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Chapter 149 - Furious Man Man
Si Wen Ming and Man Man simultaneously turned their heads around, and looked at Ji Hao.
Si Wen Ming stood still, and carefully observed this slight beam of blood-red light, Man Man pulled her entire face closely in front of Ji Hao’s chest, while popping up her eyes wide open and stared at this extremely thin wisp of blood-red light.
“They have activated the power contained in the curse, should I vomit blood, or scream?” said Ji Hao with a smile on his face, “Uncle Wen Ming, my two baby snakes told me that this magic curse comes from that small three-eyed monkey. Looking at the terrifying group of mad animals out there, I want to draw out the people who planned all this.”
Si Wen Ming nodded while smiling, and said, “Those animals are indeed not behaving right, but with the power of just those few men, they shouldn’t be able to make those animals as mad as this. Whoever are supporting them, are not weak at all. It’s not a bad idea to pretend to be injured and draw them out.”
Once Si Wen Ming had finished his speech, Man Man’s bright and big eyes suddenly popped out even more widely; in the next moment, her pair of mountain-crushing hammers darted out one after another, and shattered the wall of this small building straight, then smashed into another small building that was located beside it.
Although Man Man looked like a careless little girl, the moment since Ji Hao had been in an argument with the bald men in the restaurant, Man Man had completely memorized the living area of theirs. Even this move, in which she swung her hammers out and directly smashed into the room of those men, had been silently rehearsed in her mind for quite a few times.
The two gigantic hammers swooshed out one after another, and struck right where the five men were sitting, without the slightest deviation. Man Man couldn’t have possibly seen what they had been doing in the room, but she did accurately throw the hammers on their heads. This showed how exceptionally talented Man Man was, when it came to smashing things with her hammers.
One strand of the God-type bloodline power of Man Man was injected in each hammer. Along with a cracking sound, a beam of fiery light spurted out from each hammer, after which, the three-foot square hammerheads abruptly expanded into a few zhang square, and were instantly wrapped up by raging flames, diving down like a pair of blazing shooting stars.
The entire city of the caravan shook violently, and the small metal building, which had three floors and was six-zhang tall, collapsed instantly along with a thunderous boom. A great hole appeared in the floor, baring the thickly built small rooms on the second floor of the city.
The five bald men had been silently incanting some kind of magic spell in their room. They couldn’t even have dreamt that once they started their blood-curse magic incantation, Man Man’s hammers would smash right onto their heads. Without any excuse, resign or any evidence, with only a deduction of Ji Hao and Si Wen Ming, a great calamity had fallen onto their heads.
The two heavy and gigantic hammers, which surpassed any Senior Magus in both weight and power, struck right on the heads of the five men. Four of them could only let out a few painful moans before they had completely been smashed down by these hammers; only the team leader howled in a weird voice while thickly dotted spell symbols quickly emerged from his skin, along with which, his body suddenly expanded, and becoming five-zhang tall. He raised both of his arms and with difficulty caught one of the two hammers.
Fiery light shone and fire power spread towards all directions. The hammerhead seemed to try crushing that man, while the bold man roared hoarsely. The terrifying weight of the hammer was no lighter than a real mountain, and all the bones of the man were letting out creaking sounds. Both his legs had fully sunk into the metal-cast ground.
The tiny three-eyed monkey screamed out in fear. It instantly stopped incanting the spell and manipulating the power contained in the blood curse, instead, all three of its eyes simultaneously spurted out green light beams in order to help its owner lift the hammer, which was about the crush the bald men. Obviously, physical strength was not the specialty of this tiny monkey. In order to release its power and lift the hammer, it had to activate the evil curse. Tens of thousands of weird spell symbols gushed out from inside its body.
“We’re dead,” sighed and said the bald man despairingly.
He was right. Those spell symbols gushing out from the tiny monkey’s body were precise, lively shaped as all kinds of animals; they were all wrapped around with a blood-red light and were releasing a strong sense of dark power, looking just like wild and furious beasts. Nourished by the souls and spirit blood of all those killed animals, these spell symbols had already become as lively as real animals.
There was no need to be a powerful Maguspriest, any Senior Magus that had even the most basic understanding of magic spells, would be able to figure out the connection between these spell symbols and the attacks by the group of mad animals outside the city.
Ji Hao shook his head, slightly patted Man Man’s head with his right hand, then walked up to the large hole in the wall that was left by Man Man’s hammers, and looked down at the bald man, who was being suppressed by one of Man Man’s hammers and couldn’t move.
Si Wen Ming crossed his arms in front of this chest with a gentle smile on his face, then said to Gui Three, who once again had showed up silently, just like a ghost, “Gui Three, those animals as well as those blood-curses, are being manipulated by these people. There is no need to be too grateful, how about making our trip free?”
Gui Three’s face was wrinkled by a grin. He bowed his body and saluted Ji Hao and Si Wen Ming, then gnashed his teeth and stretched his arms towards the bald man.
“Thank you, my honored guests, for exposing these bastards. Over thirty of our elite guards have been killed because of them!” Said Gui Three at the same time. His body was even quivering slightly.
The families of all those death elite guards had been working for the caravan, generation after generation, many of them had traveled across the Southern Wasteland with Gui Three over and over again, they had fought for each other and saved each other, making them as close as blood brothers.
All those strong and powerful men had been turned into puddles of disgusting blood, by such a vicious blood-curse. Gui Three was now in an incomparably great rage, and his mind was filled with hatred. His eyes even looked cold and terrifying when he looked at that bald man.
With a creepy grin, Gui Three’s tightly grabbed the man, and his ten fingers sank into the bald man’s shoulder. He then said with a hideous smile, “My honoured guest, since you have come to our Spirit Turtle caravan, and brought us such an expensive gift...we have no reason to not treat you well!”
The bald man sighed once again, he looked at Ji Hao and shook his head, then said, “Okay, I didn’t think that you could survive the Three-Eyed Soul Devil’s blood-curse; I assume that you have inherited magic treasure on you that protected you. Hehe...”
He then looked at Gui Three and said blandly, “You’re nothing but small Spirit Turtle caravan. I will die here, but you should be expecting revenge.”
He then let out a creepy laughter, at the same time, the small three-eyed monkey let out an unwilling scream, then spew out a sphere of green flame, wrapping the bald man and itself inside. After that, their bodies began melting, just like candles in front of a stove.
The bald man remained having that bland expression, while staring at Man Man, and said, “Little girl, you’re so powerful at such a young age. When you grow up, you probably will become another headache. You have to die, have to...”
Before he had finished his speech, his body had melted completely down and turned into a puddle of sticky blood-red liquid, flowing everywhere. Even a Maguspriest who was mastered in ghosts and soul related magic, could not sense even slightest bit of soul power coming from this puddle of blood, and would be unable to find even a trace of useful information.
The tiny three-eyed monkey let out a few weird, laughter-like shouts, it could apparently hold longer against its own suicidal-type of magic.
A sphere of green flame flashed inside its tiny body then suddenly blew off. The gigantic turtle instantly let out a deep roar, followed by which, a circle of transparent, shadow like power appeared around the tiny monkey’s body.
The tiny monkey’s body exploded, green lights and blood mist rose into the air, however, the thin layer of shadow-like power had firmly blocked the explosive power, and didn’t let it hurt even a single person.

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