Wife is Outrageous: His Evil Highness Comes Knocking Chapter 153

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[153] Eyes filled with envy.

Want, want! She wanted very much!

Qi Luoer shouted in her heart. However, what came out of her mouth was: "You…… you're not afraid I'm a spy from the demonic sect?" 1 at first Luoer used ni, which is the informal form of you, but then switched it to nin, the formal (respectful) form of you

Yun Hua stared at her, his voice indifferent, "I never doubted you."

Qi Luoer seemed to have suffered a blow to the stomach as her eyes started to turn red.

She hadn't cried just now when she was being misunderstood by everybody, but now, she just couldn't stop the tears from coming out.

Tears made her sight fuzzy. She placed her hand into Yun Hua's and slowly kneeled down.

"Disciple Qi Luoer kowtows to shifu!"

Yun Hua nodded, "As my discipe, today you'll officially join Ziyun Sect's 219th generation of disciples, you must not only look to kill those of the demonic sect, and train for immortality; I only hope that you will love all under the heavens, have mercy for all living things, display strength and discipline, act with a clear conscience……"

Qi Luoer repeatedly nodded, "Disciple obeys!"

Yun Hua lowered his head to look at her. Her eyelashes were long and drooping, like a layer of curtain, slightly trembling with a layer of mist.

Her beautiful face was filled with sincerity.

He nodded, "Good. Pack your things and follow me back to Floating Cloud Palace 2 Yun Fu Palace ."

At first, the mutters in the hall were very quiet, but then grew louder and louder until it became an uproar.

Li Yu was very happy. He originally couldn't bear such a waste of talent and wanted to take Qi Luoer as his own disciple, but didn't expect that although he couldn't, his own shifu would.

Now Qi Luoer was even his Junior Apprentice Sister 3 junior female student of the same teacher . it was truly unexpected.

Ling Xuzi waved his sleeves, got up, and said, "Junior Apprentice Brother , your disciple is naturally your own to manage," before walking away with long strides.

As he left, Li Chongzi and Ye Lingfei followed behind him.

Li Chongzi looked at Yun Hua who could frighten humans and heaven before once more taking a look at Qi Luoer. Her eyes filled with envy, but in the end, she still left the hall unwillingly.

But as her close friend, Ye Lingfei was very glad. Her personality had always been a bit introverted so she smiled slightly at Qi Luoer before also leaving.

QI Luoer felt as if she was in a dream as she foolishly stood there. She really wanted to pinch herself to see if this really was a dream…..

Li Yu walked forward and smiled, "Luoer, now you are my little Junior Apprentice Sister ."

Qi Luoer was very moved as she nodded, "Li Senior Apprentice Brother 4 senior male fellow student of the same teacher , please treat me kindly in the future."

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