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Chapter 176 - Society
“Southern Wasteland Society!”
“This kid is gonna suffer.”
“Ha, chip in, chip in! Ten jade coins, I bet this kid will be knocked down within ten breaths!”
“Five coins! Seven breaths! This kid can hold for seven breaths at most! Haven’t you seen those few guys?!”
“Eh? Have all of the ‘four Dragons’, ‘four Phoenixes’, ‘four Kylins’ of the Southern Wasteland Society come?! When did they return?! Such a bad luck kid!”
Ji Hao was standing still, calmly looking at over a hundred young Senior Magi, who were rushing over in rage. He exclaimed silently, once again the power of the Magi Palace was really terrifying. All of these boys, who were only a few years older than him, were already Senior Magi. Furthermore, the bodies of these few boys rushing in the front were thickly dotted with fiery light spots, each of them had nearly a hundred awakened Magus Acupoints!
Once a Senior Magus awakened their Magus Acupoints, the amount of power contained in each of the Magus Acupoint is at the very least equal to the total power of a peak-level Junior Magus. If a Senior Magus had a hundred awakened Magus Acupoints, he would be hundred times more powerful than how powerful he had been as a peak-level Junior Magus. Also, the power of a Senior Magus was a lot purer and of higher quality than the power of a Junior Magus.
Were these the so-called elites of the Southern Wasteland Society? Including the so-called ‘four Dragons’, ‘four Phoenixes’, ‘four Kylins’?
Ji Hao looked at these aggressive, quickly approaching boys, shook his head and turned his eyes to those other apprentices, who were talking and watching from afar.
All those boys who were talking and just had taken a bet on Ji Hao, had intentionally been restraining their own senses of powers. Ji Hao had sensed from the bodies of these boys that they were not worse than the leaders of the Southern Wasteland Society. These boys were divided into seven or eight small groups.
One group of them had bodies shrouded by cyan light streams, which were spreading a strong sense of life force energy; these boys should be from the Eastern Wasteland.
Another group of them had their bodies wrapped in faint and looming watery mist. Wherever they stood, a strong sense of cold and evil power would fill the entire space; without a doubt, these boys belonged to the Water God of the Northern Wasteland.
The third group of boys were releasing especially sharp senses of powers. All of them were standing straight with their arms crossed in front of their chests, and looked as if they were sharp and shining swords that just had been pulled from out its sheaths. It felt as if there were invisible spearheads that were surrounding these boys, which were capable of taking the breaths of others away from a distance of tens of miles. Apparently, these boys were the elites from the Western Wasteland.
Apart from these three groups, Ji Hao had sensed great and special powers from the few other groups; every group had their own specialities and all of them seemed were very powerful.
Seeing Ji Hao looking around so carelessly, the boys of the Southern Wasteland Society became even angrier. They rushed up to Ji Hao and surrounded Ji Hao and Taisi. One of them, who was especially sturdy and muscular, looked very young but much taller and stronger than Ji Hao, abruptly pushed Ji Hao in his shoulder while he yelled out.
“Kid! What are you looking at?! You…”
After the boy had thrust out his arm, Ji Hao accurately gripped his wrist within his five fingers.
A stream of great power that felt as violent as that of an earthquake, instantly bumped into Ji Hao’s hand through the wrist of the boy. Ji Hao subconsciously tightened his hand and sent all of his strength into his five fingers. All this time, the Magi Palace had spared no expense in cultivating Ji Hao. Each day he would eat an entire Senior Level wild beast, which caused his current physical strength to be equal to that of two or three Senior Level wild beast together; the physical strength of wild beasts were a few times greater than humans at the same level, to begin with.
After Ji Hao had sent his strength into his fingers, clear bone-cracking sound came from the boy’s wrist, along with which, the facial expression of the tall and sturdy boy suddenly changed. All the others saw his swelled muscles had been pinched flat by Ji Hao’s five fingers and five finger-shaped dark blue bruises were left on his wrist.
“Yao Kaiyuan, the head of the Southern Wasteland Society’s ‘four Dragons’, his was not that good!”
Words filled with scorn and disdain instantly came from out the crowd.
Ji Hao understood instantly that this boy had come from the Fire Dragon Clan of the Southern Wasteland. The Fire Dragon Clan was a large scale clan, which was even far more powerful than the Bi Fang Clan. Amongst all the clans of the Southern Wasteland, the Fire Dragon Clan was certainly a top-ranked, powerful clan. Similar to the family name Ji in the Gold Crow Clan, Yao was the main family name within the Fire Dragon Clan, which most of their clansmen possessed. Yao was also one of the purest, and most historical family name amongst all the family names of the humankind.
