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"d.a.m.n it! We were so close to killing him!"

From where the shot was fired, Bi Yunyao cursed in frustration. He then tossed the gun to one of the disciples of Yuntao Faction.

"I have told you earlier that gun is useless in this very Jianghu that we live in! The superior ones are melee weapons!"

"The bullet should have hit that old fart if it wasn't for Yap Liangchen!"

"It's useless to say all these right now! We have already touched the gra.s.s and startled the snake! Let's charge at him!"

"Alright! Let's do this! We will make him pay for what he did!" Bi Yunyao declared in a vicious tone, while unconsciously touching the handprint.

The two of them then led all thirty Yuntao Faction disciples to surround the place. At the same time, Chen Xiaobei had already channeled his True Qi to force the bullet out of Yap Liangchen's body - following by using Hundred Herbs Potion to heal his wound.

"Bro Bei, take the Black Star Ganoderma and leave this place! Just leave me here… Bi Yuntao's combat power is just too powerful for you to handle… You won't be able to leave this place once they get here!"

"Alright! Stop talking for now. Your wound is going to reopen if you keep talking."

Promptly, Chen Xiaobei took a few bottles of Hundred Herbs Potion to pour on Yap Liangchen's wound again. This potion worked extremely well on wounds like that. However, he still needed to rest well to recover better.

"Old fart. I bet you didn't expect to see us so soon again!"

With a haughty look, Bi Yuyao walked in front of everyone. At the same time, Bi Yuntao led his disciples following behind him. Each one of them was holding different kinds of weapons. Murderous aura emanated from the crowd.

"I've never thought the person that I saved yesterday would come and bite me today!" Chen Xiaobei was outraged, his eyes staring coldly at them.

"Hehe… Initially, we've never planned to make you pay for what you did to us. Blame your luck! You actually found the Black Star Ganoderma before us! Taking this fortune from us is no different from killing our parents! Besides that, we all are waiting to sell this Black Star Ganoderma to save some lives! So, you are going die today since none of us here want to die young!" 

"Alright! You want this Black Star Ganoderma, right? I will give it to you!"

Immediately, Chen Xiaobei placed the rest of the Hundred Herbs Potion beside Yap Liangchen. He then went and plucked the Black Star Ganoderma personally before walking slowly towards Bi Yunyao.

"Hehe… That is very sensible of you! Though you are good at using poisons, your combat power is actually pretty similar to mine. There is no way for you to plant any poison in our bodies since we are well-defended! The only way for you to keep your life is to hand us the Black Star Ganoderma."

"Vice faction leader is right! Their speed and strength are on the same par. As long as our vice faction leader is cautious, there is no way for the old fart to use any poison on him!"

"Besides that, our faction leader is right here to make sure everything goes well! I don't think that old fart would do anything reckless!"

"Haha… As long as we get our hands on Black Star Ganoderma, we will have enough funds to buy more Pentad Crystal Powder! I feel so thirsty just thinking about it!"

"Ain't that right? That drug is just too d.a.m.n addictive! I'm going to be tortured to death if I don't snort more Pentad Crystal Powder!"

All those Yuntao Faction disciples were ecstatic when one of them mentioned the Pentad Crystal Powder.

Even the calmest person, Bi Yuntao was getting excited. With his face flushed, he shouted, "Everyone! Don't worry! I will bring all of you to have some fun once we sell the Black Star Ganoderma!"

"Old fart! Can you walk faster? Stop dilly-dallying! Do you have a death wish?"

Losing his patience, Bi Yunyao strode towards Chen Xiaobei.

"Take it."

Chen Xiaobei looked like he did not care too much about it. One of his hand was holding the Black Star Ganoderma. He handed it to Bi Yunyao without any hesitation.

"At least you know this is the right thing to do!"

"Great! Finally, we have it! We are going to be rich! This is awesome!"

Clearly, they were elated when they saw they were about to acquire a treasure.


Finally, Yap Liangchen could let out a sigh of relief. He was glad that Chen Xiaobei finally came to his senses to hand over the Black Star Ganoderma to them. If not, the two of them would definitely be killed. However, something unexpected happened the next second. With a slight twist in Chen Xiaobei's wrist, the Black Star Ganoderma dropped on the ground.

"What the h.e.l.l are you trying to do?! Didn't you know that all the medicinal Qi from it will disappear completely if its protective layer is hurt? It's going to cost your life if there is any damage on this Black Star Ganoderma!" Bi Yunyao chided Chen Xiaobei while bending to pick it up.

"Yunyao! Be careful!"At the same time, Bi Yuntao a warning from afar. Unfortunately, it was already too late to do so.


With all his True Qi channeled to his right leg and Primordial Witch King Combat Enhancement Training boosting his combat power to sixteen thousand, his Nutbuster Kick that was powerful enough to destroy a gigantic rock was hurled at Bi Yunyao. However, he did not aim at his crotch. The head was his target this time. 

As he bent down to pick up the fungus, he was defenseless, making his head vulnerable to Chen Xiaobei's attack.


An explosive sound shrilled through the air. It was more terrifying than listening to the explosive sounds of a bomb. Bi Yunyao was sent flying in the sky before he landed at ten meters from where he stood earlier. With dust flying around, a hole was formed when he landed on the ground. It was quite a horrendous scene.


"Vice faction leader!!!"

Immediately, everyone from Yuntao Faction screamed their lungs out and dashed towards Bi Yunyao.

"Bei… Bro Bei…"

Yap Liangchen was dumbstruck. At first, he thought Chen Xiaobei was going to hand the Black Star Ganoderma to them to stay alive. He totally did not expect that Chen Xiaobei would landed such an earthshaking kick on Bi Yunyao. With that being said, an unavoidable war was about to happen soon!

Baffled, Yap Liangchen could not understand why Chen Xiaobei refused to hand over the Black Star Ganoderma to them to avoid trouble. Instead, he declared an all-out war on Yuntao Faction.

'Is it possible for Bro Bei to defeat Bi Yuntao? And, there are thirty Yuntao Faction disciples targetting him! Their combat power might be low but they are still the elite disciples of Yuntao Faction. A sneak attack from any one of them would be fatal for Bro Bei!'


A heart-wrenching scream was let out by Bi Yuntao. Every ounce of True Qi that he possessed was unleashed to the surroundings. At that split second, it was as if the whole s.p.a.ce was shaken by him.

"This… How is this even possible?"

Shocked by it, Yap Liangchen quickly s.h.i.+fted his attention to Bi Yuntao. Words could not describe how shocked he was. In Bi Yuntao's embrace, Bi Yunyao stopped breathing. He was killed by Chen Xiaobei's kick. Looked closely, one could see that his forehead was dented - the skull shattered, the flesh shredded and brain matter everywhere. There was no way he could have survived that attack.

"s.h.i.+t… Bi Yuntao is going to kill Bro Bei now…"

Fear quickly made its way to Yap Liangchen's mind.

Suddenly, he realized Chen Xiaobei was holding a pill in his hand.

"Bro Bei! No!"

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