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It was a bronze mirror that ancient women used for makeup. Its design was rather average. There was rust all over it as well. There was nothing special about it at all.

"Is this what you call treasure?" Long simple took a look at it and said condescendingly.

"This item has not been recorded in history… I'm not too sure about it as well… But, it was placed under the left palm of Emperor Yan… Thus, I think it was pretty important…"

Old Tortoise flipped the mirror around and said, "There is a line of words behind the mirror!"

"Read it out," Long said condescendingly.

"I'm the king. My glory did not last long. It all fell in one night. I'm the king, and I have the world in my hands! Unfortunately, my lover and I are in different worlds. There's no one to enjoy it with, even though I have the world with me. I would rather give up everything to see my lover again!" Old Tortoise felt touch after reading it.

He narrowed and said, "If I'm not mistaken, this item should have been a love token from Emperor Yan to his Queen Wen! Queen Wen suffered from illness all her life! She died from her illness right after she crowned as queen. According to the history, Emperor Yan missed his queen so much that he suicided!"

Everyone was stunned after hearing Old Tortoise's words.

Chen sighed and said, "I never thought that Emperor Yan was such a sentimental man! He would rather give up everything that he had just to be with his lover… It was no wonder the powerful Yan Dynasty fell so quickly…"

"He might not be a good king, but he was definitely a good man!" Luo pursed her lips and said. She summarized the life of Emperor Yan in one sentence.

"Hmph! I thought this Emperor Yan was some kind of legendary character! In the end, he is just another piece of stupid useless s.h.i.+t!"

Long continued to say arrogantly, "Women are just toys! Swap for another when you get bored of your old one! It's no big deal! Such a r.e.t.a.r.ded move! How could he die for his woman?!"

Long s.n.a.t.c.hed the mirror and threw it on the ground after he finished what he wanted to say. He grinned coldly, "A man has to be ruthless and merciless if he wants to get to the top of the mountain! With this, my achievement is far greater than this stupid king!"

"What a piece of s.h.i.+t!"

Chen and Luo scolded Long at the same time, "Us, humans are no different from animals if we are cold-blooded!"


At the same time, the evil spirit came out with a loud and terrifying roar. A human face was overlapped with the scary evil spirit face! It was a really beautiful female face. There was something else. The spirit was fading in and out of existence. It was... In pain. 

"Eh? I didn't expect this evil spirit's true ident.i.ty to be Queen Wen!"

Old Tortoise squinted, sighed and said, "Emperor Yan suicided and went to h.e.l.l. Queen Wen turned into evil spirit because of her stubbornness. In the end, both of them are still in different worlds! This fate thing is obviously toying with them…"

"That's why I said they are stupid! Hahaha…" Long did not show any sympathy towards their misfortune at all. On the contrary, he started to laugh mockingly at them. He was definitely a cold-blooded animal!

"Puti! Let me go! I want to save Queen Wen! Soon, she will be completely destroyed!" Chen said with determination.

"I know how you feel right now! But, I cannot let you die just like that!" Luo still refused to let Chen go.

"Then, I should apologize in advance!"

Chen extended his hands to Luo and pressed on the back of Luo's neck. The next second, Luo's True Qi was completely gone, and she could not muster any strength anymore. She fell into a coma immediately after.

"Not only do I want to help the dead in war! I must return the favor to living persons as well!"

Chen leaped charged at Long with his black saber. He was really touched by the love story of Emperor Yan and his queen. Emperor Yan was the ancestor of Murong Xiaoyao. Queen Wen was the ancestor of Wenyuan! A jade seal and a safety jade pendant symbolized the promises that Chen had made earlier. Chen would definitely stick to his promise, no matter what. It was what a normal human being should do! The principles of a true man! A true man should never be afraid of war. Chen would rather die in the war rather than retreat.

"Eh? Bao Linshuang!"

Long locked on to Chen and said shouted viciously, "I was thinking about where to look for you! Motherf*cker, you had the b.a.l.l.s to show up! I will change my name if I fail to torture and kill you today!"

"Come at me!!!" Chen shouted angrily.

He was arrogant!

He was wild!

His blood was boiling, and he thirsted for the combat between him and Long. The only thing that he thought of was; he would never rest until Long dies!

"Motherf*cker! I think that kid has lost his d.a.m.n mind! Judging by his movement speed, his combat power is only half of our master! Our master can definitely kill him easily!"

"That's right! This is the reality we all live in! Does that kid think he can kill someone that is more powerful than him like the characters in web novels? Dream on!" Two of the members of Hundred Beasts faction looked at Chen condescendingly like Chen was some kind of mentally impaired guy.

Five thousand and seven hundred combat power versus twelve thousand combat power did make Chen looked like a crazy guy.

"Master! Be careful!" Old Tortoise reminded.


Chen tossed out the white power in his hand. Since Chen could never defeat Long in terms of combat power, he had to come up with some witty strategy to win in this battle.

"Hmph! Same s.h.i.+t! Do you really think I will fall into the same trap a second time?! Too naïve!" Long said condescendingly. Long quickly slapped the air with his palm and a gust of wind that was made of True Qi was created. It blew away all the white powder. Long remained untouched!

"Sword! Go!" Chen roared all of a sudden.


A black shadow rushed towards Long after the white powder was blown away. It was Chen's Chaos Sword Essence that had been imbued with Dragon Force! The Black Dragon was aiming at Long's heart!

"Eh? s.h.i.+t!"

Long's reaction changed all of a sudden. He had thought Chen was going to use his old trick again. He would have never expected Chen to use the white powder to distract him. The real fatal attack was finally going to show its true self! Within those split seconds, Long still could never figure what the thing that charged at him was. All he could do was to use all his strength to dodge the attack.


The black shadow pa.s.sed through Long and blood dyed the air. In the end, Long had still failed to dodge the attack. The black shadow pierced through his right arm. Luckily, he was quick enough to maneuver his body, if not it would have penetrated through his heart instead of his arm!

"This… What the h.e.l.l just happened?!!" Long shouted hysterically. 

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