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“Guji[1]?” The little red, chubby dragon was confused as to what was going on as it stood on the summoning array. 

 "..." Shen Yanxiao was completely stunned. 

What about the Overlord Lava Beast?! 

What about the ‘one foot that was enough to flatten a city’?!

Shen Yanxiao felt like crying but had no tears as she looked at the palm-sized mini dragon. This little fellow’s body was fiery red. Its head and body were nearly the same size, and on its back covered with dragon scales was a pair of thumb-size dragon wings. No matter how one looked at it, it was just like some cute stuffed toy!

Which part of it seemed like a domineering killing monster that could sweep over every direction?

Shen Yanxiao felt very depressed. 

She knew that it was stupid for her to think that she could already summon an overlord-level phantom beast when she had just broken through the second stage, but…

This fellow was just too little! 

Looking at that miniature dragon that was almost the same size as the small Phoenix, Shen Yanxiao’s shoulders immediately collapsed.  

"Guji? Guji?" The mini dragon did not seem to be aware that the summoner who had called him was secretly filled with disappointment. It unsteadily took a small step with its almost negligible tiny claws. Wobbling, it fluttered forward for a little while until it reached Xiu’s feet at a creeping speed.


This extreme fawner went to Xiu’s toes and rubbed its head against them…

“I didn’t summon this little thing! I didn’t summon this little thing!” Shen Yanxiao could not bear to look at it directly. Forget about its appearance that was not the least bit intimidating, but wasn’t it summoned using her own blood as a medium?  

Then why! 

Instead of running and acting intimately with its summoner, this thing went to that Great Master’s toe and did its best to act coquettishly to him instead?  

This was too unreasonable! 

Xiu raised his eyebrow. He stooped down a bit, and used his two fingers to lift the mini dragon that was sticking tightly to his feet. 

"Eh." For a moment, Shen Yanxiao’s mouth was opened. She suddenly remembered what Xiu did to an eighth-ranked magical beast. She could not help but release a cold sweat as she looked at that adorable yet not so mighty phantom beast.

You can act spoiled and cute whenever you want, but you should take a look at your target first. You actually dare to provoke that Great Master? 

It actually dared to touch that Great Master’s pure toes; that was simply blasphemy!  

Just when Shen Yanxiao thought that Xiu would kill this mini dragon for dirtying his pure toe, Xiu instead put it on the table.

 "It has been a long time since I saw a phantom dragon.” 

"You know what this thing is?" Shen Yanxiao asked. 

Xiu nodded. 

“This thing is called a phantom dragon. It is something similar to the dragons of this world, except it lives in a different realm and can only go to this world with the help of a summoner. A phantom dragon's physique is comparable to that of a dragon from the Dragon Race; however, its intellect is higher than the dragons here. And not only is their defense high, they can also create an environment that confuses the enemy. During the battle of G.o.ds and devils, a Saint Summoner from the Human Race summoned the king of the phantom dragons, which killed 100,000 devils in a flash.”  

Shen Yanxiao’s eyes blinked for a while. Killed 100,000 devils in a flash?

That was the Devil Race, ah...

That was the world’s most vicious race, yet a phantom dragon actually managed to kill 100,000 of these powerful foes? 

Just by thinking about it, Shen Yanxiao could not help but feel that the phantom dragons were really too ferocious. 

"I remember that the king of the phantom dragons was known as the Wing of Death; unfortunately, no one from the Human Race can summon it anymore.” Xiu raised his finger and poked the mini dragon’s little wings. 

“The king of the phantom dragons? The Wing of Death?" Shen Yanxiao didn't really know much about the phantom beasts.

[1] Sound of the baby dragons like the chirp chirp of bird. We retained the pinyin.

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