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Chapter 183: The hidden door

Chu Tian and Chu Xinghe had their own grudge.  Chu Tian needed a bit of time.  If he could have time to make preparations, then he would be able to create a method of fighting back.

Chu Xinghe's strength was an undeniable fact!  Even those at the same level would be killed by a single slash from Chu Xinghe.  That experience was the first time that Chu Tian had suffered heavy losses at the same cultivation level since coming to this era!

Chu Xinghe was so strong even after suppressing his cultivation base.  His true cultivation base was close to the 5th Awakened Soul Layer which was an overwhelming superiority.  As the head of the Four Young Masters, even the three other young masters added together would not be able to beat him!

The only chance was the strength of the light mirror!

If he could gain control of the light mirror and use that powerful light beam, then he would be able to fight Chu Xinghe!

But how could the calm Chu Xinghe not see through Chu Tian's intentions?  He was just confident that Chu Tian would not have an opportunity to do anything.  With the swords flying over Chu Tian's head, if he made any strange moves, then he would be instantly killed!  There was no chance for him to do anything at all!

Chu Xinghe was different compared to Luo Xianglong and Ye Tianlang.

They only thought of using their strength.  No matter how deep the grudge between Chu Tian and the Chu Family had, he could throw it all aside for now.  Compared to those family grudges, he was more interested in the hidden treasure of the trial space!

If he could obtain the hidden treasure!

He would have endless wealth, resources, and cultivation techniques!

Chu Xinghe's strength and influence would inevitably increase by a step!

To a person like Chu Xinghe, family, friends, and family pride was not worth anything.  In order to become stronger, he did not hesitate to pay any price, all in order to increase his personal strength.

Chu Tian was the only person that could open the hidden treasure stash!

Chu Xinghe suppressed the impulse to kill him and ignored Ye Tianlang and Luo Xianglong's protests.  He would give Chu Tian an hour to try and fulfill his promise!

Nangong Yun and Yun Yao looked at each other in blank dismay.

The current situation looked very terrible.  Chu Tian had mediated a bit more time for them to survive, but what use was that?  It was impossible for them to fight the other side, so would they really have to help them open the treasure stash!  They might as well take this chance to take themselves out!

Chu Tian!

What are you thinking!

Chu Xinghe was already strong enough and if he could practice the secret of the trial tower, who would be able to compete with him in Central State?

Chu Tian told the two of them to ignore it and began to study the mirrors of the treasure room.  In total, there were over three hundred large mirrors.  Although they seemed to be randomly distributed, they were placed with some kind of pattern.  Chu Tian believed that if he saw through the pattern, he would be able to open the door to the treasure room.

What was the pattern though?

The light was the real key to open the treasure room door.

Chu Tian stood by the main mirror and his eyes stared at the light coming from it.  After thinking about it for a long time, a light shined in his mind…..Was it like that?

Chu Tian looked down to look at the ground below his feet.

There were runes densely engraved onto the main hall floor.

These runes were very random and there were meaningless ancient rune engraved that meant nothing to normal people, but Chu Tian could understand it!

These runes seemed to be the basis of an array!

With the runes forming a source energy array on the ground, the function of the light became clear.  The light from the mirror could be used to form an array!

The light was used to complete the incomplete array on the ground!

Chu Tian needed to adjust the light mirror and place it in the right position!

The beam of light being continuously reflected would form a perfect array design and could be used together with the main hall runes to form an array!

Using the mirror as a pen and the light as ink!

This would form an unbelievable giant array!

The light was the key, the key to opening the treasure room door!

Just learning how to use it was already an incredibly hard question…..Unbelievable, unthinkable!

This kind of process had never been heard of before.  The designer of trial space was definitely not an ordinary person!

A small trial would be used to train the younger generation, so why would it use such a complicated array?  To be able to solve this difficult question, one needed to be highly skilled in source energy arrays.  This kind of skill was impossible to appear in the younger generation!

No wonder it was able to become an eternally lost problem!

This was a little challenging!

I like this!

After Chu Tian came to this era, the challenges he met were all too easy.  This was the first time he had found something interesting, so how could he not be happy?  However, the greater the difficulty, the greater the reward.  While Chu Tian could open the treasure stash, it was hard to guarantee if he could keep it!

Chu Xinghe and the others were also eyeing it!

If he opened the treasure stash and did not obtain it, but rather gave it to these three, then Chu Tian would be losing a lot!

Then he would fight for it!

Chu Tian could feel the suspended treasure swords and he suddenly steeled his heart.  With this giant array, he had a 30% assurance in killing them.  So now they just had to see who could act faster.

While Chu Tian was adjusting the mirror and preparing to fight back.

Suddenly roars came from the two passages to from both sides of the treasure room.  There were large groups of monsters that were charging in through the corridors.

Chu Tian knit his brows, "Block them for me!  I can't be disturbed while breaking through this array!"

Chu Xinghe revealed a cold smile.  How could he not see through Chu Tian's intentions?  Chu Tian was sending them away so he could have time to prepare himself.

No problem!

Let him prepare himself!

As long as he can open the treasure stash, with his abilities, how could he fight me?

Now was not the time to fight one another.  If the monsters charged over, then they would all be finished.  Because there were two corridors, Chu Xinghe's group guarded one while Nangong Yun's group guarded the others.  Both sides had a silent understanding.

"What is Chu Tian thinking!"  Yun Yao had a confused look, "If we can't obtain the treasure stash, we definitely cannot allow them to obtain it!"

Nangong Yun walked while knitting her brows.  Then she said, "Boss definitely has an idea!  I understand him!  Without any assurance, he would not make a move!"

