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When Shen Yanxiao appeared again, Long Yue began to feel a bit stuffy. He pretended to be calm and put on the poise of a Prince. He calmly looked ahead, but there was the hint of panic in his eyes to betray his excitement.

When Li Qi saw Shen Yanxiao not saying a word, he thought that Shen Yanxiao's courage was really small, causing his heart to be more emboldened. He spoke even more without obstruction.

"His Majesty the Emperor a.s.signed The Rising Sun City to you not so you can abuse your power. You're still a little brat yet you're already this stingy. Are these things for people to eat? You actually have the nerve to receive the Prince and the State Preceptor like this? Really uneducated!"

"What's wrong? Did it not suit your fancy?" Shen Yanxiao smilingly asked.

"You don't talk any nonsense! Throw these things out for me and give me proper food. The Long Xuan Empire has given you so much preferential treatment and funding, I don't believe you didn't have any other good dishes here. You really are such a stingy little brat for not being willing to take it out. Indeed, you haven't seen the world enough yet. Can you really govern this city with that kind of vision?” Li Qi angrily opened his mouth.

Shen Yanxiao raised her eyebrow and felt that Li Qi’s words were ridiculously funny.

How could she not know about the preferential treatment that the Long Xuan Empire had given her? And where did that funding come from?

"I'm sorry, I only have steamed buns here, I don't have any other food." Patience was patience, but it was absolutely impossible for her to keep complying with their demands.

"You!" Li Qi nearly hit her. This Shen Yanxiao seriously did not take my meaningful glance.

"Do you believe me or not if I say I will report to the Emperor that you have pocketed all the money allocated to you and deliberately mistreated the Special Envoy!"

Shen Yanxiao said in a lukewarm tone, "Be my guest."

If you want to report me, please do it as soon as possible. Go back to the Imperial Capital as you please as long as you don't hinder my eyes.

Li Qi widened his eyes. He did not expect Shen Yanxiao to actually answer this question.

Pei Yuan's eyes had been locked on to the higher demon who had a very unhappy expression and was standing behind Shen Yanxiao. When Li Qi was about to launch a strike, Pei Yuan suddenly raised his hand and pointed to the higher demon.

"He is a demon."

Pei Yuan words stunned everyone in the scene.

Shen Yanxiao' heart thumped a sound. How can Pei Yuan know that this youth is a demon?

"State Preceptor, what did you say?" Li Qi looked at Pei Yuan in disbelief, doubting whether he had heard wrongly.

Pei Yuan rose and suddenly took out his wand from his storage ring.

"Although the higher demon's human form can deceive other people's eyes, it couldn't escape the perception of the Mythological Beast inside my body." Pei Yuan lifted the wand and release an attack toward the higher demon.

The higher demon immediately dodged the oncoming attack, and his fleeing demon figure was indeed quite shocking.

Shen Yanxiao was secretly alarmed. She really did not expect that Pei Yuan's magical beast would be a Mythological Beast. The demon's ability to transform their shape was very strong. Unless it was an extremely powerful individual or a high leveled magical beast, demons could not be perceived. Before this, Shen Yanxiao didn't think that in the team of the Special Enjoy sent by the Imperial Capital, there would be such a powerful character.

This Pei Yuan had been silent since the beginning. She thought he had not discovered anything, but...

d.a.m.n it!

Pei Yuan saw that the demon had dodged his attack, but he was not anxious. Instead, he looked at Shen Yanxiao and calmly said, “Since entering The Rising Sun City, the Mythological Beasts in my body had already felt that there are a lot of demons in this city. Shen Yanxiao, in your previous message it was clearly stated that the demons of The Rising Sun City have been cleared out. Then, what about these demons?!"

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