Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms Chapter 464: You’Ve Contracted Venereal Disease

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Amateurs could never trump the knowledge of experts.

That was why the other doctors standing around the room had no way to verifying Chen Xiaobei said. Only Elder Luo himself understood him, and quickly realized his own mistake.

To put it in a nutsh.e.l.l, expertise often proves superior than knowledge gained solely from books. That was why the doctors remained clueless, and only blanched as they witness the Elder Luo they idolized so fanatically bow to a young man.

"What?! Elder Luo lowered his head to that brat!? Am I dreaming?"

"I've Elder Luo bow when it comes to the field of acupuncture!"

"It's unbelievable!"

Chen Xiaobei ignored their shock and awe - a virtuoso never bothered himself with the opinion of the layman.

Still, he was impressed by Elder Luo's sudden change in att.i.tude. The old man was revered in the field of acupuncture, and yet here he was, humbling himself and showing att.i.tude towards Chen Xiaobei's guidance. Indeed, typical 'specialists' would be offended if their mistake was pointed out in public.

"Elder Luo," he replied politely. "You are most welcomed, but you're the senior here - bowing is not necessary."

"No," Elder Luo insited. "Age matters not. You're definitely more knowledgeable than I am, and as such you're my teacher. I must bow, especially after you helped by correcting my error."

In that very moment, he believed that Chen Xiaobei was a nice person and began to admire him. It had everything to do with the young lad's medicinal mastery, as well as his tremendous increase in charm that helps him earn others' trust and favor.

"I have a question. How did you know that Madam Diana's pulse was different?" Luo Puti asked, puzzled. 

"The traditional medicinal approach is all about observation, smell, inquiry, and touch. In this case, however, I diagnosed her by observing her Qi," Chen Xiaobei answered calmly.

"My goodness. You're truly talented! I still have so much more to learn compared to you. Shame on me, shame on me…" Elder Luo sighed.

The specialists still standing around could feel their jaw drop a little lower in disbelief. Chen Xiaobei was definitely the first to make Elder Luo claim inferiority, and their faces reddened as they recalled how they mocked the youth. How much they wanted to look for a hole to hide right then!

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