“Yao Taiyuan?” Ji Hao didn’t loosen his fingers, he slowly pressed Yao Kaiyuan’s arm downwards. With his strength that was a few times greater than Yao Yao Kaiyuan’s strength, Ji Hao forced Yao Kaiyuan’s upper body to incline slowly along with his arm; in the meanwhile, Yao Kaiyuan’s body gradually stooped down as well.
Yao Kaiyuan stared at Ji Hao full with rage. He gnashed his teeth and made efforts to reverse the disadvantage a few times, but Ji Hao’s strength was way too great. He didn’t know that the [Bu Tian Bu Lou Magic Spell] had given Ji Hao an unspeakable solid and potential body.
“You people don’t even know what actually has happened and blindly stood up, do you really think that I’m a pushover?” said Ji Hao while staring coldly at Yao Kaiyuan, who had cold sweat pouring down his forehead in streams at the moment. He then sneered in a low voice and continued, “Or are you just used to be only violent instead of reasonable?”
Yao Kaiyuan didn’t respond, and only glared at Ji Hao. Abruptly, large flame flakes spurted out from his body, and the strong and fierce sense of power released from his body suddenly transformed into countless solid, sharp, scale-shaped spell symbols, which then closely attached to his body. After which, his boy instantly grew a meter taller.
“Yao Kaiyuan, aren’t you ashamed? You are the head of the Southern Wasteland Society’s ‘four Dragons’, and the son of the Southern Wasteland Fire Dragon Clan’s warriors leader, look at what are you doing now! You couldn’t defeat a little kid with your strength, and now you’re going to activate your bloodline power to bully a Junior Magus, seriously?!” Standing aside, a boy wrapped in watery mist immediately ridiculed.
Yao Kaiyuan sneered, then thrust another hand out, grabbed Ji Hao’s shoulder and growled out.
He instantly sent his power into his hand, attempting to carry Ji Hao up high into the air then smash Ji Hao hard against the ground. He had already decided that he had to at least break a hundred of Ji Hao’s bones, to warn everyone who intended to challenge him.
However, at the same moment Ji Hao also let out a great shout. Golden-red fiery lights darted out from his body and transformed into countless Gold Crow feather-like spell symbols then attached onto his body; his slim body suddenly grew muscular and half a foot taller. Ji Hao stretched his arm, crossed Yao Kaiyuan’s arm, which had swelled to as thick as Ji Hao’s waist, then vibrated intensely with all of his power.
Yao Kaiyuan was purely depending on his great power, which was very straightforward, just like a wild beast living in the jungle; the power he had just let out was simply great and violent.
But Ji Hao had just vibrated his arm violently as well. Different from Yao Kaiyuan’s power, Ji Hao had used the skills that he had learned from the experiences during fights in both, his current life and previous life, when he launched this vibration.
Yao Kaiyuan’s power was as great as a mountain that was falling from the air, incomparably overbearing, while Ji Hao’s power was like the flow of a great river, turbulent and billowy, yet flexible and smooth, that was able to strike on Yao Kaiyuan’s body through the gaps between Yao Kaiyuan’s violent and straightforward power streams.
Along with another series of bone-creaking sounds, Yao Taiyuan’s fingers, wrists, arms, shoulders, and all the other joints were dislocated by Ji Hao. Yao Taiyuan screamed out in pain and Ji Hao grabbed his waist, raised him high into the air then smashed him hard against the ground.
Large amounts of spell symbols lit up on the ground, which instantly turned the ground incomparably solid. Yao Kaiyuan’s body heavily thudded against the ground, blood gushed out of his mouth and even his eyeballs had nearly popped out from his eye sockets.
A fierce gust of wind blew across Ji Hao’s face from behind him, followed with which, another muscular boy leapt into the air, raised his hands and crooked his fingers into dragon claw shape, scratching towards Ji Hao’s cervical vertebra and lumbar vertebra.
Ji Hao sneered once again. He had spread his spiritual power out long ago, no one could attack him under his perceptive spiritual power.
He had already prepared well for this attack. He planned to let this sneak attacker scratch and break a little bit of his skin, then teach him a good lesson, in the most potent and cruel way, which he would never be able to forget in his entire life.
But before Ji Hao had moved, Taisi took a sideway step while gritting his teeth, then stretched his arms and shielded Ji Hao’s back.
“Shameless!!” Taisi sniffed scornfully, then yelled.

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