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[Emperor Yan has just sent you a Red Envelope!]

"d.a.m.n! Emperor Yan just sent me a Red Envelope? Looks like he has been reunited with Queen Wen!" Chen grinned. He felt good helping a couple be together again.

"Why are you smiling there like an idiot?" Luo asked curiously.

"Nothing. My friend has just sent me a Red Envelope!"

Chen shrugged.

"I shall leave first. Just stay here and wait for the cavalry from Elder Cao to help you. Call me if you are terrified, and I shall tell you some stories."

"Just get the h.e.l.l out of here!" Luo rolled her eyes.

"Bye-bye!" Chen left the tomb happily. Chen put on his Nightstalker Outfit before leaving the tomb to make sure that no one could spot him. After that, Luo would tell the government that Bao Linshuang fell in combat. No one would follow up on the death of this junior inspector. There was no need for Chen to turn himself into Bao anymore!

Chen walked back to the car that he had parked few miles away from the tomb. He quickly took out his cellphone and s.n.a.t.c.hed the Red Envelope.


[Congratulations! You have s.n.a.t.c.hed a Red Envelope from Emperor Yan! You have received 70000 merit points! It has been stored in your treasure chest!]

"d.a.m.n! d.a.m.n! d.a.m.n!"

Chen was delighted. He could not believe what he saw.

"Seven… Seventy thousand merit points… This is insanely awesome!"


Emperor Yan: G.o.d Chen! Thank you so much for your help! I can finally reunite with my queen! This is a small token of appreciation from me! I hope you don't mind!"

Chen: This is a small gift? (Shocked) This gift is too valuable! It's not right for me to take it!

Recently, Chen had been working hard to save up merit points. Thus, he knew better than anyone that collecting merit points was not an easy task at all! If collecting merit points in the human realm was difficult enough, then, collecting merit points in the underworld realm should be even harder! Seventy thousand merit points could be all of Emperor Yan's saving over the course of hundreds of years!

Emperor Yan: No! G.o.d Chen, you must accept this gift! You have made my one and only wish come true! On behalf of Queen Wen and myself, your favor is priceless! I will feel awful if I don't repay you with all my merit points!

Chen: But… Merit points are very important to you guys as well! What are you guys going to do after giving all the merit points to me?

Emperor Yan: Don't you worry, G.o.d Chen. Queen Wen and I are not planning to train ourselves to become deities. Thus, merit points are not important to us at all!

Chen: You guys don't want to become deities? Are you guys planning to go through the reincarnation process?

Emperor Yan: Yes! Yanw.a.n.g mentioned that he would give face to you and promised us that he would make sure that Queen Wen and I grow up together and get married in our next lives! Finally, we can make up for the regret that we had while we were still alive!

Chen: We all have our own ambitions! I shall send my most genuine blessings to you guys. I wish that the both of you can grow old together! (Smiled)

Emperor Yan: Haha! Amen to that! This is exactly what Queen Wen and I wanted all the while!

Chen: Oh right! I have one more request… Do you mind if I use your body to let Xiangyu redeem his soul since you are going to be reincarnated soon?

Emperor Yan: Of course! You made possible for Queen Wen and me to be together again! I'm willing to let Xiangyu use my body!

Chen: Then, I shall thank you on behalf of Xiangyu!

Emperor Yan: You are most welcome! I'm learning a lot from G.o.d Chen as well!

Chen chatted with Emperor Yan for another short while. Not long after, Emperor Yan left to look for Yanw.a.n.g. On the other hand, Chen opened up his treasure chest and withdrew the merit points that he just received.


[Congratulation! You have received 70000 merit points! You are now a Philanthropist the Third!]


[Your current merit points are 322000. You need another 578000 merit points to go to next level! (Charm: 32200. Luck: 32200)]

"d.a.m.n! This is freaking awesome!" Chen shouted excitedly and happily.

Initially, he had thought he was going to take a long time to save up for another fifty thousand merit points. He never expected that Emperor Yan would give him seventy thousand merit points!

Chen had enough merit points to redeem Xiangyu's soul. He would also have some extra merit points after spending it on Xiangyu! All he needed was another eight thousand merit points to redeem Wenyuan's soul. Chen has gotten permission from Emperor Yan to use his body as well.

"I just received three good surprises in a day! Wahaha… " Chen was really happy. He could not stop smiling. All of a sudden, he received another surprise!


[You have done a good deed! You have received 8000 merit points!]


[Your current merit points are 330000. You need another 570000 to go to next level! (Charm: 33000. Luck: 33000)]

"d.a.m.n! What a coincidence! I was just thinking about it!" Chen was excited that he almost knocked his head on the car's roof. He could finally fulfill all his promises with this extra eight thousand merit points!

"Needless to say! These are the merit points earned from donating the money to North Mountain Hope Primary School! Flatboard Princess is so effective when it comes to doing things like this! I believe that she has just hired another construction team to finish the unfinished construction work. This is fantastic! Wahaha… "

One after another, good surprises kept on rolling in! Chen was overwhelmed with sheer happiness.

Five in the morning.

At the chief inspector's office at Six Doors Organization.

"Hahaha… "

A weird laughter could be heard from the other side of the phone. The person sounded like a robot after a unique device has processed his voice. This person was none other than the Poseidon!

"The sun is coming up real soon! I can't wait to see the b.l.o.o.d.y scene at the Emperor Yan's tomb!"

Poseidon laughed evilly.

"I want to see those decapitated heads all over the ground! I want to see those dead bodies stacked into a small mountain! The Chinese Jianghu is going to be doomed for a very long time! That scene is just too d.a.m.n beautiful! I'm getting too excited! I don't think I can sleep tonight!"


An e-mail was sent to the chief inspector's computer.

"Poseidon Master, I have just received an emergency message. Can I call you later?" The chief inspector asked politely.

"Emergency my a.s.s! What can be more important than the tomb incident?"

Poseidon laughed excitedly.

"I want you to send me the pictures from the tomb as soon as you receive updates from the war! Also, I want you to report the death toll to me every half an hour! My desire of seeing the Jianghu get destroyed is getting stronger and stronger!"

"Poseidon Master! Sir… Hold on, sir… "

The chief inspector was extremely shocked when he clicked open the e-mail.

"I have just received an email… It said that the tomb incident has already been solved… My superior asked me to call back all the Six Doors Organization officers that I have sent out… "

"What… What?! Solved?! How is this even possible?! You must be kidding me!! This is absolutely impossible!! No!!!"

Poseidon shouted hysterically.

On the side, the chief inspector could only imagine Poseidon puking blood at the side of the phone.

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