Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms Chapter 476: A Fight Between Two Love Rivals

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 It was 8pm.

Chen Xiaobei drove to a mansion near Xuanwu Lake. He had everything prepared as Lin Nan suggested - he had groomed himself to look more handsome than he usually was, while bringing along a box of Extra Thin Durex.

This may be his first time, but he firmly believed that he would last for seven to eight rounds, and so simply took the whole box along.

"Everything is ready, only… Hmmm…"

He was walking towards the mansion in his handsome outfit, but he was stopped by a security guard.

"Who are you?" He asked, narrowing his eyes and glowering at his car with disdain.

Is that p.r.i.c.k making light of his two million-dollar Mercedes Benz?

Chen Xiaobei swept his gaze across mansion and found prestige cars strewn around the parking lot, including many Bentleys and Rolls-Royce. Clearly this security guard was so used to looking at all those supercars he could not care less about Chen Xiaobei and his paltry Benz. And judging from the guard's att.i.tude, the mansion's owner is definitely someone of considerable standing!

If he hadn't seen it with his own eyes, Chen Xiaobei would not have believed that Lin Xiang and Lin Nan have managed to bypa.s.s the social ladder and rocketed into this glamorous social circle.

Such an incredible promotion!

"I am Lin Nan's guest." Chen Xiaobei answered coolly.

"Lin Nan? Who is Lin Nan? There's no Lin Nan here!" The guard shot back rudely. "Don't think I don't know you're just trying to sneak in and stick your grimy fingers on the VIPs! I've seen more than my share of smarty-pants like you. Leave! Don't block the entrance!"

"Let me make a call!" Chen Xioabei was incredibly frustrated. He dialed Lin Nan's number immediately and screamed: "Oi, you piece of s.h.i.+t! I'm at the address you sent me but the security guard said he doesn't know you!"

"Hang on, brother-in-law - I'm coming to get you!" Lin Nan quickly hung up.

Soon, two men in suits were running over to them.

The one in front was Lin Nan. It was clear the brat has really changed entirely - sleek hair, expensive suit, and s.h.i.+ny leather shoes, plus his natural good looks and skin that resembled that of Lin Xian's - all of which made him look incredibly das.h.i.+ng!

At the age of sixteen, he was definitely a charming fresh meat to socialites, especially compared to the man running next to him - who looked to be in his forties. Still, Chen Xiaobei could tell that despite his ordinary looks he possessed twenty thousand combat power. There was no question that he was the bodyguard appointed by the government for the siblings!

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