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"That's right! That imperial jade seal contained the biggest secret of the Murong Family. My dad took those two monks to get the replica one!"

Then, Xiaoyao continued to say, "I will bring you to the real deal when you reach the Qi refining stage. Before that, it's not necessary for you to know so much about it."

"Alright. I think I can reach the Qi refining stage pretty soon. We will talk more when I reach that breakthrough," Chen nodded and said.

"Pretty soon? You must be kidding me!"

Xiaoyao opened her pretty eyes wide and pouted, "Do you know how long it took for my dad to reach Qi refining stage from the pinnacle stage of physical phase? Ten freaking years! Don't think that breaking through is an easy job! If it's so easy, then, the whole world would already be filled with Jianghu elites!"

"Just wait and see," Chen shrugged and said confidently.

Of course, he wouldn't tell Xiaoyao about the Red Envelope group. Everything was possible with the help of the group of members of Red Envelope group. Also, Chen's Sifu is the Prime of Tongtian. Reaching a breakthrough would be as easy as pie.

After that, two of them went back to the ballroom to see the guests off. Although there were two monks who came in and disturbed the flow of the charity dinner, it still ended perfectly. The total donation for the night was forty million. They could use it to organize more charity events. The owners.h.i.+p of the Hearty Lake Island had also been decided. Thus, Chen was not worried about things going south. Also, the peach advertis.e.m.e.nt was a huge success. It managed to create an impact in peoples' hearts. Now, all of them are calling it the First Love Peach. The product will definitely go crazy when it hits the market.

Most of the people from the upper-cla.s.s society paid their respects to Chen. They even took the initiative to get to know Chen. Other than that, the well-respected Han Xiannian had asked for Chen's number as well.

On the other hand, Xiaoyao did record Chen's singing performance. She would upload it to the official website of the charity foundation. There, people can share the video if they wanted to do so. Chen uploaded the video to his Weibo immediately, as well. He was busy sending the guests away. Thus, he did not have time to check on the comments. It was eleven at night when everything was finally settled. Chen went home for a good rest after that.

Chen slept really well that night. But, someone else was having a hard time sleeping.

At the headquarter of Six Doors organization that was located in Dragon City, the man who led the whole organization was sitting in his office, and in the middle of a phone call. A man with a distorted voice was on the other side of the phone. He sounded like a robot.

Then, he asked, "I heard that the people from Golden Dragon Temple went to Green Vine City."

"Yes, Master Poseidon!"

The chief inspector of the Six Doors organization said in a deep voice, "According to the latest intel, they brought a Jianghu member called Murong Tian back to their temple.

"Is there anything special about this man; Murong Tian?" Poseidon asked with his robotic voice.

"About that…We are still investigating it. We will quickly get back to you once we receive any news!" the chief inspector said.

"Okay…Six Doors organization is specialized in Jianghu matters. I believe that you will be able to get a hold of the information."

Poseidon paused and changed the topic, "Back to some serious matters. Did the shark that you sent to Green Vine City manage to detect the smell of her prey? Erm…I remember her being called Luo Puti."

"There's no progress at the moment…That incident happened twenty years ago. It's really hard to find a person with limited leads…" The chief inspector said.

"No, don't you realize that the shark that you appointed at Green Vine City comes back with a pathetic amount of information every d*mn time? She did not even tell us about the people from Golden Dragon Temple coming to Green Vine City," Poseidon said in a deep voice.

"Are you saying that she might have betrayed us?"

The chief inspector said in shock, "But, she is currently affected by the poison of Heart Burning Pill. She will die miserably if she ever betrays us…also, their Luo family's dream will never be achieved…"

"You Chinese have a saying; one must always keep one's guard up."

Then Poseidon continued to say, "Send another shark to Green Vine City. Send the shark there under the guise of bringing more Heart Burning Pills. Test her loyalty. If she fails, I think you'll know what to do about it!"

"Yes…I do!" The chief inspector nodded.

There's a mountain called the Hundred Beast Mountain located at the outskirt of Dragon City. The atmosphere was rather intense over there. A group of people was gathered at the ancient cla.s.sical Hundred Beasts Arena, ready to get down the mountain over the night. A man who wore a white robe and white shoes stood in front of the team with his head high up and said, "I never thought that the mail that Wen Tiandou sent to me before he died is real!"

"Mail? Master, I thought we are going to avenge Blood Dove this time?" Someone on the team asked.

"We will definitely avenge Blood Dove. But, this mail is much more important than that!"

The man with white robe put on a greedy face and said, "Wen Tiandou mentioned in the mail that if we can get the Wen family's heirloom; Green Jade of Wellness and Murong Family's Yan Dynasty Imperial Jade Seal, then, we will be able to open the door to great treasures!"

"d.a.m.n! How is this possible? This is not a d.a.m.n movie!" Someone in the team asked doubtfully.

"I don't believe in the beginning as well. Tonight, Sky Dove informed me that someone from Golden Dragon Temple took away Murong Tian and the Yan Dynasty Imperial Jade Seal that had been kept inside his hall of collection."

The white robe guy said excitedly, "This is more than enough to prove the authenticity of Wen's mail! He mentioned that as long as we can protect his son well, then, we will be able to get our hands on the Green Jade of Wellness!"

"Such trust!"

"Even if we can't win the battle against the Golden Dragon Temple, we can still sell the green jade at a good price!"

"What a good-for-nothing idiot! This matter is not settled yet! What if our master gets his hands on the imperial jade seal as well?"

"That's right! Our master will definitely get his hands on all the treasure!"

"Master, you can definitely bring glory to the name; Imperious Dragon! We will become the legends of the Hundred Beast Faction!"

All of them started to lick master's boots when one of them initiated the boot licking compet.i.tion.

The white robe guy did enjoy his boots getting licked by so many people.

He grinned and said, "Me, as the Imperious Dragon must acquire all these treasures! I will become the Jianghu legend! I will walk to the pinnacle of my life! Hahaha…"

Next morning, as usual, Chen woke and brushed his teeth and fed Xiaobai and Sky Wolf Heavenly Pet Food. Then, he went and enjoyed the breakfast prepared by his mom. Everything went by really smoothly. However, Chen did not realize the hidden wave that had moved in Jianghu last night. Also, he never expected the song that he had performed last night to make him extremely famous.


Chen almost spat out the soy milk that he drank when he took a look at his Weibo.

"Oh my G.o.d! Is there something wrong with my eyes?!"

Chen held his phone and counted the figure for a few times. He shouted shockingly, "d.a.m.n! I have an extra three hundred thousand fans! This is incredible!"

Chen was in shock. It took a long time for his Weibo to reach one hundred and fifty thousand fans. But, this time, the number of his fans had doubled overnight! How can he not be shocked about it!

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