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"*sshole Xiaobei…Help me…"

Xiaoyao was completely freaking out. She couldn't exert any strength at all.

"Hehe…Who are you calling? Chen Xiaobei?"

Xiang said condescendingly, "Just shout…Make it as loud as possible…Shout as long as you want…I'm waiting for Chen Xiaobei to fall into my trap!"

"You…What do you mean by that?" Xiaoyao was stunned. Then, she stopped shouting out for Chen.

"Let me tell you something that you don't know! This time, you are Qiu's target, and my target is Chen Xiaobei!"

Xiang said calmly, "First, Chen Xiaobei destroyed Master Dongfang's b.a.l.l.s! Then, he asked the Fire Boss to claim several territories of Black Tiger Gang at the west and south side of the city! Boss Dongfang has put out a reward of eight million for those who can acquire Chen's head! I will make sure today will be his last day on earth if he dares to come here and rescue you!"


Murong said, "You bunch of trash are not worth becoming Chen's opponents! He can destroy all of you with only his fingers!"

Most of the people didn't know what Chen is capable of, but Xiaoyao knew Chen's true power better anyone here!

"Hehe…Let's make a bet here since you have so much confidence in this Chen Xiaobei!"

Xiang laughed evilly and said mockingly, "Let's say, I place a knife near your neck. Do you think Chen Xiaobei will choose to destroy us or choose to surrender to save you?"

"You…What a shameless b.a.s.t.a.r.d! How dare you use me to threaten Chen?" Xiaoyao was shocked. Her confidence towards Chen was greatly reduced. At the same time, she felt incredibly guilty as well. It was all because she had refused to listen to Chen's advice earlier. This was how she fell into the enemies' trap and became a hostage. She kept imagining all kind of bad things happening to Chen.

"No! Please don't come! *sshole Xiaobei! You must not come!"

Xiaoyao shook her head. She did not want anything bad to happen to Chen because of the impulsive decision that she made earlier.

"Someone is there!" Xiang shouted alertly.

Everyone quickly turned their heads around to see what was going on. They saw Chen walking towards them slowly. His movement speed was extremely slow, and his face looked really stern.

"*sshole Xiaobei! Don't come here! It's a setup…Run now…Just leave me…"

Xiaoyao screamed. Her beautiful eyes turned red immediately. She was actually a very kind girl even though she can be quite hot-tempered sometimes or even make impulsive decisions, from time to time.

She wanted to take responsibility for what she had done. She didn't want to drag Chen into her problems as well.

"Two of you, place a knife on her neck now!"

Xiang ordered and walked towards Chen. He laughed evilly, "Hahaha…Chen Xiaobei! I didn't expect you to have the b.a.l.l.s to come here at all!"

Chen did not respond to him. All he did was stand at his spot quietly.


Xiang laughed coldly, "I thought that you are all mighty and powerful? What happened to you now? Don't even dare to fart? I know! You are afraid and worried that I might kill Murong Xiaoyao! Right? Kneel down in front of me right now!"


Chen bent his knees without any hesitation and knelt down in front of Xiang.

"d.a.m.n! The legendary Chen Xiaobei is no more than a coward! This is getting boring! It's not challenging at all!"

Xiang shouted, "Pa.s.s me a knife! I want to chop off this eight million bounty personally! Hahaha…"

"No! Please don't do this…Chen Xiaobei! Get up now! Are you still a man?! I don't want you to save me! Just get up now!!!" Xiaoyao was shouting hysterically. Tears even started to roll down from her eyes.

"Stop shouting! It's all too late now!"

Xiang lifted the big knife to the air and swung it at Chen's head.


Chen's head fell on the ground.

"Chen Xiaobei!!!"

Xiaoyao screamed hysterically. Her body started to shake uncontrollably as well.

"It's all my fault! I was arrogant! I did not listen to your advice! I was such a crazy b.i.t.c.h for making such an impulsive decision! My princess complex is getting more and more serious, day by day…It's my fault that you are dead now! I want to die with you!"

Xiaoyao moved her neck closer to the knife. She wanted to kill herself right now.

"Lady! Are you crazy?!"

Both of the gangsters who were supposed to guard her were shocked. Qiu wanted Xiaoyao to be alive. They would not dare to let her die now. They managed to remove their knives from her throat in the nick of time.

Right at that moment, two ice-cold hands clamped down on their necks!



Two bone cracking crispy sounds penetrated the air. Those two guys' necks were broken by brute force! They died instantly!

"Something it's not right! Why is there no blood on Chen's body?"

"His head is gone, but there's no blood coming out from his body at all!"

"This is just too bizarre…"

All the people had their attention on the headless body. Their hearts and souls were so shocked that they did not realize that the real Chen was standing among them!

"Idiots! I'm right here!"

An ice-cold voice came right behind Xiaoyao.

"Chen Xiaobei?! Why are you here?! Oh, my G.o.d…Ghost…"

All of them were spooked when they turned around and saw Chen. The ones with smaller guts almost peed their pants. Then, they turned around to check on Chen's body. The body was gone!

What the h.e.l.l?!

This had to be some kind of supernatural incident! 


Xiaoyao was so happy and excited when she saw Chen still alive and kicking! Chen was like some kind Divine Soldier who had descended right from heaven to rescue her! Two enemies were killed within a second. She felt as if she had just ascended from h.e.l.l to heaven. There were no words to describe her feelings right now.

"Don't be afraid. I'm here now!"

Chen squated down, patted Xiaoyao's head, and consoled her, "Are you alright? I was worried that something might go wrong while trying to rescue you. That is why I came up with this strategy."

"That…What's with that body?" Xiaoyao bit her lips and asked.

"That is one of the magical items that I own. You will not understand even if I tell you about it." Chen smiled mysteriously.

Most of us would have guessed it by now. That item was the Monkey Fur of Prosperity! Chen wanted to distract the enemies first before he proceeded on to rescue Xiaoyao.

"It's all my fault…I was arrogant and impulsive! I'm sorry that you have to use one of your precious magical items to rescue me…" Xiaoyao pursed her lips and said guiltily.

"Pumpkin…This is not your fault…"

Chen said gently, "It's your kindness that blinded you. It's your sense of justice that made you act impulsively. It would be wrong if you did not act on it after you heard about the deaths of the kid and Secretary Wong!"

"Is…Really?" Xiaoyao blinked and looked at Chen confusingly.

"Yes! I mean it! Seeking for justice is not wrong! Being cold-blooded is wrong!"

Chen smiled and said, "Don't overthink it! Acting based on her principles is the Flatboard Princess that I know!"

"Psst! I'm not flat! You are flat!" Xiaoyao pursed her lips and lowered her head and continued to say in a soft voice, "*sshole Xiaobei…You can be really sweet and nice…"

"Your *ss is good!"

Xiang shouted angrily, "We are still here! We are not dead yet! Don't you dare ignore us and start getting hanky panky in front of us!"

Chen stared at them coldly and said calmly, "There's no need to rush…You guys will be dead soon anyway…"

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