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"Xiaobei! Don't do anything stupid… Now that s.h.i.+ Haoxiang has all the power to do anything he wants… NeZha and the rest of them will lose the opportunity to perform on national TV!" claimed Song Qincheng nervously, with her hand still in Chen Xiaobei's.

"Hmph! I'm glad that G.o.ddess Song knows what's the right thing to do now! Kiddo! You better get a hold of this current circ.u.mstance! You are going to do whatever I want you to do if you want to make sure all three of them being taken care of! Now, kneel and lick my shoes!"

"Why should I do that?"

Without being shaken by s.h.i.+ Haoxiang's threat, Chen Xiaobei actually wanted to laugh out loud. Upon seeing Chen Xiaobei's reaction, all seven shareholders were intrigued by him. They could not help but place their attention on him. Earlier, all of them were pressured by s.h.i.+ Haoxiang to the point that they found it hard to breathe. However, Chen Xiaobei was not even shaken by his threat at all! He was definitely no ordinary person!

Filled with arrogance, s.h.i.+ Haoxiang did not even take a second glance at Chen Xiaobei. Instead, he said in a haughty tone, "I'm the rightful CEO of Xi Xiang Entertainment! I have the power! I have the connections! I have the brain! I can fool r.e.t.a.r.ds like you around with my eyes closed!"

"Hehe… What if you are no longer the CEO of Xi Xiang Entertainment? What's left of you?"


'I think I will be left with nothing if I'm no longer the CEO of Xi Xiang Entertainment! However, it's not possible that an unfortunate event like this would happen to me!'

s.h.i.+ Haoxiang did put some serious thought into it.

"How is it possible that I will step down from becoming the CEO of Xi Xiang Entertainment! I will keep this CEO position in Xi Xiang Entertainment until the end of my days"

Lifting both hands, s.h.i.+ Haoxiang was boasting aloud with a prideful look. His voice managed to trigger the curiosity of the employees. Many of them were standing outside to wait for the drama to unfold.

"Where did this kid come from? How dare he claim that he is on the same level as Boss s.h.i.+? Is his brain working fine?"

"I think there is something wrong with his brain! He is seriously ill! I'm pretty sure that he will be beaten up by security later!"

"Well, there is no one to be blamed but himself! Everyone in the entertainment industry knows that Boss s.h.i.+ is not to be trifled with! Those who mess with him will definitely not end well!"

Looking at Chen Xiaobei with a condescending stare, the crowd criticized him non-stop. Song Qincheng became even more anxious after hearing the criticisms from the crowd. From the very start, this whole thing had already gone sideways. There was no way that s.h.i.+ Haoxiang would change his mind after all the things that Chen Xiaobei did.

At that moment, Chen Xiaobei was the only person that could still remain calm.

"What if I tell you that you are really not the CEO of Xi Xiang Entertainment anymore?"

"Who is the CEO of Xi Xiang Entertainment if I'm no longer the CEO of Xi Xiang Entertainment? You?" Rolling his eyes, s.h.i.+ Haoxiang replied in a condescending tone.

"That's right. I am."

Chen Xiaobei nodded his head with a casual look on his face. A simple statement like that managed to create an uproar! Baffled, the crowd started to regard Chen Xiaobei as a crazy person. Immediately, they started their mocking insults.

"This kid is truly insane! How can he say something this stupid?"

"If he is the CEO of Xi Xiang Entertainment! I'm the president of USA!"

"Then, I'm Buddha! Everyone knows how to talk s.h.i.+t like this! r.e.t.a.r.ded fool!"

The bystanders were mocking Chen Xiaobei like there was no tomorrow.

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d! Did you hear what the crowd just said? I don't even need to say a single word! Haha!"

At the same moment, somewhere in the heavenly realm.

"That kid is a true idiot! He should really come up with a better lie if he is that desperate! What an idiot! I feel so satisfied when I watch him being criticized by others! Haha…"

Lei Zhenzi roared with laughter non-stop while holding his stomach.

"Hehe… Victory belongs to us this round! Easy! It's not even challenging at all!"

