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Even though Wild Dog was merely 10 meters away from Zi which was within his attack range, he acted completely like a crumbling stray dog; wagging his tail as he scurried away while howling in grief. His confidence, fighting spirit, and courage had utterly crumbled in the face of Zi's terrifying offense!!

Wild Dog believed that if he approached her again, he would undoubtedly die!!!

By now, the members of both parties had noticed the ruckus here.

Skull was marching with large strides to receive Wild Dog. As he proceeded through the passageway, he witnessed his subordinate scampering towards him while howling in anguish.

"Save me, save me ahhhhh!!"

Seeing his invincible party leader, Wild Dog immediately cried out and lunged in as though worshiping his savior.

Except, in this exact instance, the diabolical black phantom claw viciously tightened around Wild Dog's neck again!

"NOOOOO!" Skull roared out with blazing eyes.

Wild Dog's eyes protrude out as his howls abruptly ceased; resembling that of snapping a chicken's neck.

A powerful destructive force smashed against his body and drained away all his vitality.....then, this formidable Growth-Hunter pitifully exploded in mid-air!!! His limbs and flesh splattered everywhere.

Right in Zeus and Skull's face.

"Jeje…." The evil laugh of a Sith demon filled the air. A wave of black mist drifted out from Wild Dog's splattered corpse and floated back to Zi, refilling her MP by a good portion.

Concurrently, Zi obtained the achievement point and option of drawing an equipment from slaying Wild Dog.

A second later, to Glory Party members' shock and fury, Zi's angry voice unexpectedly echoed in.

"Zeus, you actually violated our agreement! Didn't we say to lure these fools in and annihilate them together?"

When that sentence was issued, the members of Skull Party instantly developed a strong hostility towards Glory Party. After all, both parties were indisputably different, as swords were drawn and bows bent!

But at this moment, Zeus stepped forth and issued a deep voice to Skull.

"Although we are rivals, but Skull, you really think I would lower myself to such extent?"

A gloomy countenance covered Skull's face but he eventually nodded.

"I believe you."

The jittery atmosphere dissipated after the two party leaders reached a common consensus. In spite of that, the glaring cracks between the two became increasingly clear.

Finarsih abruptly coughed and spoke.

"I've probed out, beneath the walls is purely the mountain's body. To forcibly drill through over hundred meters of thickness, it isn't possible but requires time. Perhaps the lord Skull has a way?"

Skull coldly replied.

"My ability is only effective against metal."

Then, Judas muttered with a shady voice.

"This tunnel appears straight but is actually slightly bended. Hence, we can't see the exit of the tunnel while standing from this entrance, which indicates that we can't assault her with long-range firepower. To attack her, we have to enter her combat range. Strange...according to the information you supplied, ah, it seems her prowess vastly exceeds your estimates?"

Judas was a treacherous and sly brat. He downplayed his words but still served an underlying pressure to Glory Party, hinting at their faulty intelligence report. Besides, Skull Party was the one with a man down and suffered a great losses.

Zeus paused for a brief while before commanding.

"Sable, Fu Lyanna, you two will go. It is a narrow terrain without much space, numbers are futile and will only be smacked by Zi's 'Force Wall Collision'."

Actually in this group, adding a long-range gunman would be most suitable. Sadly, their long-range firepower team had suffered grave losses in this world already. Only America's public enemy, Aziz, could attack from more than a hundred meters away. The rest were mostly just shotgun or pistol users.

More crucially, Aziz wasn't even present.

He wasn't willing to enter this terrain with the members of Skull Party around.

The reason for his insistence, was his innate disposition as a low-profile but deadly sniper. If Skull Party were to harbor malicious intent, he would inevitably be first to go!

Aziz was a formidable yet intelligent man, a discretely recognized high ranker who almost sat in equal terms with Zeus. Without sufficient benefits, would he enter to risk it?

Furthermore, even if Aziz did enter this base, his arrogant personality definitely wouldn't allow him to gang up on a single woman like Zi.

