Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms Chapter 588: Ceo Chen's The Best

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"Your… Your company… Blarrgghhh…"

Feeling a sense of sharp ache in the heart to the deepest part of his soul, s.h.i.+ Haoxiang coughed out a mouthful of warm blood. Without saying a word, Chen Xiaobei just watched him from far with a cold stare.

"Everyone… Help me please…"

Immediately, s.h.i.+ Haoxiang turned to the rest of the seven shareholders and implored, "Xi Xiang Entertainment is the kingdom that we built together… Please help me…"

"Dream on! You treated us like fools as while you schemed behind our backs! Then, you treated us like b.i.t.c.hes when you got what you wanted! Now you're asking for our help when you lost everything? Dream on! I, myself am approving of CEO Chen as the biggest shareholder of Xi Xiang Entertainment!"

"That's right! Now, you are telling us that you built this kingdom with us? What were you saying just earlier? I, too agree to let CEO Chen become the biggest shareholder of Xi Xiang Entertainment!"

"No! The name, Xi Xiang should be erased from the entertainment industry completely! From now on, Xi Xiang will cease to exist! No more s.h.i.+ Haoxiang!"

"All of us stand with CEO Chen! Security! Please escort s.h.i.+ Haoxiang out of the premises!"

All seven shareholders stood their ground, not a single one supported s.h.i.+ Haoxiang! Knowing all his dirty deeds, all of them could only harbor feelings of hatred towards him. They could not wait to exile s.h.i.+ Haoxiang from the entertainment industry!


Once again, s.h.i.+ Haoxiang vomited a mouthful of warm blood. This die-alone ending was too much for him to bear. In the end, the security guards had to carry him out of the building. Seeing what had happened, all the employees of Xi Xiang Entertainment were so terrified that they almost peed their pants.

"CEO Chen… We are sorry… We shouldn't look down on you… It's all out fault… Please don't lower yourself down to the same level as us… We will not make the same mistake anymore…"

The sound of begging could be heard outside the meeting room. Some of them even started to slap themselves non-stop. Knowing that Chen Xiaobei was not the CEO of the company, he became the person to decide their fates in this company.

"It's good that you guys know that you are at fault and willing to make changes! Don't worry. I will not hold any grudges against any of you here! Just put more effort in your work!"

Upon hearing Chen Xiaobei's announcement, all the employees let out a sigh of relief. They were grateful for mercy. If s.h.i.+ Haoxiang was still the one that was in charge of this company, every single one of them would suffer greatly if they offended him. When the two of them were put in comparison, Chen Xiaobei was definitely tens of thousands times better than s.h.i.+ Haoxiang.

At the same moment, somewhere in the heavenly realm.




Lei Zhenzi choked in his own saliva while he was laughing at Chen Xiaobei.

"How… How can this be…"

"This whole thing was supposed to be a deadlock… How did this unforeseen changes come by? This is not possible…"

A few minutes ago, the two of them thought that they had everything under control. Knowing that they could defeat Chen Xiaobei, they even started to laugh at Chen Xiaobei's stupidity and boasted of Chanism's pride and glory. However, all those things that they did became dozens of invisible slaps on their faces.

"Qincheng, please come here."

While Song Qincheng was still in a daze, Chen Xiaobei pulled her to the chairperson's seat and sat her on it while holding on to her elegant shoulders.

"Xiaobei? What are you trying to do?

Finally, Song Qincheng recovered from her state of bewilderment.

"Sit down. I want to announce three important matters while everyone is here!"

"Firstly, Xi Xiang Entertainment will be renamed to Qin Cheng Entertainment!"

"Secondly, Song Qincheng will become the vice president of this company! She will be representing me to deal with all the matters in this company!"

"Finally, every single employee from this company, from vice president to cleaner will receive a ten percent increment in salary! Just make sure to help Boss Song with her work and I will make sure everyone will receive different kinds of benefits from time to time!"

Upon hearing Chen Xiaobei's promises, everyone was delighted.

"Increment! Oh my G.o.d! Am I hearing it wrong? I have been working in Xi Xiang Entertainment for five years and I have never heard of the word, increment!"

"And, we are going to receive even more benefits in the future! Suddenly, I feel like my future is full of hope!"

"CEO Chen, don't you worry! We will definitely try our best to help Boss Song with her work! We will fight for the company and our future at the same time!"

"Boss Chen is the best! Boss Chen is the best!"

Everyone was cheering for Chen Xiaobei. Knowing that the company's benefits were tied closely to their own benefits, all the employees were filled with motivation to help the company to grow even more! It was a win-win situation for them.

"Xiao… Xiaobei… Pinch me… Am I dreaming?"

One exciting event after another, Song Qincheng found it hard to believe all the good thing that happened around her. Never even in her dreams, would she imagine that the biggest company in the entertainment industry, Xi Xiang Entertainment would turn into Qin Cheng Entertainment! As for herself, she was promoted from a small-time president of a small company to the vice president of this big company.

"Pumpkin, of course it's real! Have you forgotten that I told you that Qin Cheng Entertainment will become the biggest company in the entertainment industry? Now, you are on the same level as Zhang Wen."

"I-I remember that. But, I just find it hard to believe that you made it come true so quickly!"

"Well, that's because your man is fast and efficient at everything that he does!"

With his chest puffed out, Chen Xiaobei was filled with the sense of achievement. 

"Well, it is really fast and efficient. However, when we make love, please don't make it fast!"

Upon hearing Song Qincheng's flirtatious words, the beast within Chen Xiaobei's heart was unleashed! Since the last time he had a taste on making love with a woman, he found it really hard to resist his urges.

"We can't do it today! I still need to deal with Li Sanqian's matter. I must talk to Fruit Channel as soon as possible to avoid disappointment!"


Chen Xiaobei almost coughed out a mouthful of blood to the ceiling after being c.o.c.k blocked.

'Why did you seduce me if you know we can't do it today? This is not good for my manhood! It might cause impotence!"

Seeing that Chen Xiaobei was frustrated, Song Qincheng felt kind of guilty. She then said in a soft tone, "Tomorrow night! I will let you do whatever you want to do to me after their show ends! Deal?"

"Okay. Remember what you promised me."

Actually, he was thinking about their performance and the bet with Jiang Ziya and Lei Zhenzi. Without dealing with these two, he would not be able to enjoy a great lovemaking session as well.

Tomorrow night!

A lot of things would be decided after they performed on stage for three minutes!

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