Legend Of Legends Chapter 31: The Fall 2

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Chapter 31: The Fall 2


Translator: Moliere

Editor: SootyOwl


The archers at the top of the castle walls were very skillful. The only way to block their shots was with a shield, and they were strong and accurate.

They also had a very special buff when they attacked heroes. It was different from attacking minions because minions could block with their shields.

It was possible the hosts of the Dimensional Battlefield had created archers. When archers attacked heroes, they could cause serious damage to them. Of course, archers wouldn’t start fights against heroes. However, when heroes attacked the castle, then the archers concentrated their attacks in response, and even heroes could not ignore that.

So, when there were no enemy heroes left, like at that time, they killed the archers first. There were fifty archers left.

Diane aimed and released.


An archer was hit on his forehead and fell. Diane calmly aimed again and released the bowstring. Again, another archer fell.

“Forty-eight left.”

Diane pulled the bowstring and looked at Junhyuk. All of the archers’ attention was focused on Junhyuk.

“I don’t have to worry.”

Junhyuk was doing well on his own.


The first archers attacked before Junhyuk escaped by using his spatial relocation. Junhyuk got out of the archers’ range and looked at the ongoing battle.

The minions had lost their minds. Some of them were winning while some were losing. Junhyuk was waiting for the cooldown time of spatial relocation and getting ready to use it again. When he had three seconds left, he jumped forward.

This time, he was near to where the allied minions were winning. If he went to a place where his allies were losing, he might kill three minions, and that would not make a big difference, but in a place where the minions were winning, the situation was different.

Junhyuk lunged forward, stepping on an allied minions’ shoulders, and, while he landed, he stabbed an enemy’s head. The enemy minion fell, and, while Junhyuk got up, he stabbed him again.

When Junhyuk showed up, a minion turned to look at him, and he died with an arrow stuck to the middle of his forehead. Junhyuk quickly lifted the minion to cover his body.

The enemy archers’ skill was really something else. If anyone did not have his shield up, he would die for sure, but a dead minion could be used as a shield.

Thuck, thuck, thuck, thuck, thuck!

He heard countless noises. Junhyuk threw the dead enemy minion away and started swinging his sword again.

To his left and right, enemy minions fell dead. Junhyuk realized he didn’t need spatial relocation.

He only needed to continue like this. The enemy archers aimed at him again, and Junhyuk killed another minion and lifted him up. Again, the dead minion’s body shook from the arrows.

If he continued, he could easily push back the enemy. That’s when Diane shouted:

“Get out!”

Junhyuk threw the dead minion away and his eyes widened. All of a sudden, Minota was on top of the castle wall. He saw Junhyuk and just jumped down.

Minota was four meters tall and fell from a seven-meter high wall, and the pressure from the drop was enough to make Junhyuk’s hair stand.

He was already making his way to the rear, but the shock from Minota’s drop had an effect on him, and he staggered.

Junhyuk moved back and saw Diane’s arrows flying. They were intended for Minota, but he ignored them and kept charging after Junhyuk.

Junhyuk really felt the danger he was in.

Minota was being decisive and leaned over and rushed toward Junhyuk. He stepped on the minions like a bulldozer, and Junhyuk turned around.

He was not sure about Minota’s rushing distance, but he had to dodge at the right moment.

Doosh, doosh, doosh, doosh!

Junhyuk could feel the rushing Minota’s touch on him and pulled himself out. When the environment around him changed, he just began to run toward the right.

That’s where the allied heroes were.

Minota witnessed Junhyuk’s disappearance and stopped rushing to look around. About five meters away, he saw Junhyuk running toward the heroes and he smiled coldly.

“You are dead now!”

Minota ran after him, killing minions with his stomps, but Junhyuk was not worried about it. There were some crazed minions who tried to attack Minota and got kicked by him like bouncy balls and killed.

However, their attacks slowed Minota down, and Junhyuk was able to reach the allied heroes.

Halo lunged in first. Swinging his katana while rushing, he was able to cover more distance than the others. Halo slashed the rushing Minota’s side, and Junhyuk felt relieved.

Minota tried to surprise attack him, but he was able to escape. Now, it was up to the heroes to deal with him.

However, even with his side slashed, Minota did not stop rushing after Junhyuk. Minota was four meters tall and at least twice Junhyuk’s size.

Minota closed in fast. When Junhyuk felt his death approaching, Artlan flew in with his saber. Artlan swung his saber, and Minota’s eyes started bleeding bloody tears.


Minota couldn’t continue chasing Junhyuk with his eyes gone. He swung his claws like crazy.

If he ever grabbed him, he would kill him, but he was now dealing with heroes. Artlan dodged Minota’s claws and cut his arm. With his arm cut, Minota lifted his leg and stomped the ground.


