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"What's happened?" Ye Fei walked over and asked her.

"My... My classmate sprained his ankle, so I'm going to get the nurse from the infirmary," Qin Xiaomeng hurriedly said. "Um, can you come with me?"

"Wait, let me have a look at him."

Before Qin Xiaomeng could say anything, Ye Fei went over and squatted next to the boy. He reached out to touch his injured ankle.

"Hey, who are you? What are you doing? Can't you see he's hurt?" a tall kid with a big number seven on his basketball uniform testily poked Ye Fei.

Ye Fei grabbed his wrist and coldly said, "I want to take a look at his ankle."

Qin Xiaomeng came up behind Ye Fei and quickly interjected, "Xu Gang, he is my friend, let him look."

Then Qin Xiaomeng turned to ask Ye Fei, "Um, are you a med student or something?"


Seeing Qin Xiaomeng call this man her friend, all the boys on the spot were stunned, staring at Ye Fei in amazement.

As a freshman at Shanghai University, Qin Xiaomeng's sweet and pure appearances soon earned her the epithet of 'the new Campus Belle'.

Qin Xiaomeng also had a very good character, so she easily became the goddess of many boys' hearts. However, other than her classmates, the boys rarely had the opportunity to approach her.

Any man who was close to Qin Xiaomeng was regarded as a great enemy by the other boys.

Fortunately, not many were.

"I'll let you see him since Xiaomeng vouched for you, but if you can't fix him up, we will kick your ass!" the tall boy called Xu Gang coldly growled at Ye Fei.

Ye Fei looked over the injured boy called Na Ling for a short while and realized the ankle was not only sprained, but dislocated. If not properly and swiftly dealt with, it would only get worse. 

"Hold still! This is going to hurt a little. It's not easy to fix a dislocated ankle," Ye Fei said.

Then he slowly took off Na Ling's basketball shoes, and while Na Ling wasn't paying attention, Ye Fei suddenly tugged sharply on his ankle.

All the students heard a clear snap. Then, Na Ling's face twisted up and he screamed his lungs out, ten times louder than before!

"I told you not to mess around!"

Xu Gang, who was over two meters tall, grabbed Ye Fei's collar and pulled him off the ground.

"Hey, I don't like being manhandled. Let go!" Ye Fei took a deep breath and shifted his center of gravity. Although Xu Gang was as strong as a bull, he couldn't hold on to him.

In a second, Ye Fei easily broke free from Xu Gang.

Everyone was stunned. They all thought Xu Gang put him down.

What the hell was Xu Gang doing?

"Boy, I'm gonna beat you up today!" Xu Gang had a hot temper and Na Ling was his friend. Now he was furious, throwing a tightly clenched fist at Ye Fei.

"What are you doing, Xu Gang?!"

Qin Xiaomeng stood between them.

"Xiaomeng, step aside! I have to kick his ass!" Xu Gang angrily pointed to Na Ling, "He's even worse than before…"

Xu Gang's voice trailed off.

Na Ling had actually gotten up on his own and stood beside him.

"Na Ling, are you okay?" Xu Gang's fists fell limply as he worriedly looked at his friend.

"Well, uh, it doesn't hurt as much anymore. I can stand up on my own," Na Ling groaned through gritted teeth.

"I've fixed the dislocation, but you'd better go to the hospital right away," Ye Fei slowly said. "That's quite a sprain you've got there. There's probably some trauma to the ligament and so on, so you'll probably be limping for at least three months."

He was not a medic, but he could still deal with such a small injury. Nonetheless, Na Ling had to go get checked by a medical professional, otherwise he could suffer from lingering trauma.

"Thank you... Thank you."

Two of the boys supported Na Ling to the gates of the campus, where they hailed a taxi and took him to the hospital.

"I was in a hurry to get to class last time and I didn't thank you properly. I'll buy you dinner after the match," Qin Xiaomeng whispered to Ye Fei.

"It's not a big deal," he waved his hands dismissively.

Xu Gang glanced at Ye Fei awkwardly, but did not apologize for what just happened. He walked over to the opposing team and loudly said, "We're short a guy. Today's game should be suspended."

"Suspended? Are you kidding me?" A tall man stepped forward from the rival group.

"We don't have anyone who can substitute for him. Besides, you hurt him deliberately!" Xu Gang said.

Members of the opposing team began hurling jeers and complaints at him:

"Basketball is a dangerous game. Injuries happen. If you're afraid to get hurt, you can play table tennis!"

"The nerve of this guy! Suspend the match? When will it continue? When Na Ling comes back from the hospital?"

"You were already fifteen points behind. The result of this match is obvious. I think you should give up and admit you lost!"

A handsome boy with short hair came forward and loudly said, "Everyone be quiet! We'll do what the referee says."

The boy was the captain of the opposing basketball team, Wu Haomin.

Everyone immediately shut up.

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