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Wenyuan's first role was simple. She played as a maid in an imperial palace. She was to follow behind the concubine closely. w.a.n.g Cangshuang was terrified. He was forced to add some extra dialogues in the original script.

Sentences like "Good day." and "The tea is hot." were added to Wenyuan's script. She felt really excited about it even though all her lines did not have an impact on the episode at all. Actually, there were a lot of girls who wanted to be famous. Most of them were willing to follow the hidden rules to get a line of dialogue. Wenyuan could be considered really lucky.

"Xiaobei hubby!"

Wenyuan was holding on to her skirt and ran to Chen Xiaobei after she finished her shooting. Her face had a brilliant glow like the sun.

"Let me go and bring some drinks for you guys."

Song Qincheng knew that Wenyuan really liked Chen Xiaobei. She looked for some excuses to leave them alone as she wanted to let Wenyuan have some alone time with Chen Xiaobei. She held Chen Xiaobei's arm and said with a smile on her face, "What do you think about my performance today?"

"It was good! I think you are going to receive an Oscar!"

Chen Xiaobei smiled. He could feel a very comfortable and sensual feeling on his arms. Its fragrance and softness made him want to do something dirty to Wenyuan.

"Did you miss me?" Wenyuan asked, pursing her lips.

"Of course! How can I not miss such a beautiful and adorable masterpiece?" said Chen Xiaobei while pinching Wenyuan's cheek.


Wenyuan smiled. The way she looked at Chen Xiaobei was as if honey was going to flow out from her big and soulful eyes. It was a sweet moment for both of them.

She whispered in Chen Xiaobei's ear. A stream of warm air from Wenyuan's mouth blew into Chen Xiaobei's ear.

"I miss you too! I dreamt about you for the past few days!"

"Dreamt about me?"

Chen Xiaobei's body went soft. His urge to make love was getting stronger and stronger. Wenyuan was getting better and better at seducing others.

"Yes… I dreamt about you… You did something to me…"

Wenyuan pursed her lips and her face turned red.

"You are a bad guy! You are really bad!"

"Eh… Why am I a bad guy?" Chen Xiaobei said innocently.

"I'm not going to tell you about my dream…"

Wenyuan stuck out her tongue, blinking her beautiful eyes. She did not dare to look at Chen Xiaobei in the eye. In her dream, Chen Xiaobei was kissing and hugging her. Her clothes were torn off by him. It was a rough s.e.x! She had the same dream for a few nights. It was so surreal that she felt like it did happen to her last night! Usually, people categorized that kind of dream as a wet dream. Wenyuan was embarra.s.sed thinking about it.

Chen Xiaobei's inner desire was triggered when he took a look at Wenyuan. He just wanted to do it with her on the floor at that moment. He was after all not a boy anymore but a man! The thirst for it was real after he tried real s.e.x. Moreover, Wenyuan was a loli with big There were no men in this world who could resist her.

"Little w.a.n.g Cangshuang, I need a few side actors and actresses from you!"

An arrogant middle-aged man walked towards them, yelling.

"d.a.m.n! a.s.sistant Huang, you really shouldn't come here personally for a small matter like this."

w.a.n.g Cangshuang acted really respectful towards a.s.sistant Huang. He swung his arms and said, "Just pick whoever you like here! It's their blessing to be chosen to be a side character in Director Fong's movie!"

Everyone at the set wanted to be chosen badly. However, a.s.sistant Huang took a look at the entire place and said, "All these people here are useless! They are idiots! Director Fong will definitely not include them in his movie!"

"Um… How about me? I'm willing to try it out!" w.a.n.g Cangshuang tapped on his chest, volunteering to be included it Director Fong's movie.

"Get lost! Go and look for something to cover your ugly face! You make me sick!" said a.s.sistant Huang while rolling his eyes.

w.a.n.g Cangshuang was embarra.s.sed. He did not even dare to defend himself.

"Who is this guy here? Such arrogance!" Chen Xiaobei asked curiously.

"He is just an a.s.sistant! He is acting tough here because Director Fong has his back!" said Wenyuan, pursing her lips.

"Director Feng?"

"Don't you know? Feng Yaolun is the best director in our country! He has influence in the international filming industry too! The most-talked movie, Ling Yue the Heroine was directed by him!"

While nodding, Chen Xiaobei exclaimed, "Oh!! Now, I remember! a.s.sistant Huang! What do you think about me?"

Everyone had their attention on Chen Xiaobei. a.s.sistant Huang just mentioned that everyone on the set were idiots and Director w.a.n.g Cangshuang was extremely ugly! There was a chance that he came here to mess with everyone. The crowd felt sorry for Chen Xiaobei. They thought Chen Xiaobei would be scolded by a.s.sistant Huang for volunteering himself. However, everyone was surprised in the next second.

"d.a.m.n! This lad here is pretty good looking! I choose you! Come with me!"

a.s.sistant Huang took a look at Chen Xiaobei and nodded in satisfaction. Director w.a.n.g Cangshuang and the rest of the people were really upset. They were professionals after all. However, they still could not match up to an amateur like Chen Xiaobei! Only Chen Xiaobei knew that a.s.sistant Huang chose him because of his charm rather than his handsome visage.

"Nice! Xiaobei hubby! You are awesome! You have been chosen by a.s.sistant Huang! You are going to act in Ling Yue the Heroine! I'm so envious of you!"

Wenyuan was really happy for Chen Xiaobei. Her eyes were filled with admiration. It was a dream for everyone to be part of Director Fong's movie. People would not mind playing a minor role in his movie. They did not expect that a.s.sistant Huang would choose Chen Xiaobei among all of them. Everyone was so envious of him.

"My Little Wenyuan, be good! I'm going to act together with Tang Mengwan!"

Chen Xiaobei ruffled Wenyuan's hair and walked away with a.s.sistant Huang.

"Teehee… You are right! You are going to act together with Sister Tang!"

a.s.sistant Huang narrowed his gaze and smiled. It seemed like his smile was trying to indicate something.


Director w.a.n.g Cangshuang and the rest of the people were petrified when they heard that Chen Xiaobei had a chance to act with Tang!

That must be a joke!

"Act together with Tang Mengwan? d.a.m.n! This is going to be awesome! Hahaha..."

Chen Xiaobei was really excited.

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