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Chapter 122: Duel - Princess Jiahui vs He Lianying

"He Lianying, this princess has always wanted to fight with you. Let's see if you have the ability to make this princess go with you." Ning Shu gave a cold laugh. "Have your subordinates stand back and let's fight."

Ning Shu knew that this duel was a must, not only for the sake of keeping up the morale of the soldiers, but also to stop this body from being afraid of He Lianying. This body would reflexively tremble from simply a glimpse of He Lianying.

Ning Shu gritted her teeth. She had to prove to her 'self' that He Lianying wasn't undefeatable. She'd still have to fight He Lianying many times in the future. Could it be that she'd have to do it every time while trembling?

Ning Shu stroked the whip at her waist, then said to He Lianying, "Let's duel."

He Lianying looked at Ning Shu with a very indulgent gaze as if he was looking at a naughty pet of his that was trying to scratch someone with its claws.

"As you wish. Does that mean you'll be coming with this prince if you lose?" He Lianying's lips were hooked in a smile. "This prince is very interested in you."

With a shout, Ning Shu drove her horse forward and swung her whip at He Lianying. She had used all her strength in this swing, but he easily dodged it by leaning away.

Ning Shu had to fight while suppressing her body's trembling.

He Lianying had originally planned to just tease Ning Shu a bit, but he saw that she was completely serious and merciless with her attacks.

He had no choice but to also become serious. He drew out his broadsword from his waist and used it to block Ning Shu's sharp whip.

Duan Xinghui watched nervously from the side with his lips pressed worriedly together. His eyes tightly followed after her figure.

When he noticed that He Lianying was looking at Princess Jiahui with a very bright gaze, his heart became uncomfortable, very uncomfortable.

He Lianying laughed. The sound was low and full of savage seductiveness. He caught Ning Shu's whip with his sword, then reached out and pulled on it, making Ning Shu fall towards him.

Ning Shu: …

She was disgusted to feel the hand around her waist. It felt like a caterpillar had landed on her skin.

She tried to struggle free but couldn't. Her nose filled with his unruly and wild scent.

"Let go of this princess," demanded Ning Shu coldly.

He Lianying took in her cold gaze. It was icy but clear, like the snow lotus that swayed in the wind on top of a frosty mountain.

"Naughty little wildcat," murmured He Lianying as he tightened his arm around her waist.

Fuck! Was he trying to disgust her to death? He Lianying, this bastard, was definitely the biggest barrier that was preventing her from completing this task.

"You damned Tartar! Let go of Princess Jiahui!" Duan Xinghui shouted, looking furious and worried.

He Lianying didn't bother to pay attention to Duan Xinghui and simply continued looking at Ning Shu. Ning Shu gave a cold laugh, then lifted her leg to kick He Lianying down there.

He Lianying clamped Ning Shu's leg with his thighs, making it so she couldn't even bulge. Then he lowered his head to get a closer look at her rapidly changing expressions.

Fuck! Ning Shu was furious from the humiliation. The Heavens granted men strong bodies, yet they used this strength on women. What kind of conduct was that?

He Lianying was oppressing her through pure strength. Ning Shu took a deep breath and silently reminded herself that she had practiced the Unsurpassable Martial Arts. Then, she abruptly lifted her knee and stomp down towards He Lianying's down there…

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