"That is because he doesn't understand!"  Yun Yao had a serious look on her face, "He has completely underestimated the enemy.  There's nothing to worry about with Luo Xianglong and Ye Tianlang, but Chu Xinghe is not someone we can fight with!"

"Is Chu Xinghe really that strong?"

"Let's look at it like this, if he was to fight me and Chu Xinghe went all out, I would be defeated in one hit and be killed in three hits!"

Nangong Yun trembled.

Killed in three hits?

Yun Yao had the same title as Chu Xinghe as well as the Soul Contracting Weapon, the Thunder Spirit Bead, but she couldn't block a single move from Chu Xinghe?  Just how strong was he!

The fights at both corridors began.

Chu Tian released his spiritual energy and gathered over three hundred mirrors with dozens more on the roof and walls.

Most of the light mirrors could rotate three hundred and sixty degrees!

Most of the light mirrors could reflect light at a ninety degree incline!

Each light mirror had to be perfectly in place and placed in an exact angle.  It had to guarantee that the light beam would shine in order, hitting one mirror after the other!

No mistakes, no chaos.

It was an incredibly harsh condition!

Only doing this would open the treasure stash!

Was this a very difficult thing to do?  It was not something a person could accomplish!

Chu Tian did not have a lot of time because he had to finish this within a two hour time period.  This meant that he had to do it in one try and not make a single mistake.

If he made even a single mistake!

It meant that he would have to start over!

Would Chu Tian have that kind of time?

Not to mention if Chu Xinghe would give him time, the trial spaces strengthened monsters would arrive at this spot and they definitely would not give Chu Tian any time!

There was no room for compromise!

This had to be done in one fell swoop or everything would go to waste!

While Chu Tian was facing this difficult mirror distribution problem, his heart was beating fast.  He did not have any fear at all, rather he was filled with excitement.

There was no doubt.

This was truly an eternally lost problem!

Although he did know who placed it in the trial space, no one should have solved this difficult problem yet since ancient times and that it would definitely open a shocking secret!

Don't disappoint me!

Chu Tian ignited his Mind's Lamp and released his Divine Sense.  Just like a ray of light, it spread in all directions and covered the several hundred mirrors.

The position, angle, and row position of each mirror as well as every detail of the main hall, they all appeared in Chu Tian's mind.

This kind of wide area and coverage of every angle was something that the Mind's Eye could not accomplish.  If Chu Tian did not ignite his Mind's Lamp on the way, he would not have had a method to accurately grasp the details of the mirrors and the layout of the main hall.

However, the Mind's Lamp had his consciousness as a base and his spiritual energy as fuel!

Although its range was very wide, it expanded Divine Sense too quickly.  Although Chu Tian's spiritual strength increased, it was not enough to support igniting the Mind's Lamp for long periods of time.  If he continuously expended his spiritual power like this, he might cause permanent damage to himself!

"Let's begin!"

Chu Tian spent a while looking at the mirror distribution.  The location, distribution and angle of each of the over three hundred mirror was very clear to him.  At this moment Chu Tian released his Divine Sense.

The little fox called out in surprise a few times.

Several mirrors near him began to rotate like an invisible hand was moving them right now.

The nearest row of mirrors turned around.

The second row began to move.

The third, fourth, and fifth……

Chu Tian used his Divine Sense to move the objects and perfectly position the mirrors.  He moved the mirrors from disorderly into a formation that was as densely packed as a constellation.

This process was not that easy.

Chu Tian Divine Sense was still weak even after reaching the "Mind's Lamp" level, so this was a very challenging project for him.

When half of the mirrors were moved.


The Mind's Lamp was extinguished!

It fell into darkness!

Chu Tian did not have enough spiritual energy!

When Chu Tian was in trouble, the little fox rolled its clear as crystal stone eyes.  It suddenly closed its eyes and a seal appeared on its forehead.  A stream of invisible power suddenly flowed into Chu Tian's body.


"This strength is…..The little fox's Divine Sense?"  Chu Tian found it hard to believe, "This little fellow's Divine Sense is not weak!"

Chu Tian did not know what method this little fellow was using to share his Divine Sense with Chu Tian, but this was the strength that Chu Tian needed now.

After the Mind's Lamp was extinguished, with Divine Sense being forced in again, it was reignited and covered the entire main hall with its glow!

The array had been complete!

Chu Tian revealed a faint smile and rubbed the little fox's head, "Many thanks!"

The little fox looked a little exhausted, but it gave a few excited shouts, "Open the array already!"

This little fellow was weakened, but it was impatient to see what kind of result would come from this unprecedented array.

Chu Tian nodded, "Don't be anxious.  This is only the beginning!"

Chu Tian walked beside the purple gold framed main mirror.  Whether this succeeded or not, this would be decided in one fell swoop!

Holding it with his right hand, he adjusted the main mirror and a bright beam of light shined out.  It fell onto the first mirror and was reflected to the second, then to the third……

How fast was the light going to become?

The giant light mirror array filled the entire room with light!

The fast moving beam of light was like the symbol array master's ink.  Every time the light was reflected, the thickness and angle were all perfect.  It reached the stage of being incredibly harsh.


A giant eight sided light array crashed down on the ancient trial space!

When the runes on the ground were imbued with energy, they floated into the air.  Countless ruins were gathered together into a single point and formed into a ray of light!

An ancient strength came from above the main hall!

An ancient strength spread through history to dominate the world, but it was a silent strength.  It contained the laws of heaven and earth, filling everyone with awe and making them tremble!

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