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Yanw.a.n.g: You are not paying these merit points to me. The is the law of nature. This is Karma! No one is allowed to break this balance!

Chen: Is there really no s.p.a.ce for negotiations?

Yanw.a.n.g: It's entirely non-negotiable. Even the Prime of Tongtian has to pay the full amount of merit points to save her.

Chen: Alright! I will send you the merit points!

"I don't care anymore. I will pay fifty thousand merit points to rescue her! I cannot let Queen Wen's soul get destroyed! This is not what I would do!" Chen thought. Then, he sent those merit points to Yanw.a.n.g immediately.


[You just spent some of your merit points! You have been downgraded to Philanthropist the Second! Your current merit points are 252000! You will need another 48000 merit points to go to next level! (Charm: 25200. Luck: 25200)]

"d.a.m.n it! I just leveled up not too long ago. Now, I've been downgraded…" Chen upset about it. He turned around and took a look at Queen Wen. Something miraculous was happening right in front of him. Her evil spirit outlook had disappeared completely. She turned into a lady in an ancient, traditional costume. Looks like Yanw.a.n.g works really fast.

"My… My sins have been washed off?! Oh my G.o.d! I'm no longer an evil spirit!"

Queen Wen was really happy and excited. He turned around and showed her grat.i.tude to Chen, "Young man! Thank you so much… Thank you… What is your name? I need to repay you this favor!"

"My name is Chen Xiaobei! Actually, I don't expect any payback at all!"

Chen smiled and blessed her, "Go with peace. Go and look for your lover. He is waiting for you in the underworld realm!"

"Yes! He is there waiting for me! I know it…"

Queen Wen put on a happy smile, and she slowly disappeared in front of Chen. After that, Chen did a simple bit of clean-up work. He put the Demonic Dragon Blade, Emperor Yan's Unwavering Body Fortifying Skill Book and Emperor Yan's body inside his treasure chest. He ran off to get a Copper Soldier that was in excellent condition. Chen dressed him in the Emperor's outfit to play as the fake Emperor Yan.

Chen did not touch the jewelry around him as well. According to Luo's plan, Chen had to have witnesses and evidence to calm the whole thing down.

Those five factions around Green Vine Province would serve as witnesses for the incident. And, the jewelry around Chen would serve as the evidence for this incident. After all. Chen had already pocketed the most valuable treasure in this tomb. He could not care less about those menial riches around him.

"Okay… I think it's time to wake Luo up. I need to discuss with her on how to fool the others perfectly." Chen grinned and looked at Luo. Luo woke up immediately after Chen pressed on a couple of Luo's acupuncture points.

Right after that, she was extremely shocked and baffled at the same time. She could not figure out how Chen had managed to defeat all those opponents that were stronger than him! The most shocking part was that Chen did not even bear a single scratch on his body!

Luo found it hard to believe it hence Chen had to make up something to calm Luo down. Then, both of them started to discuss the matter.

It was three in the morning, but the light in the Elder Han's office in the town hall was still turned on. He looked really anxious and nervous. He could not find the guts in him to draw in a deep breath.

"Another Emergency… Another Emergency… And another Emergency again…"

Cao Zhenyang was holding a special cellphone. He kept on showing all kind of updates to Elder Cao.

"The chain reaction from Emperor Yan's tomb incident has created terrifying circ.u.mstances! All the big and small factions from Jianghu have started to make a move to travel to Green Vine Province! Thing is going to get really ugly, once the war is triggered!"

Cao Zhenyang was nervous as well. He was looking at Elder Cao in hopes for an answer to this situation.

"The storm has arrived… It is impossible for us to stop it…" Elder Cao kept on shaking his head. He was always calm, yet he could not just sit down quietly anymore. All he could do right then was to wander about in the office.

"Elder Cao… Forgive me for speaking out my mind…"

Elder Han asked fearfully, "Six Doors Organization, Thunder Kirin, and all the other special departments have started to take actions. Isn't it enough to stop the war?"

Elder Cao shook his head and said, "You are not in the Jianghu. You have no idea how serious this matter is! Special departments can only exert pressure on certain parts of this matter. When it comes to the whole Jianghu, none of the efforts from those special departments would matter anymore! Plus, it is really hard to put pressure on those top factions in Jianghu as well!"

"If that's the case… Tonight… Should be the silent night before the storm hits us…" The twenty thousand combat power Cao Zhenyang gulped. He was extremely nervous. There was fear in his eyes.

"Will there be a miracle?" Elder Han clenched his fist. Cold sweat was dripping down from the inside of his palm.

"Miracle… I don't think it's possible at all…" Elder Han sighed and said.


Elder Cao's cell phone rang. He took a look at it and saw that Chen was calling him. Initially, Elder Cao wanted to drop it. However, when he thought of the gift that Chen has given him, he decided to pick up the call out of politeness.

"Mr. Chen. I'm really occupied right now. I will contact you again the other day!" Elder Cao said in a deep voice.

"Elder Cao! Listen to me first!"

Chen went straight to the message he wanted to deliver, "The Emperor Yan's tomb incident is solved!"

"What?! How is this even possible?"

Elder Cao was extremely shocked when Chen told him about it.

"I have already handed the keys to opening the tomb to the senior inspector of Six Doors Organization; Luo Puti! She has taken over the tomb!"

Chen continued to tell Elder Cao his plan, "Now, you need to send in the cavalry to help her! Also, announce to the whole Jianghu that the government has officially taken over this incident! Tell them there are no secret skill books inside the tomb as well! I think that these facts should be able to calm the whole Jianghu down!"


Elder Cao was stunned. Then, he asked doubtfully, "Even though Luo Puti has taken over the tomb, no one will trust the statements that are released by the government!"

Chen quickly said, "Don't worry. There are five factions from Green Vine Province standing outside the tomb right now! You have around five hundred witnesses! They are all from Jianghu! Soon, they will spread the news to everyone! In the end, the whole Jianghu will believe what you are about to tell them!"

"Great! This is great! Mr. Chen! You have done something big this time! I would like to thank you on behalf of our country!" Elder Cao was so happy and excited that he literally jumped up from his seat. Cao Zhenyang and Elder Han were shocked.

"Elder Cao… I think that there is some misunderstanding here…"

Chen continued to say calmly, "All thanks to Luo Puti this time. She is the one who came up with this plan! You guys should really reward her! I'm just the messenger!"

"Okay! I understand! I will definitely reward Inspector Luo abundantly! Thank you so much for calling me as well! This call has saved tens of thousands of lives!" Elder Cao sighed. With that, he could finally relax.

Inside the tomb.

Luo looked at Chen and said guiltily, "You are the one that solved this matter! I didn't do anything at all! And I'm supposed to take all your merits…"

"I don't really care about the fame and merit! I'm a low-profile kind of guy! Hehe…"

Chen smiled and continued to say, "You go ahead and take all the merits. You have to make sure that I and Murong Xiaoyao will be safe and sound! The true happiness is that everyone is still alive after this incident!"


Chen's cell phone rang all of a sudden. It was a message from the Red Envelope chat group.

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