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Chapter 163: Yingying's brand of delicious canned food

No Worries Valley.  Feng Caidie was wearing her long robe as she practiced with her sword, the Named Sword Divine Wind shined like a blue rainbow.  The sword dance that she performed in that second made her look as beautiful as a forest elf.  There was ten feet of air that surrounded the blade as it danced, giving it a strong and elegant aura.

When the sword dance finished.

The sword returned to its sheath!

"Young miss."  Xiang Hu stepped out across the green lawn and respectfully said, "The marquis is asking for you."

Feng Caidie calmed her spirit energy and walked into the bamboo room with a faint smile on her face.

When the Divine Wind Marquis Feng Yuntian saw that his daughter's aura was even stronger and more elegant, and her cultivation technique had improved by a step, his heart was filled with satisfaction, "The Central State Tower is opening soon and this trial will be very important.  I have asked an old friend to make some pills that will help increase your cultivation.  Take them and use them."

The Divine Wind Marquis took out a little box and took out several clear jade bottles.  A strange medicinal fragrance wafted out which would make a person energized with one whiff.

The Divine Wind Marquis introduced the pills one by one and to the side, Xiang Hu's eyes almost popped out.  Regardless of the variety or quality, these were all the best items possible.  For increasing a person's strength in the Void Soul Realm, it would have a very remarkable effect.

Every pill would cost over a million gold coins and the total value of all of them would be over twenty million gold coins!

Feng Caidie was not pleasantly surprised at all, rather she was already used to it.  This was just a common thing for her already!

Since she was young, she treated Elixirs as meals and pills as snacks.  The resources spent on Feng Caidie's body were enough to create a super talent at the Four Young Masters' level!

Because of intaking all these Elixirs over the years, Feng Caidie's meridians had accumulated a large amount of spiritual energy.  Now that her meridians had been linked, the pressure points linked to her meridians would be opened and she could continuously make breakthroughs.

"Father, it isn't as if you do not know already.  The spiritual energy built up within my body cannot be refined and right now I am unable to absorb pills.  It would be wasted if I took these now."  Feng Caidie shook her head and said, "Moreover, the energy within my body is enough for me to break through to the Illustrious Soul Realm, so these pills meant for the Void Soul Realm have no real use to me."

The Divine Wind Marquis rubbed his chin, "Your point is quite right, the quality of these pills is not high enough yet!  I must find the time to take a trip to the Imperial City and bring back some more high level Elixirs."

Xiang Hu's heart was bleeding.  These pills worth over ten million gold coins were actually looked down on by this father and daughter pair as being too low grade.  This was truly wanting to die from comparing oneself to others.

The Divine Wind Marquis felt a little awkward, "Then what do we do with these pills?"

"Just let me deal with them!"  Feng Caidie threw a bottle over to Xiang Hu, "Brother Hu, this is for you!"

"Many thanks, young miss!"

Xiang Hu excitedly held the pill.

"Chu Tian sent me an invitation asking me to attend the Miracle Commerce Restaurant's grand opening."  Feng Caidie closed the box and Xiang Hu picked up up, "I was worried about going empty handed, so these pills came right on time."

Even though these pills worth several tens of millions of gold coins were being given away, the Divine Wind Marquis did not feel a trace of pity.  Rather he was a little worried as he said, "Chu Tian has graciously cured you and even though father has helped him twice, it still can't compare to his favour.  Only, Chu Tian has high skills in Alchemy and even though these pills are very precious to normal people, it might not be enough to enter his eyes…..Moreover, Chu Tian is already in the 2nd Awakened Soul Layer, so these pills will not help him much."

"Chu Tian has many people by his side.  Other than Nangong Yun, we don't know about the others.  I'll just give this gift to him and we'll treat it as first greetings!  It's decided!"

Feng Caidie beckoned to Xiang Hu to leave.  When Feng Yuntian saw the smile on his daughter's face, he couldn't help being filled with heartfelt gratitude.  He looked up at the sky, as if he was thinking of something.

It was his wife who had died several years ago.

The Divine Wind Marquis owed his wife too much, so he tried to pay it back with Caidie.  Even though he knew it was useless, he still did not hesitate to pour everything into her body.

Feng Yuntian was unaware that he caused a lot of pressure to be put on Feng Caidie.  The Feng Family hated her and Central State City looked down on her.  It was because of this pressure that Feng Caidie had secretly run off.  What no one thought of was that running from home had become the turning point of Feng Caidie's life.

"Caidie is fine now, you can rest assured."

Feng Yuntian muttered as he returned to his own room.

Feng Caidie had lived year after year in seclusion in the No Worries Valley, so she did not hear many rumours.  She did hear some things about Miracle Commerce, but she didn't know what was special about it.

She couldn't understand.

Why was a top talent like Chu Tian creating a restaurant?!

The dining industry was for people of the middle and lower class companies to manage.  For a family of the Four Great Families' status, they would not get involved in this low grade industry.

Feng Caidie was filled with doubts as she arrived in Central State City.  Before long, she smelt a strange fragrance, one that she had never smelt before.

It wasn't just Feng Caidie, there were many people on the street that had been attracted over.

"Big bro, do you smell that?"

"I smell it, what kind of thing is this fragrant!"

"Yes, it's really strange.  Where is it coming from!"

"Dad!  What is being sold outside?  Why is it so fragrant?"

"Come, let's go take a look!"


When the crowd found the source.

