Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms Chapter 463: Body With A Special Pulse

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Chen Xiaobei was already too late - not that Elder Luo would have listened anyway.

The other doctors rolled their eyes at him.

"Brat! Are you right in your mind? You can't shout at Elder Luo when he's treating a patient!"

"That's right! Other acupuncturists would stand in attention like school kids when Elder Lao lectures at Traditional Doctor a.s.sociation seminars!"

"Teenagers nowadays are too d.a.m.n arrogant!"

With Elder Luo's tremendous reputation in the field of medicine, he would have no shortage of fans and boot-lickers. Every doctor in the room now criticized Chen Xiaobei for being a p.r.i.c.k, with Jiang Zihua the cunning dean the most vocal among them.

"Xiaobei, are you sure? My grandpa would never treat a patient if he isn't confident enough to cure them…" Luo Puti was aware of how good Chen Xiaobei was, but she trusted her grandfather as much too. Not all acupuncturists were universally acknowledged as the best in the entire country after all.

Chen Xiaobei started to explain himself when he was interrupted.

Tom, who had been staring at Luo Puti l.u.s.tfully, flashed a rather revolting smile at her. "Pretty lady," he said. "You don't have to mind what that fool just said. Even a foreigner like me has heard your grandfather before. I really believe your grandfather could definitely cure Madam Diana…"


As if on cue, Madam Diana groaned in pain before Tom could finish. Her pale face quickly turned red, and then purple.

"What… How… This isn't what I expected?" Elder Luo was shocked.

"F*ck you! I have the same question as well. What the h.e.l.l is going on right now? Old f.u.c.k, weren't you supposed to be the best doctor in this country? I'll f.u.c.king break your hands if something bad happens to Madam Diana!"

Suddenly, the air froze in the room. All those doctors were stunned.

'Did Elder Luo just give out the wrong treatment?'

How was that even possible?

Meanwhile, Luo Puti was beside herself with worry over her grandfather. She kept her eye on Tom too because it was very likely that the foreigner would hurt the old man, which was why she insisted on following Elder Luo to the hospital in the first place.

Tom actually had a record of abusing his position as Madam Diana's bodyguard to play thug in the country. He has dealt great hurt to many, but his victims tend to drop all charges to the outside pressure. Madam Diana owned one of the largest companies in Europe after all - many Chinese nationals treated her like a deity whenever she came to invest. None who were in their right minds would mess with them.

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