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The audience couldn't understand Zoolingualism but they had a pair of eyes to see what's going on in the fighting ring. Everyone had their eyes wide opened the next second. A weird and bizarre scene shocked every single audience to the core! Hundreds of piranhas floated on the surface of the water after hearing Xiaobai's command. A few seconds later, the surface of the water was completely occupied by them.

"This water is so smelly!" Xiaobai put a cold shoulder and said. Then, he went into the b.l.o.o.d.y Pool while stepping on those piranhas. None of them dared to move while Xiaobai was on their bodies. Especially the four big piranhas that Xiaobai stepped on in the middle of the b.l.o.o.d.y Pool. Their faces were filled with fear. There was not even a single bubble coming out from their mouth. They were afraid that Xiaobai might be upset by them.

Other than Chen and Sirius, everyone else was shocked to death. They have never thought that the whole challenge could take such a bizarre turn. Their eyes were wide opened. It was as big as cow's eyes. Their mouths were wide enough to fit a fist. Everyone was speechless. There were no words that could describe how they felt right now.

"Xiao Zhe, let's do the countdown now. Don't mention to me about me taking advantage of you later! We follow the old rules! Three minutes!"

Chen grinned and said happily, "Easy ten million! Easy money! Hehehe…"


Xiao Zhe almost spat a warm mouthful of blood.

"Kid! This is cheating!"

Liu gritted and stared at Chen furiously, "This is definitely cheating! What kind of sorcery is this?! How can the cat still breathe in b.l.o.o.d.y Pool?!"

"Don't be a shameless b.a.s.t.a.r.d, please! You are more than happy to take the money when you win but you are accusing me of cheating when you lose!"

Then, Chen said condescendingly, "How the h.e.l.l am I going to cheat in a challenge like this? You can try it! And, if you succeed, I will transfer ten million to you without any hesitation!"


Liu looked at Chen and had nothing to counter Chen's remark. Initially, the b.l.o.o.d.y Pool was designed to be a guaranteed win challenge. No one was supposed to beat this challenge. Even Liu and Xiao had no idea on how to win in this absurd challenge. They never thought of Xiaobai will use those piranhas as stepping stones to complete the challenge.

"Speechless now?"

Chen's face turned dark and said, "Pay me now if you have nothing to say! Don't try to renege a promise in front of six hundred audiences!"


Liu and Xiao's faces turned green immediately. This awkward situation was exactly the same as what that happened earlier! They were giving all their hard-earned savings to Chen for more than ten years if they decide to pay him. It's worse than killing them! On the other hand, their credential will be destroyed if they refuse to pay Chen. Their customers will not go back to them anymore. In the end, they will be forced to close down this money tree!

These two options were equally painful!

"I will pay you the money! But, I want to do one last bet with you!" Xiao Zhe finally made a decision half a minute later. It was pretty obvious that he didn't want to pay Chen nor close down the colosseum. The only way to these problems is set up one last betting with Chen. He will be able to win back everything that he had lost to Chen earlier with this one last bet! Xiaozhe had made up his mind. Then, he proceeded to transfer the money to Chen.

Chen quickly used his cellphone to check his bank account. He had forty million in the beginning. After two winning bets, a whopping twenty million was added to his bank account. It was extremely satisfying by just looking at the figures.

"I don't think you have any money left with you! What are you going to use to bet with me?"

Chen put away his cellphone and said, "I don't think your house or cars are worth twenty million! It's impossible for you to win back the twenty million!"

"No! I want to put fifty million into this bet this time! Do you have the b.a.l.l.s to do it?"

Xiao's voice was deep and low. Both of his eyes were blood red and his face looked really angry. It was as if he wanted to eat Chen alive!

"Hehe…Bold move!"

Chen raised his eyebrows and said calmly, "I can transfer fifty million to your system right now! Can you come out with something worth fifty million? I will continue this bet with if you have it with you now!"

"Hold on!"

Xiao Zhe gritted and ran out.

"Bro Xiao! I think you should put more thought into it…" Liu wanted to stop Xiao from making such irrational decision. Thus, he ran out to catch on with Xiao.

"Bro Liu, don't try to stop me from making this decision! This is the only way to get back everything that we lost just now!" Xiao said with determination.

"It sounds really rewarding. But, have you thought of the consequences if we lose the second match?" Liu frowned and asked.

"Lose? Do you really think that kid can win the Tiger Cage challenge?" Xiao asked rhetorically.

"Well, Tiger Cage is our ultimate weapon…I have to say that kid is too d.a.m.n bizarre! Did you see how he complete the b.l.o.o.d.y Pool challenge just now? What if…What if he manages to complete the Tiger Cage challenge as well?" Liu frowned and he was looking worried.

"Bro Liu! You are a gang leader! Don't get all worried with me right now!"

Xiao checked his surrounding to make sure no one is listening to them. Then, he said, "We will kill him if he forced our hand! At most, we will fight him to the death!"

"You mean…I understand now! Let me make some arrangements now!"

Liu realized the thing that Xiao told him and he put on a vicious look. A few minutes later, Xiao Zhe went back to Chen with an old but well-kept doc.u.ment bag.

"What is this?" Chen asked excitedly.

"This old doc.u.ment bag contains the land deed of this island!"

Xiao Zhe said seriously, "This island is our Xiao Family's most valuable property! Its value is around fifty million!"

"Ah…Land deed!"

Chen was delighted when he heard about it.


This is some good stuff! The perimeter of this island is really big. It could be used to do all kind of things with proper planning. With water surrounding it, this can be good private, personal paradise. No matter how rich you are in Green Vine City, it's impossible to buy a land like this! He never thought that Xiao will use the land deed of this island as a tool of betting.

This is definitely a golden opportunity! Chen was in a euphoric state right now. If Xiao did not take out the land deed of this island, Chen will not get to own this island even if he kills Xiao. Things changed when he beats Xiao in front of six hundred people! The whole island will become Chen's property without any questions asked. Not even the government or other Xiao family members would have the right to touch this land!

"Alright! Bring me the land deed! I will transfer fifty million into your system!" Chen had s.h.i.+t tonnes of money inside his bank account, thus, he said it without any hesitation. 

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