In front of the Grand Miracle Hotel, there was a long line of people, with several hundred people waiting.  There were mercenaries, rogue cultivators, aristocrats, officers, soldiers, and even servants creating a magnificent scene.

Wasn't this the restaurant Miracle Commerce spent a large amount of money to buy?

It is reasonable to say that it hasn't been renovated yet, so it was impossible for it to begin doing business.  Why were so many people lined up outside?

Feng Caidie looked over the crowd.

In front of the Grand Miracle Hotel's doors, there were several large pots.  Inside each pot was boiling oil with various seasoning already put in.   There were large pieces of meat rolling around inside and the fragrance was coming from those pots.  In front of each cauldron was a young person wearing a Miracle Commerce uniform, currently frying the meat with large spoons.  

There were several large boxes in front of the restaurant and each one was completely filled with food cans.

The Miracle Commerce workers were busy taking cans out of the boxes and selling them to the bustling crowd.  There were many people trying to push to the front.

"Everyone, please line up!"

"Come up one by one, you're not allowed to skip the line!"

There was a beautiful girl in green clothes standing atop a bench.  Holding a giant loudspeaker in her hands, she was using her sweet and clear voice to shout out advertising to the crowd.

"Currently we are launching Miracle Dining's pre opening event!"

"The cans of food in front of you were cooked using source energy.  The materials used come from level one and level two demon beasts and herbs.  Not only is it delicious, it can also strengthen one's body.  In the entire Southern Summer Country, no even the entire continent, only we Miracle Commerce have this technology."

"Before the source energy restaurant officially opens, we will be holding an event to allow everyone to have a free taste.  Today we have brought some cured meat made from high quality Barbarian Bull meat.  We've used thirty eight kinds of herbs to help cure the meat, just to make this unique cured meat!"

"Quantities are limited, so it will be first come first serve!"


Is there really something this good!

Everyone had already been completely enticed by the fragrance and was currently trying to rush to the front.

Feng Caidie pushed to the front with great difficulty.  There were already quite a few people that had already obtained some food and they were filled with praise for it.


"This is so delicious!"

"I never thought that demon beast meat could be so delicious!"

"Big bro, I already finished my portion.  It seems like your stomach isn't so good, how about you give some to your brother?"

"Fuck you!  You want to steal father's cured demon beast meat?  Be careful or else we won't be brothers anymore!"


The way that everyone was stuffing down the meat filled Meng Yingying's heart with joy.  The cured meat had been her invention and it hadn't even been released in South Sky City yet.  Seeing how much Central State City loved it, her heart filled with confidence.

"Boss!  Your food is just too delicious!  Can we have another portion?"

"Everyone can only have one free portion per day."  Meng Yingying shouted through the loudspeaker, "If everyone feels like they haven't had enough, Miracle Commerce is also selling large amounts of canned meat.  Everyone can now buy them for half price!"

This was the important part!


"What is a can!"

They had never heard of it before!"

"The cured meat that you have just tasted was only one flavour of demon beast canned meat!  We, Miracle Commerce have already created eight different flavours of canned meat!"  Meng Yingying happily shouted, "These were all made with food that had been cooked with source energy.  Not only is it easily digested, it will also recover your strength and slowly recover your spirit energy.  It even has a strengthening effect, enhancing one's body and cultivation base!"

"Not only is the canned meat delicious, it can also be stored for a long time.  A conservative estimate would be around a year and it can even be stored for around half a year in warm environments!  Moreover, the canned food themselves have a heating array and only need to be injected with spirit energy to be heated.  No matter where one goes, they can always have delicious heated food!"

Is this true?

That is an incredible invention!

They had never heard of food that lasted this long!

Meng Yingying wiped off a bead of sweat and continued to shout, "Everyone can buy a maximum of five cans per day.  While we are holding this event, you will also have a chance to participate in a draw for buying canned meat.  Miracle Commerce's phonograph and other products are waiting to be taken home!  Don't miss this great opportunity!"

Everyone was filled with excitement!

Say this earlier!"

"I want to buy some!"

"I want to buy five cans!"

Everyone rushed forward to buy the canned meat.

Feng Caidie's heart was also filled with curiosity, "Buy two and let's have a look."

"Alright!"  Xiang Hu placed the box on the ground, "I'll go now!"

The crowd came in waves and the tens of large boxes of cans were quickly sold out.  These cans were all made with source energy cooked meat with flavours in cured meat, smoked meat, barbequed meat, salted meat, and etc.

The demon beast meat was already resistant to rotting, so while Meng Yingying was making the canned meat, she had added a few special herbs and it was enough to guarantee that the canned meat wouldn't spoil for around a year!

How could this opening event not cause a ruckus?

The source energy restaurant already had a difficult to shake position.  Now that source energy cooked canned foods were on sale, how could it not increase their sales volume?

For a merchant, this was a good opportunity!

If they could buy this canned food and take it to a different city, they could sell it for several times its value!

As for mercenaries, sailors, soldiers, and wandering rogue cultivators, this thing was tailor made for them!

When these occupations undertook tasks or when rogue cultivators went out to practice, they would not be back in the city for at least half a month.  It was a difficult problem to maintain their food supplies in the wild.

Now this problem was fixed!

With the canned demon beast meat, not only was it delicious and nutritious, it was also very filling.  The most important thing was that it would strengthen their body and slowly recover their spirit energy.

This was truly a necessity for travelling!

Was the canned meat tasty?

Could the cans really be kept for that long?

Everyone was filled with curiosity to test it out.

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