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Lan Si looked at Shen Yanxiao with kindness.

"Then, I will be troubling Grandmaster Lan Si." Shen Yanxiao did not refuse. She had already made plans considering that she could not use the Purple Baron in her elf form. She had not expected that Lan Si would still be able to modify it a little.

As long as she could use the Purple Baron, Shen Yanxiao already felt very satisfied.

As for its completion...

She still did not dare to hope for much at the moment.

"This is a portion of the initial payment. Since Grandmaster Lan Si is willing to help, I have nothing else to give you to express my grat.i.tude except this portion of the payment. Please, I ask of you not to decline it." Shen Yanxiao was not a stingy lord. She was never stingy for those people who were of help to her.

Shen Yanxiao decisively put the crystal coins on the table at his side.

Lan Si chuckled and felt that the elf in front of him was very cute. She was clearly still very young, but her speech and how she handled things was very appropriate. Even several adult elves were not as mature as her.

Shen Yanxiao temporarily placed the Purple Baron here at Lan Si’s place for him to modify it, and then took advantage of the night to rush back to the advanced training camp.

Silently touching the bed, Shen Yanxiao immediately took out the black crystal and hugged it in her arms.

On the morning of the second day, the elves went to the training ground for archery training as usual. Because An Ran still had injuries on his body, he did not partic.i.p.ate. Thus, Shen Yanxiao went there alone. As soon as she stepped into the training ground, the elves who had gathered there that saw her immediately closed their mouths like frightened quails.

They still had not forgotten how Shen Yanxiao crushed Shui Ling under her feet yesterday.

It was said that Shui Ling was still lying on his bed.

An Ran’s injuries were quickly almost cured under the several bottles of potions from Shen Yanxiao at that time. However, Shui Ling did not have such good luck. Plus, the power of Shen Yanxiao’s arrow was far more ferocious than that of Shui Ling. Shui Ling still couldn’t get up from bed, and it was estimated that it would be impossible for him to leave the bed for several days.

With Shui Ling, this one hapless egg, serving as an example, no other elf dared to find Shen Yanxiao any trouble.

Each and every one of them was hiding from Shen Yanxiao as if they were avoiding the G.o.d of Plague.

Shen Yanxiao did not care. She just immersed herself in training using An Ran’s bow, familiarizing herself with the techniques of applying the source of life to her attack.

Shen Yanxiao's progress in archery was very fast. Originally, she already had the foundation of Magic Archer, and now that she had acquired the innate talent of the elves in archery, the bow was practically just a toy in her hands.

Even the old trainees in the neighboring training ground had to pay homage upon seeing the archery of Shen Yanxiao.

There were also a number of elves from other training courses who came to squat on the edge of the training ground to watch the display of skills of this extraordinary elf.

For a time, Shen Yanxiao’s talent in archery spread throughout the advanced training camps, along with her ruthless achievement of dealing with Shui Ling.

Almost every elf in the advanced training camps knew that there was a very fierce little guy in the newest batch of elves. Not only had she directly rushed to the second floor of the Pure Spirit Tower upon entering the training camp, but her archery skills were also superb.

Coupled with the temporary badge hanging on Shen Yanxiao’s chest and the Moonlight Tribe’s badge symbolizing glory, Shen Yanxiao’s reputation instantly began to rise. Now, no one did not know of her.

Of course, there was no longer an idiot without eyes who dared to provoke her half a point.

However, on the next day of Shen Yanxiao’s daily training, the day when An Ran just got back to training, a terrible thing occurred in the advanced training camp.

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