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"Hold on. Let me teach Mr. Chen how to link his bank account to our system first." Qiu said.


The gorgeous and s.e.xy dealer walked over to Chen, bent down, and started to teach Chen where to download the application on his smartphone and how to use it. The s.e.xy American lady had a pair of humongous badahonkers! Not to mention those voluptuous buns! The curves on her body were unreal! 

"d.a.m.n son! I think this lady's zodiac sign is a cow! It's so fair and big!"

"What a perv!" Xiaoyao frowned and pouted angrily.

"I think Lady Murong is getting jealous over that dealer!" Third Elder chuckled.

"Getting jealous? How is this even possible? I will not get jealous of him unless the sun rises from the north side!" Xiaoyao snarled.

"Mr. Chen, everything is done. You can use your cellphone to bet later. The system will then make the necessary changes to your account after the round is completed! Good luck!" The blond dealer said with a smile on her face.

"This looks interesting!" Chen held his cellphone in his hand and said. Four avatars appeared on Chen's cellphone screen. There were numbers displayed under each avatar. Chen had nine hundred million. Qiu, Dongfang Hong, and Gu had three hundred million each. It was a total of what Chen had in his account right now.

Chen knew clearly that these three guys did not possess such huge amounts of money. It was pretty obvious that they had acquired it all from the members of Black Gang! It seemed like they intended to drain Chen's account dry.

"Hmph! My wealth is shrinking recently! I'm really happy that this bunch of r.e.t.a.r.ded fools is giving money to me today! I'm going to accept it gladly!" Chen laughed evilly inside his heart. To Chen, those three people were like dead pieces of meat on the board. He could do whatever he wanted to them. Undoubtedly, it was going to be a show!

"Everyone. Can I start giving out cards now?" The dealer asked.

"Su…" Qiu was interrupted when he wanted to say something.

"No! What are you guys going to play? I don't know anything about gambling…" Chen said innocently.

"Erm…" The dealer was getting slightly frustrated and impatient. She has never seen a newbie like Chen in the big casino in Las Vegas!

"We are going to play five-card stud!" Qiu said.

"Five-card stud? What the h.e.l.l is that? I have no idea how to play it!" Chen shook his head and said.

"Let's change it to Baccarat!"

"I don't know that as well!"

"How about Texas Poker?"


"You should know how to play Three Cards Poker!"


"Er… What do you want to play? We will follow you!" Qiu said, frustrated.

"Cat Fis.h.i.+ng Poker!" Chen raised his eyebrows and grinned like an innocent child.


All five hundred people in the casino fell to the ground after hearing Chen's suggestion.

Cat Fis.h.i.+ng Poker? That's a game for kids!

Four big bosses with hundreds of millions in their hands playing Cat Fis.h.i.+ng Poker was going to be a comedy sketch!

It looked like Chen's head had just got struck by a truck!

"I knew this a.s.shole Xiaobei is going to let us down! How can he be so when he knows nothing about gambling?! What an idiot! It seems like I'm the only that can help him right now!"

Xiaoyao frowned. She might speak poorly of Chen every time, but she actually worried for Chen all the time. She was planning to pull Chen away from the table as his girlfriend when Chen starts to lose money.

"I have never heard Bro Bei knowing how to gamble… I have no idea what is he thinking right now…" The Fire Boss said nervously. After that, Third Elder and the five old core members started to get worried as well. On the other hand, members of Black Gang were getting really hyped and excited because they knew Chen was going to lose money really soon! Most of them had chipped in everything they had to make the nine hundred million bet possible! Some of them had even borrowed money from others to be part of it! In other words, their wealth would be doubled when Chen started to lose money!

"Mr. Chen… Cat Fis.h.i.+ng Poker is not the kind of poker game we are going to play… Please change to another game…" Qiu said, on the verge of puking blood.

"I don't know any other poker games!" Chen shrugged.

Qiu was extremely furious. If it was not for Chen's nine hundred million, he would have jumped and attacked him!

"I have a suggestion!"

The dealer continued to say, "Let's play the simplest poker game of all time! Draw and compare! Black Spade Ace has the biggest value! Diamond Two has the smallest value! This game suit bosses like you guys! It ends pretty quickly too! What do you think about it, Mr. Chen?" 

"Alright! I'm definitely okay with it! My skill and size can definitely be compared to you Americans! What do you think about it?" Chen grinned wider.

The dealer said viciously and seductively, "I don't mind trying your skill and size if you can become the big winner tonight!"

"Hehe… Let's get on with it then! Start now!" Chen smiled normally.

"Alright!" The deal said and smiled confidently. She opened up a new packet of poker and started to shuffle the cards. The cards flew from her left to right hands like the special effects from movies! The most amazing part was that she never dropped a single card!


She placed all the shuffled on the table in a beautiful fan shape. Every single card had its corner shown. Without a doubt, the lady was definitely a highly skilled dealer!

"Mr. Chen, please place your bet first! This game is quite special! You have to place three bets to be compared with all three opponents!"

"You are the new player here. I will let you call the amount! But, I hope you can place a bigger bet! After all, we are all reputable people from Jianghu! You are going to embarra.s.s us if you place a small bet!"

"Chen Xiaobei! Place a big bet if you are a real man! Don't let me look down on you!" Dongfang Hong growled.

"Boss Dongfang, don't you worry. Mr. Chen is the richest man among all of us here! I think his bet should be higher than a hundred thousand!" Gu said with a smile on his face.

All three of them were trying to convince Chen to place a bigger bet. It seems like they were pretty sure they can win the game no matter what. It was pretty obvious that their source of confidence was from the dealer! Since that blonde was the high-level dealer from Las Vegas, she should be able to memorize all the cards that she shuffled. All she needed to do would be to signal them with her eyes.

"Mr. Chen, one hundred thousand is nothing to you! You don't have to be so stingy, right?" Qiu hastened.

"Stingy? I hate it when people say I'm stingy!"

Chen put on an angry face and bellowed with his dominating aura flowing out, "I'm going to bet nine hundred million this round! All in! I'm going to challenge you guys with everything that you have in your hands!"

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