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After several minutes of walking, the town with the Half Moon Stone mine appeared in front of the three.

On an empty lot beside the town, three groups of people were confronting each other—two of the groups were from the Wizard Guild and the Potion Master Guild. It seemed like the leaders of the groups were important members from their organizations.

The guard from the tomb was also here.

Masha walked to the guard as they arrived at the scene.

"We're members of the Elemental Hand, leave now if you don't want to die!" Masha glanced at the three groups with a cold expression on her face.

Angele's face twitched after hearing Masha's word. He did not expect Masha to be so aggressive in front of two large organizations. He thought that Masha would ask about the situation first.

The three groups of people knew that things just got worse after hearing about the Elemental Hand.

"Elemental Hand? We're the official members of the Wizard Guild and the members of the Potion Master Guild are also here. Are you trying to threaten two of the largest organizations in the central continent? That's how the Elemental Hand handles the situation?" the leader of the group from the Wizard Guild responded.

Masha sneered, "Yeah, that's what we're doing. You can go report me to the elder council or the White City Alliance, I don't care. Wizard Guild and Potion Master Guild, huh? You're standing on the land of Elemental Hand and I have the right to expel you from the area!"

"You just told us to leave for no reason. I know your war just ended and I'm sure your organization is much weaker than before," a wizard interrupted.


Masha suddenly raised her hand and aimed at the wizard.

A twisted force field was released from her hand, turning into a translucent palm with a diameter of seven to eight meters.

People were all surprised, no one expected Masha's surprise attack.

Also, no one was fast enough to stop her.

The wizard patted his pouch anxiously and a yellow shadow that looked like a minotaur appeared beside him, creating a black energy barrier around his body... but that was all he could do.

The translucent palm hit the minotaur shadow hard.


The shadow was destroyed within half a second and it failed to stop the palm.

Only a pile of meat sauce was left at the wizard's original location and a small pool of blood was formed on the ground. Also, Angele could see a bloody red palm print beside the blood pool.

Narrowing her eyes, Masha lowered her hand and licked her lips. "I'll count to three, if you don't leave now, you know what will happen… One!"

The representatives of the two large organizations were not sure how they should react to the situation.


"Whatever! This is not between us anymore. I'll report the situation to the Wizard Guild!" The representative of Wizard Guild opened his mouth. "Let's go!"

"Same here, this won't end peacefully!" The representative of the Potion Master Guild was enraged, he turned around and left.

Only one group of people was still there after the members of two large organizations left.

Masha's sight fell upon the last group of people.

"What're you waiting for? You know what you should do, right?"

"We… we'll leave now!" their leader shouted in fear.

Masha nodded with a satisfied look on face. She watched those wizards disappear into the forest.

She drew a rune in the air and red mist rose from the ground. It seemed like the mist would block the tracking spells of other wizards.

Masha turned around and looked at Angele after everything was done.

"Angele, do you have anything to say? I already made things easier for them as we still need to sign the contract. Usually, the thieves who steal the Half Moon Stone from our organization will be killed." Masha probably noticed that Angele was surprised at what she did but she was just following the rules.

There was a bitter smile on Angele's face. "Master Masha, I have nothing to say. You did the right thing." Although Angele still thought the woman was overdoing it, he decided to keep his opinion to himself.

Angele knew that Elemental Hand was famous for its aggressive way of handling things and it seemed like the rumors were all true.

Masha smiled. "How should we share the Half Moon Stone in the mine? I'll take half and you can take the rest, what do you think?"


"Let's just do that," Masha interrupted. "I'll inform the Watchers that half of the resource in the mine will be counted as yours. Alright, let's get back to the investigation."

"Sure." It seemed like Masha just took the mine and shared the resource with Angele generously. The half moon stones Angele acquired could be exchanged for more than 1000 crystal cards since there was more demand than supply in the market.

Masha shared the treasure with Angele because he was the only son of Vivian.

It seemed like the guard was not concerned as he did not say anything. Masha told him to get someone from the city to take care of the mine.

Angele followed Masha back to the tomb and returned to the stone chamber.

Food and drinks were delivered to them by the guards. They investigated the tomb for four days. The complicated magic circle set up by the experts was activated and strange red lines appeared above it.

The three experts observed the lines for two days, but they did not find any valuable information.

The traces were either overwritten or removed by an unknown force field and it was impossible for them to continue the investigation.

Masha decided to return to the city with the team and report the situation to the person sent by the headquarters.

Three days later…

In the evening.

It was deadly silent in the area around the tomb.

A dark shadow stepped out of the bushes—it was Angele, he came back after everything settled down.

He slowly walked to the tomb. A glowing purple rune circle appeared when he was about ten meters away from the entrance, illuminating Angele's black boots.

Blue light dots flashed in front of Angele's eyes; he advanced as he drew several red runes in the air. The purple rune circle was not activated as Angele walked through it.

Angele stood in front of the empty entrance of the tomb several minutes later.

The purple rune circle replaced the guards after the second investigation.

Angele glanced at the ground, crouched, and released some red light from his right hand.

A column of blue footprints appeared on the ground under the red light.

'Someone is one step ahead of me.' Angele shook his head and stood up. During the investigation, he noticed something strange in the tomb—it was related to the strange magic circle he'd found in the Nightmare Realm. He decided to explore the tomb alone as the magic circle had to be kept as a secret. However, it seemed like someone also found that out.

Angele lowered his body and entered the tomb.

The blue footprints were getting clearer and clearer under the red light—they led straight into the tomb.

Angele tapped on the pouch and a thin layer of translucent barrier appeared around his body. He then took out a black object that looked like an oil lamp and removed its lid.

Some black smoke spurted out of the lamp and merged into the darkness.

It was one of the strongest enchanted items he'd purchased from the market.

Angele had more than enough mentality to support two enchanted items and the talent abilities. After advancing to rank 3, he could control three different abilities at the same time.

He purchased a high-level enchanted item from the market after his mentality reached the standard. Although it was not a magic device, it could still block more than 100 degrees of damage for him.

Angele recorded the route using Zero during the investigation and he had no problem finding the way. However, it seemed like he and the blue footprints were moving to the same destination.

Angele knew something like this might happen after he detected the strange movement at the corner of the stone chamber.

Suddenly, intense waves appeared on the scorpion's barrier when he was trying to advance without making too much noise.

"Long time no see, Green, did you miss me?" A familiar female voice echoed in Angele's ears.

A sexy and mysterious woman appeared behind Angele. She was wearing a silky black dress, with long red hair reaching her waist. There was a pair of long silk gloves on her hands and a silver lightning-shaped badge on her chest. The woman did not change at all.

"Real air… feels so good…" The woman inhaled deeply and she looked satisfied. "It has been years since the last time I inhaled real air… I almost forgot how it feels…"

"Henn?" Angele was surprised, he quickly turned around. "When did you merge with the Thousand Shadow Orb? I thought you were not allowed to leave that thing."

"It's fine… here… in this tomb… I can feel the power that can help me move freely…" A gentle smile appeared on Henn's face. "Do you really think I want to share the life with you? Everything I did was for my own freedom."

Angele narrowed his eyes as he was not prepared for this sudden development. "So, there's something that'll aid you in this tomb? I only knew something was wrong with the place."

"Let's just keep advancing…" Henn was not speaking like a crazy old woman after absorbing the Thousand Shadow Orb, she jumped into Angele's body before Angele could say anything else.


They became one again.

A strange glow flashed in Angele's eyes. He turned around and started moving again.

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