you are an expert at healing others! You, embarra.s.sing Mr. Park is equivalent to mocking the doctors in Korea! Don't blame me for beating you up if you continue to act like this!" said Park Chan-ho.

On the other hand, Park Il-seung did not say a word about it. All he did was look at Chen Xiaobei disdainfully.

"Whatever. Soon, you guys will know whether I'm spouting nonsense or telling the truth!"

Shrugging his shoulders, Chen Xiaobei then brought Luo Puti to the two yachts that stopped across them.

"Where are you going?" Niya asked with her teeth gritted.

"I'm a doctor as well! I'm going to save the lives of others! Leaving them to die is not the thing that a good doctor will do! My wife is going to punish me severely if she knows about it!"

The sentence, leaving them to die is not the thing that a good doctor would do brought Niya and her accomplice to shame.

"You are just putting on an act! You are just an idiot with zero medicinal knowledge! I will jump off this yacht if you can heal them!" Niya declared.

"This kid knows no bounds! Look at him! No one will believe that a good doctor is this young!" Gustav exclaimed.

"Guys. There is no need to argue with him. Traditional medicinal practice is invented by the Koreans! Dr. Park is known as the G.o.d of traditional medicinal practice! Acting tough in front of him is going to cause him to land a few slaps on himself!" said Park Chan-ho.

Upon hearing that, Park Il-seung was really proud of himself. The way he applied acupuncture treatment on Donald was even more delicate now. He wanted to use his acupuncture skill to slap Chen Xiaobei's face.

"Like a r.e.t.a.r.d! He is not worth to be called the G.o.d of traditional medicinal practice! I'll wait to see you fail!"

After that, Chen Xiaobei held on to Luo Puti's hand and jumped to the other yacht.

一生 When p.r.o.nounced in Mandarin it's 'Yisheng' which is a wordplay on 'doctor'?

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