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Those people knew the rules of Jianghu better than anyone else. All two hundred people did not have the guts to disobey the rules with Chen and Xiangyu looking over their shoulders. A few seconds later, they started to take out knives to carry out their own punishments. Fingers and hands littered the ground. Soon, the blood on the floor was enough to form a river. Finally, all two hundred of them redeemed themselves.

"There are two more criminals left!"

The Third Elder had purposely waited for all two hundred of them to carry out their punishments, before announcing the punishment of Gu and Qiu. 

"Qiu Hairui! Gu Chaozuo! Both of you have committed grave crimes! You guys disrespected your higher-ups, while inciting others to betray the faction! The punishment for the two of you is to be stabbed a thousand times! Everyone in the same faction has the opportunity to stab them!"

The Third Elder tossed away the paper after announcing their punishment. Then, the five old core members and Third Elder took out their short knives and walked towards them. These six old men might look harmless and nice, but they were the well respected and experienced elites in Jianghu. Thus, they did not have a single doubt and hesitation before stabbing Gu and Qiu. Then, they left their knives on their bodies without taking them out and walked away. There were three knives on each one of them. Blood spurted out from their wounds. Their screams of agony circulated in the room. Everyone was baffled by the elders' move. Why did they leave the knives behind?

"I understand now! Third Elder mentioned that those who are in the same faction has the chance to stab them! I think that Third Elder is giving us a chance to join the faction again!" The smart one in the group caught Third Elder's intention instantly. They walked over to Gu and Qiu, took out the knives and stabbed them again!

"Those who are in the same faction has the chance to stab them! Those who are in the same faction has the chance to stab them!"

Soon, everyone did the same. Finally, Gu and Qiu died from thousand stabs! Their physical bodies were completely destroyed.

"You guys can rejoin the faction since everyone took the knives and stabbed them! I have decided that we will look past every bad thing that you have done to our faction! I promise you that I will not come after you for your past mistakes! But, I want to make clear of something first! You will end up like and Gu and Qiu if you have the b.a.l.l.s to betray us again! I don't think that anyone here would wish to end up like Gu and Qiu, right?!"

"We will not betray the faction again! We will remember everything that happened today! We will not do stupid s.h.i.+t again!"

Everyone shouted loudly to indicate their stances. They were truly grateful that Third Elder was willing to accept them after everything that they did to the faction. Also, none of them would have the b.a.l.l.s to betray the faction again when Chen and Xiangyu stood over them.

All the other small factions in the room were stunned when they saw the strongest faction in Green Vine City prepared to rule the world again!

"Also, I have one last announcement to make!"

The Third Elder continued to say sternly, "I'm old now. Thus, I can't exactly lead the faction anymore! After some thorough consideration, I have decided to pa.s.s on my position to a young man!"

Everyone had their attention on Chen once Third Elder made the statement. Without any doubt, there was no one else who could replace Murong Tian as the underworld king of Green Vine City, except for Chen! Everyone should agree to that without any questions asked. However, the Third Elder made a decision that no one else expected!

He said in a deep voice, "From today onwards, Fire Boss will take over all my authority and responsibility! I hope that everyone here can work together with him!"

Everyone was shocked at first, but they soon understood the purpose of Third Elder making such a decision! The faction might be the most influential and powerful faction in Green Vine City but it had no influence in other places! Chen was more ambitious than that! He would never let a small faction in Green Vine City tied him down! Also, everyone in Jianghu knew that Chen was the boss of Fire Boss. When the Fire Boss becomes the kingpin of Green Vine City, Chen would be the one pulling the strings.

"We understand now! We will definitely work together with the Fire Boss! We will never betray the faction anymore!"

Everyone in the room had decided that they would serve the Fire Boss with all their hearts. Also, everyone was really envious of him at the same time. He had started off as a random gangster. Because of Chen, he had managed to make himself become the most powerful underworld kingpin in Green Vine City! That could be considered as a legendary tale to be told to the future generations!

Everything finally settled down. Then, he left the mess for the Fire Boss to clean up. And, he brought Wenyuan, Xiangyu, and Xiaoyao to the first-cla.s.s lounge of the cruise liner. The death of Gu and Qiu also marked the end of a chaotic era in Green Vine City.

The cruise finally reached the port at around midnight. There was no place for Xiangyu to stay; thus, he went home together with Chen. Other than that, Wenyuan did not have a place to stay as well. Thus, Xiaoyao decided to bring her home to stay with her.

The next morning…

Chen introduced Xiangyu to his parents. He told his parents that Xiangyu was the big brother of Yap. He had to stay with Chen for a few days because his house was under renovation. Both of them did not feel comfortable letting another stranger stay with them. But, Xiangyu looked like a man of justice. Thus, they felt like he was not a man with malicious intent. Also, they were too lazy to ask further questions about him. In the end, they allowed him to stay with them.

Chen summoned Yap after dealing with his parents. He asked, "Did anything happen when I wasn't here?"


Yap nodded, "Two useless came to your house. I killed them, and used the Body Dissolving Poison to destroy their bodies!" 

Chen was furious after hearing that from Yap. He said, "F*cking Meichuan Zhizhang! So, you tried to kill my parents when you failed to locate me! Just you wait! I'm coming to j.a.pan sooner or later to f*cking kill you!"

"Bro Bei, when are you planning to go to j.a.pan and kill him? I can make proper arrangements for you!" Yap said.

"No rush. Stay here and continue protecting my parents. I have some other small matters to attend to!" Chen waved his hands and said. After all, there was nothing much that Meichuan could do right now. Yap would kill all the weak who come after his parents.

He took out his cellphone to check on his Weibo. He still had six hundred thousand fans with him. They had not quit becoming Chen's fans, even after he spent all his merit points.

"It seems like the number of my fans will remain, as long as I don't do any bad stuff!" Chen said. Then, he calmed himself down and opened up his treasure chest. He was going to examine his new items.

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