Sable's scalp turned numb when he heard his name. Still, there was no other alternatives left for him, he couldn't not go! Zeus's goal of dispatching him was exceedingly clear, to be cannon fodder for Fu Lyanna.

In personal terms, Sable was originally one of the 'four heavenly generals' under Zi. Yet, he shamelessly betrayed her which led to more comrades dying.

In the overall perspective, Sable was a high-offense-low-defense, close combat fighter. Moreover, he just received a backlash of 25% attributes from mission failure.

If Zi didn't aim to kill him, then who?

Hence, while Sable was being assaulted, the Metals Professor, Fu Lyanna, would have room to display her might. In Zeus's mind, Fu Lyanna's capabilities, though incomparable to Zi, could still be considered near the same tier. Add in Sable, a Growth-Hunter, victory was ascertain!

Zeus was fully confident after contemplating over but remained apathetic with an unchanging expression. As for Sable's fate, a cripple whose attributes were shaved off by 25%, his potential was nearly exhausted and was now an insignificant being be it dead or alive.

Evidently, Fu Lyanna was slightly startled upon being chosen but quickly displayed her delight.

On the contrary, Sable's face exhibited an ashen despair. Fu Lyanna sneered and trudged out. She lifted her perky chest and haughtily declared to the members of Skull Party.

"You guys take a good look, what is the genuine might of metal!"

She was jesting at the fact that Skull was similarly a redoubtable metal element user, but she ultimately believed she was the stronger fighter! Her tone was incomparably overbearing and brimmed self-confidence.

Instead, at this moment, an ill-timed sound utterly shattered the cool image the Metals Professor attempted to portray.


The sneeze came from Skull's underling, an individual named Tyre. This was because his body appeared like a tyre, a relatively plump person. He assumed an exceptionally crucial position in the party as Skull's vice tank.

After sneezing, he nonchalantly wiped his snot and shrugged his shoulders helplessly.

Fu Lyanna's countenance sank and viewed it as an intentional act. She swung around and sauntered into the narrow passageway ahead.

Fu Lyanna and Zi exchanged glances at the same time.

Two beauties of different dispositions simultaneously stared into each others' eyes. It seemed as though a chain of sparks had formed in between them.

The revolving rhombus mana crystals accelerated around Zi as she emanated a vigorous energy.

There was no need for words between them. They didn't need to say anything else.

Fu Lyanna had dealt an immense blow to Zi's life, but didn't Zi devastate Fu Lyanna's love life into a blood dripping mess as well?

Within a split second, Fu Lyanna bolted in with astonishing pace. Her waist exhibited an extremely firm yet elastic bend in mid-air, as her spotlessly white and tender left fingers grabbed her steel chains.

The metal her hands interacted with instantly morphed into a semi-liquid state and was swiftly moulded into an incomparably sharp six-edged short javelin. She then hurled it across the tunnel at Zi.

When Fu Lyanna landed, her right reached out with another metal chain, which continuously morphed into incisive six-edged javelins that were repeatedly hurled out. The javelins speared in with lightning impetus.

As for Fu Lyanna's body, a steel chain armour rapidly appeared, clinging tightly to her body, failing to impair her agility but exhibiting her sexuality to the maximum.

Simultaneously, Sable was charging in like a mad dog. He clutched his vertebrae bone saber shaft tightly. As one of Zi's oldest comrades, he deeply understood that if he could reach Zi, his chance of surviving would increase by half!

Zi's crescent silver dagger scraped across the air. The dagger released an impression of a docile weapon, and skewered more towards a calligraphy brush; narrating a string of future events that overflowed with obscurity.

A 'Force Wall' quickly formed following Zi's move. It carried an incredibly oppressive rang wind as it whizzed out while occupying the majority of the tunnel's width.

This 'Force Collision Wall' she unleashed seemed thicker, while its quality now carried an unfathomable prestige.

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