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[Cultivation: Middle stage of Qi refining, Health: 8000, Combat power: 8000]

"d.a.m.n! This big monk is so powerful!"

Chen was really impressed.




At the same time, Murong Tian and the monk had already executed hundreds of skills against each other. Their hands were blurs in the air. Several punches were exchanged within each second! Chen had three thousand combat power, but it was still hard for him to pay attention to their punches with his naked eyes. Also, their strength was beyond powerful! The Qi that oozed out from them clouded the air. The concrete floor beneath them started to crack as well.

"This is just too d.a.m.n powerful…If only I possessed this kind of power…That would be awesome…"

Chen's blood was boiling within his body. He figured out that a powerful person would definitely gain a lot of respect in this world. Also, no one will be able to bully him if he is powerful enough. By that time, he would be able to put everything under his control.

He knew that he is definitely not powerful enough currently, because he couldn't even open a door. To others, Chen might have reached the top of the world, but Chem himself knew better than anyone that his journey had just begun. The world was so big and there was a long way to go for him. Only the most powerful person is allowed to stand at the top of the world. Power is the only stepping stone that will aid a person in conquering the world!

"I must become stronger! I must…"

Chen was really determined. The fire was burning in his heart. He now hungered for more power to fuel the fire inside his heart.

"Brother, you have lost!"

The monk spoke all of a sudden.

There was a huge gap of combat power between Murong Tian and the monk. Thus, the result of this battle was set even before the battle begun. The purpose of him challenging Murong Tian was to test his skill. Now, the monk was going to get serious.


The sound was as loud as roaring thunder. The monk's punch landed on Murong Tian's chest. He was tossed for quite a bit of distance when the immense force struck his body.



A mouthful of blood gushed out from Murong Tian's mouth. He couldn't even stand up after the strong blow. One powerful punch, and the five thousand combat powered Murong Tian was completely defeated.

"Brother…You were a Kungfu prodigy! Unfortunately, you wasted your time in this ordinary society. Follow us back, and don't make the same mistake again!"

The monk put his palms together and said calmly. 

"Alright…I will follow you guys back to the temple…can I give this to my daughter?"

Murong Tian sighed and took out the sandalwood beads from his wrist.

The monk took the sandalwood beads, walked towards the entrance, and asked, "Sifu…"

"Just leave it…" The old monk said calmly.

"I have already decided to leave everything behind…Chen Xiaobei will take my place and take care of my daughter. I won't have to worry anymore…" Murong Tian wiped off the trickle of blood at the corner of his mouth. His eyes were filled with hope.

"Who is Chen Xiaobei?"

The old and young monk gave Murong Tian shocked stares at the same time.

"He's a n.o.body for now. *Cough…* But, he will definitely shake the whole Jianghu in the future!" Murong Tian said seriously.

"Hmph! I thought that he was some kind of prodigy or superstar of some faction! Only a n.o.body! It's impossible for him to shake the whole of Jianghu! Hehe…" The young monk laughed coldly.

"It's okay if you don't believe in me right now…Brother…Just wait and see!" Murong Tian laughed as well.


The door was kicked open by Murong Xiaoyao. However, the rooftop was already empty.

"They have left…"

Chen picked up the sandalwood beads from the floor and delivered it to Murong Xiaoyao. Murong's hair was slightly messy due to the strong wind. Her eyes were red and wet. However, she did not allow the tears to roll down her face. All she did was to stare at the north direction. Chen did the same as well. He did not say anything to Xiaoyao.

After some time, Xiaoyao pouted and asked, "*sshole Xiaobei, if someday I decide to rescue my dad, would you help me?"

"Yes," Chen answered.

"You liar! You did not even think about it!" Xiaoyao frowned and said.

"Why would I need to lie to you?"

Chen smiled and said, "Look, you have poured out your heart for the foundation! I don't think you realize how much you have done for the foundation! I don't think my charity foundation will be set up at all if you did not help me from the very beginning. Thus, I will definitely help you!"

Xiaoyao felt warmth inside her heart after hearing Chen's words.

Then, she pursed her lips and asked, "Do I have any weaknesses?"

"Erm…Are you sure you want to know about it?" Chen scratched his nose.

"Yes…You can tell me about it…I will change." Xiaoyao said seriously.

"Then, I will tell you now."

Chen started to spill the words non-stop, "You are a savage! Naughty! Stubborn! Proud! Selfis.h.!.+ Arrogant! Temperamental! Violent! Abusive!"

"Are you done?!" Xiaoyao's voice turned cold all of a sudden.

She was happy just now. Now, she wanted to kill Chen!

"Am I really that bad?!"

"Last thing…I won't say it…" Chen gulped and took a glance at her b.o.o.bies.

"You f*cking *sshole! I will kill you now!"

She knew what Chen was going to say. She couldn't hold herself anymore. Then, she lifted her fists and charged at Chen. Two of them spent some time fooling around on the rooftop. After some time, they finally stop. She managed to put the worries behind her mind. Actually, she did prepare herself earlier that her dad was going to leave her someday. So, she managed to pull herself out from the emotional burden promptly.

"I still have to continue to live my life! In fact, I want to live it better! When I'm powerful enough, I will definitely save my father! It's a must!!!"

Murong Xiaoyao stood at the side of the rooftop and shouted at the starry sky. Her gorgeous face was filled with hope and suns.h.i.+ne.

"Do you still want this sandalwood bead?? I will take possession of it if you don't want it," Chen asked with a smile on his face.

"You can keep it. Dad left this for you," Xiaoyao said.


Chen was shocked.

Then, he said uncertainly, "I think this is a farewell gift from your dad!"

"Stupid! My dad knew that this day was coming for him. Thus, he had already said his goodbyes to me a long time back!"

Then, Xiaoyao continued to say, "This sandalwood bead is a key. It can be used to unlock the door to the Yan Dynasty Imperial Jade Seal! I will lead you to it once you reach the Qi refining stage. If not, you won't be able to protect it!"

"Yan Dynasty…Imperial Jade Seal…"

Chen remembered that he first saw the Yan Dynasty Imperial Jade Seal at the antique showcase that was being held at Murong Tian's mansion.

"Is it the forbidden item that the monk mentioned earlier, that can bring a b.l.o.o.d.y war upon the Jianghu?" Chen gulped.

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