Jiang Ziya put on a smile while stroking his long and white beard. 

"Soon, we will be able to take back the things that we lost! We can even blame him for not doing his job well in the group! I really can't wait anymore! Imagining it is not enough for me!"

Rubbing his hands in glee, Lei Zhenzi could not wait for the time to pa.s.s by faster!

Inside the meeting room, even Song Qincheng could not help but grumble.

"Xiaobei! This is a wrong move! You have no idea how much effort they put into their upcoming performance! You are going to ruin their chance of performing on national TV after you screw this up!"

"Don't worry. Since when have I disappointed you?"

Smiling calmly, Chen Xiaobei turned around, looked at Wei Suo and asked, "Little Wei, how's the stock purchasing?"

Little Wei?!

Everyone was shocked after hearing the way Chen Xiaobei addressed Wei Suo. To their knowledge, Wei Suo was the CEO of Tian Sheng Finance! He was the one that helped s.h.i.+ Haoxiang to execute this billion-dollar evil plan! An individual like him just became a Little Wei to Chen Xiaobei.

Dazed, the crowd had no idea what was Chen Xiaobei trying to do.

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d! How the h.e.l.l do you know Boss Wei? And, how did you know that he was helping to purchase stocks?"

With fear knocking at his door, s.h.i.+ Haoxiang yelled at Chen Xiaobei. However, Chen Xiaobei did not even bother to answer his questions.

"Boss Chen. Don't you worry! The purchasing of stocks is a success! Two hundred million Xi Xiang Entertainment stocks had been deposited in your personal financial account! From this moment onwards, you have acquired sixty percent shares of Xi Xiang Entertainment! With that being said, you are now the biggest shareholder! That makes you the CEO of Xi Xiang Entertainment!"


Upon hearing the shocking news, s.h.i.+ Haoxiang felt like a lightning just struck him mercilessly. With his body shaking non-stop and left in a state of confusion, he was about to cough out a mouthful of warm blood! Meanwhile, the crowd outside the meeting room froze. Every single one of them found it really hard to believe that Chen Xiaobei had taken over the company.

"Please have a look at the monitor if you guys don't believe in me! Every single trade has been recorded!"

Wei Suo then lifted up his laptop and showed it to everyone. In the end, he placed it in front of all seven shareholders of the company.

"Wei! Suo! What the h.e.l.l is going on?"

Like a wild boar being poked in the a.n.u.s, s.h.i.+ Haoxiang roared hysterically.

"Well, isn't the situation clear enough for you? s.h.i.+ Haoxiang! You are being kicked out from this company!"

"You… This is fraud! How dare you use my money to purchase stocks and deposit all of them to this account? I'm going to sue all of you! Jail awaits you!"

"You are wrong! Boss Chen used his own money to purchase your stocks! I will return all the money to you later! Go ahead if you want to sue me! This has nothing to do with Boss Chen! Don't you forget that manipulating the price of the stocks is illegal by nature! Worse comes to worse, let's go to jail together! You are after all the mastermind and I'm just a n.o.body that followed your orders! You should know better than anyone who is going to suffer more in prison!"

"You… You…"

s.h.i.+ Haoxiang pointed at Wei Suo while clutching his chest, his face contorted. He took a few steps back unconsciously with his body shaking uncontrollably.


Still, he could not hold it in anymore. A blood rushed out from s.h.i.+ Haoxiang's mouth, who collapsed on the floor after losing all his strength, with his face as pale as a sheet. It was as if he aged for ten years within seconds!

A few minutes ago, he was showering himself with praises. He did not expect that Chen Xiaobei could turn the tide around with only a few sentences. Leaving s.h.i.+ Haoxiang no opportunity to defend himself, Chen Xiaobei managed to turn the tide around by unlocking this deadlock!

Chen Xiaobei then strode towards s.h.i.+ Haoxiang and stared at him from above.

"You have ten minutes to clear all your personal stuff! After that, get out of this company! Fail to comply and I will have the security guards escort you out!"

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