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Demonic Fox had chosen the best time to attack Chen. She tossed two Shurikens at Chen while Chen was distracted. Once it hits, Chen will be hurt badly, even it does not kill him. Unfortunately, Demonic Fox had underestimated Chen.


He used Lightning Steps to turn around and caught the Shurikens with his bare hands successfully. It was as if Chen had the sight behind him! 

"This woman! Why are you so willing to kill me? Then, I'm not going to show mercy to you anymore!" Chen looked at Demonic Fox and charged at her with his extreme speed.

"Copper Clam! Save me!"

Demonic Fox a shadow silhouette came in like a flash. She knew that it was impossible for her to dodge the attack! On the other hand, Copper Clam decided not to do anything about it. Even, if he does go and save Demonic Fox, it was impossible for him to catch up with Chen.

"This ends here! Get out of my sight if you don't want your partner die here!"

Chen was already standing behind Demonic Fox with the sharp end of a Shuriken placed on her neck; all to threatened Copper Clam.

"Hehe…Do you really think that you can threaten me with her? Too naïve!"

Copper Clam laughed condescendingly and placed his arms and feet on the ground again.



Through inhaling and exhaling, Copper Clam's stomach bloated up again. He had no intention of retreating at all! On the contrary, he was planning to attack Chen for the second time with his Thunder Strike!

"Copper Clam! You motherf*cker! You really don't care about me, do you?!" Demonic Fox was panicking. She knew clearly that Chen was not those kinds of men who will fall for a woman's attractive physical appearance! He will not show mercy to his enemies, no matter how beautiful the enemy is!

"Why should I care about you?"

Copper Clam laughed coldly and said, "You joined Hundred Beasts Faction for less than a year! I don't see you as my comrade at all!"

"No member from Hundred Beasts Faction is allowed to kill another member of Hundred Beasts Faction! This is the iron rule! What are you going to tell our leader if you kill me today!" Demonic Fox said nervously.

"Hehe…It seems like you don't know our leader well at all!"

Copper Clam grinned before he continued.

"He is a paranoid freak! Your fate was sealed when he got suspicious of you! He is the one who asked me follow you! Also, he told me to kill you if I find you acting weird! I don't need to tell him anything after I kill you!"

"This…" Demonic Fox was lost at words. Sadness was written all over her face. She never expected not to gain any trust from the leader at all. It has been one year ever since she became an undercover in the Hundred Beasts Faction.

"But, I'm loyal to Hundred Beasts Faction! Last night I went to Chen's house to poison him, and here I am now with you now to work together to kill Chen! Do you really think my loyalty is fake?" Demonic Fox was trying her best to defend herself. However, her face was filled with fear before she could finish defending herself.

"I will decide whether your loyalty is fake or real!"

Copper Clam shouted and charged at Chen and Demonic Fox like a meteor.

"Little Fox! I really pity you. But, we are enemies! Best of luck to you!"

Chen decided to give up on Demonic Fox when he realized that he had failed to threaten Copper Clam. He quickly used Lightning Step to dodge Copper Clam's attack.


Demonic Fox screamed desperately. Naturally, she became the target of Copper Clam after Chen left her there! Her body will suffer tremendous damage if Copper Clam managed to even touch her. 



Chen tossed two Shurikens at Copper Clam while retreating with Lightning Step.



The Shurikens were deflected off Copper Clam when it came in contact with his head. His skin was as hard as metal! There were only two small dots on his head. His skin was not even scratched.

The legendary Golden Bell Iron Skin could stop bullets and knives. It seems like, that was no longer a false claim! Although Copper Clam had not reached that kind of level, his incredibly strong thick health pool can guarantee him victory in this battle.

"Little Fox, this is all I can do to help you!" Chen sighed. He was already standing few meters away from Copper Clam, but Demonic Fox was still standing there, petrified. She would have wanted to dodge Copper Clam's attack as well, but her response and speed were not fast enough to allow her to do so!

"No! My plan has not even started yet…I can't die here…" Demonic Fox wailed desperately. There was a secret mission that she had to complete. If she completes it, she will be able to stand at the top of the world! She would not want to die without achieving anything.


The sound of a sword unsheathing could be heard prominently at that very critical moment.

"There's a powerful elite here!"

Chen and Copper Clam shouted at the same time. They turned to the side and saw a person in black charging towards them. No one could see his face because he was moving faster than their eyes could trace! All they could see was the long sword that he held. The sword's edge was three fingers wide and it was three meters long! The back of the sword was similar to a Chinese sword. But, this is not a Chinese sword. It was a Katana! The specialty of j.a.pan!

The light reflected from the sword like a silver phantom haunting the night!

"Who the h.e.l.l are you? Stop!"

Copper Clam screamed as he saw the person was charging towards him with the Katana. Copper Clam had a huge body and he was flying in the mid-air as well. It was impossible for him to dodge the attack. Undeniably, the person in black had chosen the best time to attack Copper Clam. The hit will surely kill Copper Clam!


[Cultivation: Middle phase of Qi refining stage, Health: 8000, Combat power: 8000!]

Chen activated his Netherspirit Battlescouter to scan the person in black.

"His combat power is not too powerful…"

Chen frowned and said disappointedly, "This slash can only hurt Copper Clam a little even if he manages to hit him…"

"I will be saved!"

Demonic Fox was really happy and excited. The look of complete despair was replaced with utter jubilant.

"Why is this woman so happy? It's not like that slash can kill Copper Clam..." Chen sighed.


Chen was extremely shocked the next moment. He could not believe what he just saw!


The Katana whistled through the air and it slashed through Copper Clam. His thick waist had been split open! The body of ten thousand health was split in two!!!

Oh, G.o.d!

That was too d.a.m.n terrifying!

Everything that had happened in front of Chen was not what he had expected. It was no wonder that he was in extreme shock.

"Mr. Shantian! Thank you for saving me! Why are you here?! I thought that I was going to die!"

Demonic Fox shouted happily with fluent j.a.panese. She then ran towards the person with the Katana.




At the same time, a few SUVs arrived at the scene as well. Over twenty to thirty people came down from the cars and surrounded the area.

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