Artlan tried to move, but he was still within range of the shockwaves and staggered. Minota crouched and sweeped the ground with his paws. Artlan moved, and Halo appeared from behind him and stabbed Minota.

Junhyuk could see Halo’s katana sinking into Minota’s chest and was relieved. Even if Minota did not die, he had to be seriously wounded. Then, Minota split in two. One attacked Artlan, and the other attacked Halo. Even if he couldn’t see, he was still able to fight those that were close to him.

However, it was more like spasmodic* movements near death. Junhyuk felt relieved watching it all, when Vera shouted:


Junhyuk did not know what she meant and lifted his head and saw a figure above the castle wall. With wings like snowflakes, Libya was standing there.

He knew of her ability. She jumped up high and, when she landed, she used her ice power around her. At that moment, she was trying to use her power on him.

Not only Minota, but Libya was after him as well. They gave up on that battle and, instead, concentrated on killing Junhyuk. The cooldown time for spatial relocation wasn’t finished, so he couldn’t really escape.

In the air, Libya flapped her wings softly and flew toward Junhyuk. Junhyuk looked at her and held on to his two-handed sword.

Libya smiled with confidence.


Libya fell, and ice concentric* circles formed around her. She lifted her head, and Junhyuk smiled at her. He was covered by his ivory force field.

If possible, he wanted to use it on the heroes, but now was not the time. He had to survive first to help others.

Libya looked extremely surprised, and Junhyuk swung his sword.


A scratch appeared on her neck, and some blood poured out. Junhyuk’s eyes beamed while looking at her. He thought all the heroes were the same, but it turned out Minota was especially strong. Of course, he couldn’t kill Libya with a scratch, but later, when he became stronger, he would be able to.

He would have the ability to kill heroes.

Her eyebrows shook slightly and her pride was hurt by being injured by a novice. She couldn’t forgive him. Her eyes looked cold, and she lifted both of her hands.

Junhyuk distanced himself from her. His force field only lasted ten seconds, and even one strike from her would kill him.

There was no reason for him to stay at the front not doing much.

Junhyuk escaped quickly, while Libya made an ice flower and threw it up. Flower petals spread to all directions. Even if one petal grazed someone, that person’s movement speed and attack speed decreased.

Libya made an ice wall around her and shouted:


Grangsha showed up on top of the castle wall. It looked as though they had planned to attack Junhyuk one by one. He jumped down and ran.

Vera’s fire spear and Diane’s arrows were for Libya, but Grangsha took the shots instead. Junhyuk needed to move quickly. They had decided to have him killed. This was more dangerous than the last time.

Then, Minota fell completely, and the people regrouped. Halo was the first to swing his sword against Grangsha.


Grangsha blocked it with his shield, and Artlan came up fast and swung his saber.


Grangsha was good at using his shield, but he was not able to shield himself from two attacks. Instead, he swung his sickle, making both of them step back.

When Nudra joined the fight, Libya jumped up high. Looking at her, Vera scoffed and threw a fire spear.


Libya blocked Vera’s attack by using both of her arms. Of course, even if she blocked the fire spear, the fire would catch on her and continue the damage.

Libya was being constantly attacked by allied heroes.


She fell, and her cold energy spread, affecting those around her. The three heroes who were attacking Grangsha all froze. That’s when Grangsha started spinning.

That was Grangsha’s highest level attack. While spinning, he used his sickle to slash everyone around him. Libya had frozen them, slowing them down so they couldn’t move.

Nudra quickly tried to kick Grangsha, but Libya stood in front of him and deflected Nudra’s attack. Meanwhile, Grangsha was spinning, and his sickle went everywhere.

Slash, slash, slash!

Blood splattered.

Artlan’s blood, Halo’s blood and Nudra’s blood spurted like fountains. They had experienced Grangsha’s highest level attack, and then they launched attacks of their own.

Grangsha’s attacked left an opening at the end of it. Seeing that opening, Artlan swung his saber and sliced Grangsha’s leg. While Gransha staggered, Halo sliced the arm that held a shield.

Even though Grangsha use his highest level attack, they had the superior physical constitution and defensive power. So, they counter attacked. Facing three heroes, there was nothing more Grangsha could do.

With one leg sliced and his shield gone, Nudra appeared on top of him.


Nudra kicked Grangsha’s head and pushed his head to the ground, Junhyuk sighed in relief. Junhyuk had thought he had survived the enemy heroes’ attacks when Grangsha smiled at him.

When Junhyuk looked at him, he thought suddenly:

Where is Libya?

Junhyuk looked for her and found her quickly.

Libya was holding out both arms, and, from her hands, pure-white, condensed ice came at him like a waterfall.


spasmodic - occurring or done in brief, irregular bursts.

concentric - circles, one larger than the other, that have a common center. 

when you throw a stone in a lake, waves of concentric circles form from the point where the stone hit the lake.

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