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Poseidon's frail body was flung into the air, spinning so many circles that he turned a total of 1800 degrees before landing perfectly on the desk, face-first.

"s.h.i.+t!" Huangfu Lengshan and Cangjin Gu were still frozen, unable to figure out how Chen Xiaobei broke his restraints. The damage was already done before they realized what happened.

However, the youth was not satisfied. He quickly charged up to Poseidon, grabbed him by his hair and started to unleash his legendary slaps on him.

"That's for spying against our country!"

"That's for using the Heart Burning Pill to control the Six Doors Organization!"

"That's for using hostages to threaten my country to acquire the Super Material!"

"That's for trying to start another war!"

"Lastly, that's is for acting so in my face! Keep saying that you're a legendary genius! I dare you! I double dare you!!"

Chen Xiaobei may have said 'lastly', but there was no sign of him stopping. Still, though he was using just 1% of his strength, Poseidon might still die since his health was only three!

"Chen Xiaobei…Stop it…Let Master Poseidon go!"

Huangfu Lengshan and Cangjin Gu could only look on despite their power. None of them could bear the consequences if Poseidon was killed! 

As his bodyguard, Canjin Gu knew Poseidon's importance. j.a.pan's technology, intelligence, special forces, and many other foundations of the country would tumble without him. As for Huangfu who was still affected the Heart Burning Pill, there would be n.o.body left to supply him with the antidote. 

In short, Cangji Gu and Huangfu Lengshan would be lost without the old man! And yet they could not lift a finger against Chen Xiaobei as long as Poseidon was in his "care".

"Mr. Chen is a genius!" Wu Tianhe looked on in disbelief. He believed the game to be over as Poseidon prepared to hypnotized Chen Xiaobei, but the youth had completely turned the tables on the old man!


Poseidon spat out a pool of blood "Please… Don't slap me anymore…" he pleaded. "I'm going to die if you keep this up… Sob… Sob…"

"Are you in any position to make a bargain?" Chen Xiaobei said haughtily.

"Uhm…" Poseidon's body shook with fear. He shut up immediately.

"Xiao'er!" Chen Xiaobei called, and a golden flash streaked towards Wu Tianhe and freed him as well. Everyone gaped as the same phenomenon recurred!

And what the h.e.l.l is a Xiao'er? All of them save for Chen Xiaobei was left baffled as they struggled to figure out what that golden light was.

"Thank you, Mr. Chen, for saving my life again!" Wu Tianhe praised as he ran towards the younger man.

"Chen Xiaobei! Release Master Poseidon or I'll turn you into mincemeat!" Huangfu Lengshan said darkly "Wu Tianhe knows how I deal with enemies. Just ask him!"

Wu Tianhe gulped at Huangfu Lengshan 's threat. He was genuinely afraid of his former leader.


Chen Xiaobei, however, responded with another smack on Poseidon!

"Ouch… Stop slapping me… Stop slapping me please…" Poseidon's face was split open - streams of evil dark purple blood started to gush out from it like a broken faucet. He was in pure agony!

"Please. I really want to see how a pile of s.h.i.+t plans to make me suffer!" Chen Xiaobei glared at Huangfu darkly in return.

"Huangfu Lengshan! You idiot! Are you trying to kill me?" Poseidon yelled through his broken face. "Apologize to Mr. Chen right now or you will never get the antidote for the Heart Burning Pill!"

"I…" Huangfu Lengshan was really frustrated. He was the chief inspector of the Six Doors Organization, the brains of a nation and a Halfstep True Nirvana elite. There was no way he would apologize to a lowlife like Chen Xiaobei!

"Idiot! Why are you just standing there?" Poseidon screamed fearfully, afraid that Chen Xiaobei might slap him again.

"Mr. Chen, I'm really sorry." Huangfu's face turned black.


Chen Xiaobei landed another hit on Poseidon.

"Argh… Huangfu Lengshan! What kind of att.i.tude is that?" Poseidon squealed. "Apologize to Mr. Chen properly or I'll drag you along to my death!"

Huanghu Lengshan gritted his teeth. He had no choice but to squeeze a fake smile and say gently but audibly: "I'm really sorry, Chen Xiaobei! I'm sorry that I have offended you!"

"Get lost! You disgust me!" Chen Xiaobei was really disgusted by traitors like Huangfu Lengshan - a sc.u.mbag who was no different from Poseidon.

Huangfu Lengshan did not say another word and quickly moved aside immediately. How much he wanted to slice Chen Xiaobei into pieces right then!

"Mr. Chen, let's make a deal." Cangjin Gu tried his best to negotiate with a soothing tone. "I'll release you and Wu Tianhe if you let Master go. A fair trade, isn't it? Wouldn't things just go bad for both sides if this continues?"


Another slap landed on Poseidon's face.

Cangjin Gu was stunned. "I didn't say anything wrong, did I?" he exclaimed. "I was even being nice! Why would you slap Master for that?"

"Why am I the only one getting hurt? Sob…" Poseidon complained between tears.

Chen Xiaobei glared at Cangjin Gu darkly. "Do I need your permission to leave?"

Cangjin Gu gulped and considered the question for a while. "That… That's right?" He said gingerly. "Do you think you can leave without getting past Huangfu Lengshan and myself?"

"I see. Then do you believe I will kill Poseidon?" Chen Xiaobei grinned.

"What did you just say?" Cangjin Gu and Huangfu Lengshan were stunned; they thought that their ears may be playing tricks. In their minds, Chen Xiaobei would at most maim their Master. He would never bring himself to kill the old man and waste his one bargaining chip!

Even Poseidon had the same thought. That was the reason he never once begged for his life - he banked on the fact that Chen Xiaobei would never kill him.



Without a shred of hesitation, Chen Xiaobei snapped Poseidon's neck.

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