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"We won!!!! We won!!!!"

"What a great surprise! Our Ms. Lin defeated that j.a.panese guy with only one hit!"

"I did not expect that at all! I'm impressed! Ms. Lin, you are so cool!" 

"Awesome! That means that the final score is 3-0! j.a.panese team did not win anything at all! What a great feeling!"

"The j.a.panese team has lost all the friendly matches! Nice! Awesome!"

Everyone was cheering in excitement. Before this, none of them expected Lin to actually win this compet.i.tion! The happiness and excitement of the unexpected victory was way better than the feeling of expected victory! The audiences' blood was boiling. All of them used all their strength to cheer for Lin. However, only one person mattered to Lin right now. That person was none other than Chen!

Lin knew clearly that Chen was the one that helped her to win this compet.i.tion. Without Chen, she would have been tortured by her opponent on the stage. Defeating the opponent in one hit would have been a dream.


Chen sent a flying kiss to Lin and winked at her publicly.


Lin easily gets shy. Her face was burning hot at that moment. She quickly ran down the stage and went into the changing room.

"Guangdian Xiaocilang! b.i.t.c.h Wong! It seems like we just got the result of our bet! I think it's time to fulfill the promises!"

Chen stop smiling and stared at Meichuan and Wong coldly. Both of them were still in shock. Chen destroyed the plan that they thought would bring them victory. They have lost, completely.

Instant kill!

This result made them reconsider the lives that they lived. Everything that they planned out earlier was not working at all.

"Chen Xiaobei…You should give me some face…After all, I'm the boss of Meichuan Organization…Also, I'm representing j.a.pan in this friendly visitation…You can't slap me…" Meichuan gulped. He was extremely fearful of Chen.

He had seen how powerful Chen was in the previous matches. He knew that even if he survives Chen's thirty slaps, he will turn into a r.e.t.a.r.d for the rest of his life.

"I don't care about your status at all! It has nothing to do with me! That friendly visitation is complete bulls.h.i.+t! I don't think that you are friendly at all!"

Chen continued to say coldly, "Save your voice…I would still slap you thirty times even if you convince me for three days! This is a benefit that you insisted on getting just now!"


Meichuan was completely freaked out. He wanted to slap himself two times for making a stupid decision earlier. Initially, Chen had wanted to bet with only three slaps, but Meichuan had insisted on changing it to thirty slaps. He so regretted the decision that he made.

"Wong! You b.i.t.c.h! Don't you dare run away from me!" Chen shouted. Wong had suddenly stood up and was running towards the exit. That Wong Jianren can be considered to be Chen's loyal slapping bag. Two days ago, he got slapped by Chen. His face was swollen, and bandages were still wrapped around his face. He will definitely die this time if he doesn't run away from Chen.

"Let me deal with that traitor first! Then, I will come back for you!"

Chen looked at Meichuan and ran towards the exit to go after Wong.

"No…Please don't come near me!"

Wong ran as fast as possible. Unfortunately, he can never outrun Chen.


Chen appeared in front of him and threw a kick at his fat belly. Wong went flying to the wall. He felt as if his stomach was going to explode anytime soon. He couldn't even stand up anymore. There were stars circling on his head.

"Please! Try to run away from again! I dare you!"

Chen walked to him and picked him up with one hand. Then, Chen used his other hand to start slapping Wong.

"Why did you betray our country? Why do you want to lick Meichuan's boots? Are you proud of what you did? I really hate traitors like you ever since I was a kid!"

Chen landed slap after slap on his face. It was really satisfying for Chen.


Wong was screaming in agony. His face was already swollen in the beginning. Now, his face was even more swollen. A stream of warm and red blood flowed out from his mouth like a waterfall. Then, he finally fainted after taking ten slaps from Chen.

"Don't think I will stop slapping you after you pa.s.s out!"

Chen did not stop. He continued to slap Wong until it reached thirty slaps. Then, he threw Wong aside and went back for Meichuan. Chen was not afraid of Wong doing anything bad to him, since he still possessed the s.e.x tape of him and the Four Golden Flowers!

Unfortunately, Meichuan was already long gone when Chen returned to the VIP seat.

"I will remember this! You can never outrun me! I will find you and slap you thirty times!" Chen raised his eyebrows and said in a powerful tone. After that, Chen went and cheerfully looked for Lin.

On the other hand, Lin was actually pretty smart. She went to the back door to wait for Chen to avoid those hyped up students.


Lin was shocked all of a sudden. Her waist was wrapped by a pair of strong arms. Once she felt the strength and the warm of those arms, her shock was completely gone.

"Do you want to die? We are not supposed to act intimately in school compound…" Lin pursed her lips and said. However, a soft and warm kiss landed on her lips when she turned around.

This bold guy was none other than Chen Xiaobei!


Lin's body went soft and fell into Chen's embrace. After a long and nice smooching session, Chen finally let her go.

"You…You are getting worse…"

Lin's lips were slightly swollen. She was exhaling hot air from her mouth. Also, her face had turned really red, and fragrant sweat had started to flow down her delicate and gorgeous face.

"Women always love the bad guy…"

Chen laughed and continued to say, "You promised me earlier that you will reward me if you win this compet.i.tion. Are you going to break your promise?"

"You were hugging me for ten minutes plus…That was the reward…" Lin said shyly.

"That is not considered as a reward. At most, that was just foreplay."

Chen raised his eyebrows and smiled evilly, "We should go to the hotel to celebrate this victory!"

"Mmmhmm! You are so bad!" Lin's face got even redder!

Women always voice out the opposite of their heart's desire. She was actually looking forward to making love with Chen. Every time, she would feel really comfortable and sensual whenever she does physically intimately stuff with Chen. She simply wanted more.


Chen's cell phone rang all of a sudden. It was Luo.

"d.a.m.n it! What a coincidence! I was so close this time… interrupted again this time before it even begins!"

Chen was really frustrated.

However, this was a special case. He can choose not to pick the call of others, but not Luo's. 

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