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"Alright, you should go now. Your wife is more important. You can come by anytime you want…"

Song got off Chen's body and put on her bathrobe. Chen was thrown. He could not react to that situation. Song turned away from Chen and headed to the mirror to combed her hair calmly. The aura of a mature woman filled the room immediately.

"Are you okay with that?" Chen looked at Song's pretty face and asked guiltily.

"I'm a married woman too. Why should I mind? Go now. I will give you my virginity, no matter what! No rus.h.!.+" Song smiled. She paused her hands and turned to face Chen.

"Alright. I will take my leave. Just call me if you need me." Chen tidied up himself and left the place.

At the moment Chen closed the door behind him, Song's smile gradually dissipated.

"Chen Xiaobei… Why didn't G.o.d sent you to me when I was in my prime…"

Dragon City; Six Doors Organization.

An evil plan was brewing inside the office of the chief inspector.

"Poseidon Master, Luo Puti has reached Green Vine City! If I'm not mistaken, she has found the person you demanded for!" The chief inspector said in a deep tone.

"What a f*cking traitor! She ruined the Emperor Yan's tomb incident! This time, we cannot let her bring the person that I want back to Dragon City!" Poseidon growled.

"Don't you worry! Master Poseidon! I have planned something in Green Vine City right after the tomb incident! I will be able to crush her completely when she has the person that you want with her!" the chief inspector said.

"Good job! I need to remind you one more time! Luo Puti has to be dead no matter what, and you must make sure the person I want lives!" Poseidon replied tonelessly. 

"Yes, sir! My plan is perfect! I will not allow any mistakes when I carry out my plan!"

The chief inspector tapped on his shoulder and said confidently.

"Great! I'm pretty confident of your capabilities! I know that you won't fail me after you promise me something! That is why you were given the t.i.tle of the General of Perfect Planning and the position of chief inspector at Six Doors Organization! I'm going to cut the c.r.a.p now! My cell phone will be turned on all the time! I'll be here waiting for your good news!"


Luo was in her professional attire today. She walked towards Chen from the exit of the airport with fast steps. Her b.r.e.a.s.t.s within her s.h.i.+rt were bouncing up and down. Her a.s.s was tightly wrapped in her black, short skirt. The curve was unreal! She did not wear her stockings today. That fair and smooth perfect skin tone was enough to capture a man's attention instantly. Countless of men in the area wanted to gouge out their eyes and stuck them on her body. However, the attention from all those men around her faded immediate, the next second. Their envy and hatred were all concentrated on Chen.

"Hubby. You are so on time. Have you been waiting for me for a long time?"

Luo held Chen's hand and said. Her voice was really sweet, and she even smiled at Chen. That scene murdered every men's heart around them.

"My pumpkin… Are you alright? Do you have a fever?"

Chen was shocked. That was his first time seeing Luo smiling so earnestly.

Looking at those envious stares, Chen thought, "What can you guys do about it? She's my wife! You guys can continue acting like a bunch of losers! Wahaha…"

"Don't just stand there and smile like an idiot! Wu Jiechao's second uncle is here! He will not let you off the hook easily if you don't act like a couple with me!"

"Eh?" Chen narrowed his gaze and saw three people in professional attire. The man in the middle looked like he was in his forties. He wore a suit and tie. Other than that, he was quite tall. He strode confidently towards them and he did not look friendly! That man should be the second uncle of Wu Jiechao. The man and woman walking at his sides should be in their thirties.

"Luo Puti, you should have waited until the a.s.signment is over before you come and meet your sweetheart! Why the h.e.l.l did you ask his guy to come here?" Wu Tianhe said coldly. He gave Chen a hostile stare.

"I'm the captain of this a.s.signment! I have all the right in this world to ask Chen to help us! Xiaobei, allow me to introduce them to you. This is the special inspector of Six Doors Organization; Wu Tianhe! These two are Bai Libin and Lin Yufei. Both of them are superior inspectors. They are here to complete the a.s.signment with me!"

Bai glared at Chen and snorted away.

Lin's att.i.tude was slightly better. She nodded at Chen but kept her lip sealed. As superior inspectors of Six Doors Organization, both of them were high in position and they were pretty powerful in terms of combat power too. That was why they were scorning Chen. Wu was also with them. Making friends with Chen would indirectly offend him.

Luo was promoted as a special inspector of Six Doors Organization. She was also the leader of the a.s.signment as well. However, her standing was not as strong as Wu Tianhe who had worked in Six Doors Organization for years. So, Bai and Lin still saw Wu as their leader but not Luo. Both of them were just obeying Luo, on the surface.

"Why did you look for this piece of garbage for help? We have plenty of resources at Six Doors Organization! Do you want me to a.s.sign some of the people from Qing Qu Faction to help us?" Wu barked

"Wu Tianhe! I hope you don't forget who the leader of this a.s.signment is!" Luo replied monotonously.

"Hmph! What a bold leader! Do you really think I would have followed you here if it's not for Cao Zhenyang?!" 

"You are free to leave if you don't like it! You have my permission!"

The t.i.tle of Ice Demon Queen was not to be messed around. Her stand and combat power were not as strong as Wu, but she would never back down when it came to critical moments.

"I don't think the both of you should argue anymore. We still have our a.s.signment in hand! Please find within yourself to make peace…" Lin interjected.

The atmosphere grew tense and Lin quickly stood up to this situation.

"s.h.i.+jie Luo, calm down. s.h.i.+xiong Wu has a pretty bad temper. You should know that by now."

The woman was Luo's senior. Perhaps seven to eight years older than Luo. However, the position in Six Doors Organization rules out the age factor. Thus, she was calling Luo her s.h.i.+jie.

"I feel like s.h.i.+xiong Wu is right about this garbage! How can he help us in this a.s.signment?" said Bai abruptly. 

"I disagree. After all, Mr. Chen defeated Wu Jiechao. It was not a good win, but a win none the less."

"Not a good win? He did not win at all! It's not considered winning when he used dirty tricks to defeat Wu Jiechao! This garbage would not be able to defeat Wu Jiechao when it comes to a real battle!"

Lin kept quiet. On the other hand, Wu Tianhe smirked. It was pretty obvious that they were slapping Luo's face as they mocked Chen. After all, they were a couple in front of them. A woman who chose to be together with garbage like Chen was not exactly that admirable.

When the atmosphere could not get any tenser, Chen broke the deafening silence, with an innocent smile on his face, "Bai Libin, right? Shall we have a friendly match? Just to test our strength."

Translator's note

1. s.h.i.+jie: Senior female fellow student or apprentice daughter (older than oneself) of one's teacher

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